Chapter 29 - Primordial Object
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"What's going on?"

"Why did we suddenly get teleported out of the Dungeon?"

"Quick, look! The Dungeon's entrance is sealed!"

The players who had been inexplicably teleported out of the Withered Ruins were agitated by the situation before them, their hearts filled with questions.

"A Regional Dungeon's entrance suddenly got sealed? Did someone trigger a major event inside?"

"That's most likely the case. This is a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon we are talking about, after all. Unless a major event occurs, there's no way it would get sealed all of a sudden. Moreover, this seal is actually composed of a fourfold magic array. Anyone capable of constructing such a seal should be a Tier 5 NPC at the very least."

"An opportunity! This is definitely a big opportunity! Quick! Notify the higher-ups and have them send over some experts proficient in magic arrays! There must be a big secret inside the Dungeon! Our Guild must be the first to decode this fourfold magic array!"

After a brief moment of agitation and confusion, the leaders of the various teams present promptly reported this abrupt development back to their respective powers' executives, their eyes filled with joy and madness.

Even on the main continent, there had never been a case where an entire Hell Mode Regional Dungeon had been sealed, and the players within it teleported out. The only explanation for this unprecedented situation was that an unknown event had taken place inside the Dungeon.

Meanwhile, an event that involved a Tier 5 NPC was something even Super Guilds would take seriously. After all, such events would typically benefit players in getting promoted to Tier 5. Depending on the Tier 5 NPC involved, the event might even be helpful in reaching Tier 6.

It should be known that even the addition of one Tier 5 expert could influence the power structure of a huge region, let alone a Tier 6 God-ranked expert. Should a new Tier 6 God-ranked expert appear, it would change God's Domain's power structure in its entirety.

However, unlike the other teams going crazy over this unexpected development, Soulfire's team, which was similarly teleported out of the Dungeon, remained strangely calm. The several party leaders of Soulfire's team weren't even paying attention to the seal on the Dungeon like everyone else. Instead, they looked toward their captain, Southern Tiger. Then, they looked toward Shi Feng, who stood a short distance away, their eyes filled with greed and excitement.

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