Chapter 27 - Realm of Gods
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"Why did the vice-captain log off?"

"What happened to Soulfire's vice-captain?"

"Is Soulfire planning to give up?"

The instant Moon Rain logged off, everyone on the team received a notification indicating that she had logged out of the game. However, apart from Southern Tiger, everyone else couldn't help but be confused by this situation. It was especially true for Wu Lingling and the other students.

Unity was crucial in a Boss raid.

Although Wu Lingling and the others didn't know what kind of influence Moon Rain held in Soulfire's team, as the vice team leader of Soulfire's team, her sudden disappearance definitely wouldn't benefit the team in any way. After all, Moon Rain had chosen to leave the raid even at the cost of incurring the penalty for forcibly logging out of the game. This fact alone was more than enough to influence the team's mental state.

If Soulfire's team were to suddenly withdraw from the rain, death would be the only outcome awaiting them. After all, Soulfire's team was the main fighting force in this raid, while their group of students was only here to act as mascots…

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However, before the situation could get out of hand, Southern Tiger suddenly turned to Shi Feng and apologetically said, "I'm sorry Brother Black Flame. Something urgent suddenly came up for Moon Rain, so she needed to log off immediately to deal with it. However, her absence won't affect Soulfire's performance. Moreover, to express our apology, we will help you take down the Boss at all costs. Soulfire won't take any of the loot, either."

Help us take down the Boss at all costs? Won't take any of the loot?

Wu Lingling and the other students couldn't help but be dumbfounded when they heard Southern Tiger's words. They also felt that Southern Tiger was joking with them.

While it was true that Moon Rain's absence would affect the team's performance slightly, Southern Tiger, the de facto team leader of Soulfire's team, was still present. So long as Southern Tiger was still willing to let Shi Feng have command over the team, none of Soulfire's members would dare have any objections against Shi Feng's leadership. They were members of a top adventurer team, after all. Even if they were dissatisfied with Shi Feng's leadership, their honor and professional ethics prevented them from behaving excessively.

However, it was a different story if Southern Tiger gave all of the Boss's loot to Shi Feng. No amount of professionalism would allow them to work for free while taking on a huge risk.

Ever since God's Domain became the second world for humans, many expert players had already bet their lives on God's Domain. So, even ordinary experts would never work for free, let alone Soulfire's main force members, who were experts among experts.

It seems this Southern Tiger isn't as simple as he seems. I didn't think he would notice. Shi Feng was slightly surprised by Southern Tiger's actions. However, he did not show it on his face as he said, "Okay, I have no problem with that."

Domain Transformation was a technique that could only be accomplished by pushing the basic usage method of Mana to its extremes. Meanwhile, this technique had an alias among those in the industry.

Realm of Gods!

The alias was used to refer to people who had reached the realm of God-ranked experts in terms of Mana control. Only, the people who knew about this name and its meaning numbered incredibly few. Typically, only those with close ties to God-ranked experts would know about these things.

Meanwhile, judging by Southern Tiger's behavior, it was evident that he knew something about the Realm of Gods.

"Captain, isn't this too much?"

"Even if we end up succeeding in this raid, we'll still end up with a loss…"

Many of Soulfire's members couldn't help but express their concerns when they heard Southern Tiger's decision.

While Soulfire was indeed a top adventurer team, the treatment Soulfire's members received was far inferior to Guilds players. Not only did Soulfire's members not receive a basic salary, but the distribution of the items they acquired through raiding Bosses was done through internal auctions.

Thus, if Soulfire's members wished to earn money, they would have to place their hopes on raiding Bosses, picking up personal commissions, or completing commissions assigned by the adventurer team. It could be said that over 85% of their income relied on their own decisions. The adventurer team was only there to provide them with the opportunity to make money.

Meanwhile, the reason why every one of them had paid a huge price to enter the Miniature Ancient World was so that they could hopefully make it big here. However, if they received no payment for helping in the Tyrian raid, it would cause them to miss out on many opportunities in the Miniature Ancient World later on.

After looking at his teammates' anxious expressions, Southern Tiger calmly explained, "You don't need to worry about this. The adventurer team will compensate for all of your losses. Even if the adventurer team doesn't compensate you, I will fully compensate you myself!"

"Did you lose your mind, Captain?"

"Crap! Who is that Black Flame?"

"Could that Black Flame be the heir of an international corporation?"

The Soulfire members present placed great trust in Southern Tiger's words. Since Southern Tiger had already said he would cover their losses, everyone naturally had nothing else to say. Even so, they couldn't help but wonder about Shi Feng's identity. After all, even when the apex experts of Super Guilds came to Southern Tiger to commission a job, Southern Tiger had not given them such treatment.

"Alright, everyone, listen to Brother Black Flame's commands! Leave your discussions for later!" Southern Tiger shouted when he saw his teammates whispering incessantly.

Seeing that Southern Tiger was behaving seriously, the other Soulfire members promptly halted their discussions and encircled Tyrian as planned.

Meanwhile, after Tyrian tried and failed to manipulate the Mana around her several times, a look of confusion appeared on her face. Evidently, she did not expect to lose control over the Mana surrounding her. Even so, Tyrian didn't dwell on the matter for too long as she promptly charged toward Shi Feng, the person standing nearest to her.

Seeing this, Shi Feng immediately commanded, "Her attack is coming! You two Knights, activate your Divine Protection and take the hit together! Also, use Justice Roar on the Boss while you're at it!"

""No problem!""

The two Guardian Knights standing behind Shi Feng responded and stepped forward simultaneously. Then, they followed Shi Feng's command and activated their strongest Defensive Skill Divine Protection as they entered a defensive stance. Not only did the Skill reduce the damage they took by 60%, but it also mitigated impact forces by 90%. Meanwhile, the Skill had a duration of 30 seconds and a Cooldown of five minutes.

