Chapter 28 - God's Initial Appearance
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 28 - God's Initial Appearance

As Tyrian's unreconciled scream faded from the plaza, silence suddenly enveloped the entire battlefield.

"Is she dead?"

"Did we do it?"

Whether it was Shi Feng's students or Soulfire's members, everyone looked at Tyrian's motionless body on the ground, anticipation and apprehension filling their hearts.

After hours of continuous combat, everyone had long since grown exhausted. They were merely holding on by virtue of their willpower. Meanwhile, as the Boss of a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon, a Realm Lord, and a Mythic ranked Primordial Archaic Species, there was no way Tyrian would fall so easily no matter how they looked at it.

Not to mention, it wasn't unprecedented for powerful Bosses to resurrect with full health after death. Many teams had suffered huge losses because they did not expect the Bosses they raided to have such an ability.

Thus, even if a Boss in God's Domain died, one couldn't simply write it off as dead.

At this time, one of Soulfire's party leaders asked Southern Captain, "Captain, this Boss should be fully dead, right?"

As soon as this party leader posed his question, many of the other Soulfire members around him turned to look at Southern Tiger with curious gazes as well.

Although they were all main force members of Soulfire, they were merely the adventurer team's eleventh main force that Southern Tiger managed. When it came to raiding powerful Bosses, they weren't as experienced as Southern Tiger. This was because Southern Tiger would often follow Soulfire's head captain on hunts for Tier 5 Bosses. He had even fought against a Tier 5 Dragon before.

Met with everyone's expectant gazes, Southern Tiger was momentarily at a loss for words. Just as he was opening his mouth to say something, he suddenly closed his mouth again, a heavy expression appearing on his face as he noticed cracks appearing on Tyrian's body. Immediately afterward, streaks of dazzling purple light escaped from these cracks.

Additionally, as the cracks on Tyrian's body increased in size and number, an indescribably powerful aura also spread out from Tyrian's body. This new aura was magnitudes stronger than Tyrian's original aura, and everyone felt as if they had just been put into a solid block of steel, their bodies becoming immobilized…

"No way! She really resurrected?!"

"This is cheating! How are we even supposed to beat her?!"

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