Chapter 27 - Realm of Gods
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"Why did the vice-captain log off?"

"What happened to Soulfire's vice-captain?"

"Is Soulfire planning to give up?"

The instant Moon Rain logged off, everyone on the team received a notification indicating that she had logged out of the game. However, apart from Southern Tiger, everyone else couldn't help but be confused by this situation. It was especially true for Wu Lingling and the other students.

Unity was crucial in a Boss raid.

Although Wu Lingling and the others didn't know what kind of influence Moon Rain held in Soulfire's team, as the vice team leader of Soulfire's team, her sudden disappearance definitely wouldn't benefit the team in any way. After all, Moon Rain had chosen to leave the raid even at the cost of incurring the penalty for forcibly logging out of the game. This fact alone was more than enough to influence the team's mental state.

If Soulfire's team were to suddenly withdraw from the rain, death would be the only outcome awaiting them. After all, Soulfire's team was the main fighting force in this raid, while their group of students was only here to act as mascots…

However, before the situation could get out of hand, Southern Tiger suddenly turned to Shi Feng and apologetically said, "I'm sorry Brother Black Flame. Something urgent suddenly came up for Moon Rain, so she needed to log off immediately to deal with it. However, her absence won't affect Soulfire's performance. Moreover, to express our apology, we will help you take down the Boss at all costs. Soulfire won't take any of the loot, either."

Help us take down the Boss at all costs? Won't take any of the loot?

Wu Lingling and the other students couldn't help but be dumbfounded when they heard Southern Tiger's words. They also felt that Southern Tiger was joking with them.

While it was true that Moon Rain's absence would affect the team's performance slightly, Southern Tiger, the de facto team leader of Soulfire's team, was still present. So long as Southern Tiger was still willing to let Shi Feng have command over the team, none of S

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