Subsequently, when Tyrian was within 30 yards of Shi Feng, one of the Guardian Knights started radiating a dazzling light as he let loose a deafening roar, his voice continuously echoing in Tyrian's mind and causing her intense pain. Now, Tyrian had no choice but to shift her attention to the Guardian Knight. Only by doing so would the pain subside.

The next moment, Tyrian shifted her direction and charged for the two Guardian Knights instead, her spear poised to strike.

Meanwhile, even without the surrounding Mana amplifying Tyrian's strength, Tyrian's aura was so intimidating that the two Guardian Knights even subconsciously raised their shields a little higher than usual.


Accompanied by a loud boom, a frightening shockwave spread across the battlefield. Even those standing over 100 yards away felt their bodies shaking. As for the two Guardian Knights who received Tyrian's attack together, they stumbled three steps backward before they managed to stabilize their bodies. Their HPs had also fallen by more than 50%...

"They blocked it!"

Everyone widened their eyes in shock when they saw that the two Guardian Knights were still alive. Soulfire's various experts were especially dumbfounded.

As veteran players in God's Domain, they had challenged many powerful Bosses before. So, they could tell just how powerful Tyrian was when they felt her aura. The Realm Lord definitely wasn't an existence Tier 3 players could contend against. Even if Tyrian was incapable of using her Mana Domain right now, she was still much stronger than the average Mythic Boss.

Yet, the two Guardian Knights had stopped her attack!

"It's doable!"

"This damage is well within the tolerance of our healers!"

"Quick! Heal those two back up! The Boss is getting ready for another attack!"

When Soulfire's members saw that their two teammates' arms were only trembling slightly after receiving Tyrian's attack, they immediately grew ecstatic. In fact, they felt even more excited right now than when they saw Shi Feng shattering Tyrian's Mana Domain.

Meanwhile, out of everyone present, only Shi Feng had reacted calmly to this outcome.

What made Realm Lords powerful wasn't their above-average Basic Attributes. Instead, it was their ability to manipulate their surrounding Mana to elevate the destructive power of their attacks.

Now that Tyrian had lost that ability, even if she was a Primordial Archaic Species, she was only slightly stronger than the average Mythic Boss. After all, unlike a true Fallen Angel, Tyrian did not possess extraordinary combat standards.

If a Tier 3 MT was fully clad in custom-made Epic Equipment, tanking Tyrian's attacks would be no problem at all. Not to mention, Soulfire's MTs were frontline experts with high combat standards. Some of them were even Refinement Realm experts. So, relying on techniques to mitigate a portion of a Mythic Boss's damage was child's play for them.

"Everyone, start attacking the Boss with everything you've got!" Shi Feng shouted when he saw that the two Guardian Knights had thoroughly secured Tyrian's aggro. "Second Party, get ready to step in as soon as Divine Protection is over!"

Everyone on the team had long since grown restless from watching. So, upon hearing Shi Feng's command, they promptly started bombarding Tyrian with all sorts of attacks.

Tier 3 Spell, Flame Explosion!

Tier 3 Skill, Anti-magic Slash!

Tier 3 Skill, Storm Arrow!

Tier 3 Skills and Spells bombarded Tyrian one after another. Even though Tyrian had dodged and blocked a portion of the attacks, she still took over a hundred attacks to her body. Meanwhile, without her Mana Domain to weaken the attacks, damages in the hundreds of thousands started appearing above her head one after another.

"The Boss's HP is falling! Quick! Everyone, increase your attacks!"

Someone shouted when they noticed Tyrian's HP falling gradually. Faced against the attacks of nearly 200 players, even Tyrian's battle recovery could not mitigate the damage she received.

"There's a chance! At this rate, we'll definitely be able to down the Boss!"

Everyone grew even more excited when they saw Tyrian's HP falling steadily.

The rotation of nine tank parties plus Southern Tiger, who was capable of tanking Tyrian's attacks all by himself, created a perfect defensive cycle as every MT had sufficient downtime to wait for their Defensive Skills to come off Cooldown. Meanwhile, thanks to this perfect defensive cycle, everyone else on the team could focus solely on attacking. So long as no accidents happened, it would only be a matter of time before Tyrian fell.

Initially, everyone had merely thought that they had a chance at taking down Tyrian. However, after the raid continued for some time, everyone already understood that they had a high likelihood of killing Tyrian, the Realm Lord of the Withered Ruins. Meanwhile, if that happened, they would become the first team to successfully raid a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon's Boss in the Miniature Ancient World.

It should be known that this was the First Kill of a Hell Mode Regional Dungeon! This achievement would get their names recorded on the totem outside the Dungeon!

Subsequently, as time passed, little by little, everyone on the team also grew more and more excited.

After more than four hours of continuous combat, everyone was already reduced to a haggard state. Among Shi Feng's students, Wu Lingling's complexion even looked a little pale. Yet, despite this being the case, there was not the slightest sign of sluggishness in her movements. On the contrary, her movements had become even more fluid as she continuously simplified and stripped away her superfluous movements. The power of her Skills also grew more and more powerful.

Interesting! Shi Feng also noticed the change in Wu Lingling's Skills, and he couldn't help but be surprised. She's only half a step away from reaching the Truth Realm?

However, Shi Feng didn't pay too much attention to Wu Lingling's improvement. Quickly, he returned his attention to Tyrian.

Eventually, after nearly five hours of continuous battle, Tyrian finally collapsed under everyone's bombardment, her HP falling to zero!

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