Chapter 26 - Sword God?
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We're really in trouble now…

Southern Tiger inwardly sighed when he looked at the purple glow spreading out from Tyrian.

Previously, he thought that Tyrian was merely a Realm Lord with a special Bloodline, which would explain her ridiculously high HP. Meanwhile, so long as they had Shi Feng's Mana Domain, the difficulty of raiding Tyrian should be no different than that of an ordinary Mythic Boss.

However, after seeing Tyrian taking action, Southern Tiger immediately realized that he had severely underestimated the Realm Lord. Rather than an ordinary Mythic Boss, Tyrian's strength was already on par with Superior Mythic monsters.

Even on the main continent, Superior Mythic monsters were incredibly challenging opponents. This was because ordinary Tier 4 MTs were incapable of surviving the attacks of a Superior Mythic of the same level. A Tier 4 MT would need a Fragmented Legendary Shield at the very minimum to survive against a Superior Mythic.

Now that their team was entirely composed of Tier 3 players, even if they had a Mana Domain supporting them, challenging Tyrian would still be suicidal. In fact, they wouldn't even be able to escape from Tyrian, let alone kill her.

This was because every monster that reached the Superior Mythic rank or possessed strength rivaling Superior Mythics would have a Mana Domain. Meanwhile, in the face of a Mana Domain, all players below Tier 3 were nothing but ants! Players couldn't even last more than a hit within a Superior Mythic monster's Mana Domain!

At this time, Southern Tiger wasn't the only person to realize the desperate situation. Moon Rain and the other experts from Soulfire also fell into despair. This was because they understood that so long as Tyrian's Mana Domain enveloped them, only one outcome would await them.


Yet, despite knowing this, none of them had the ability to resist. They could only watch as Tyrian's Mana Domain rapidly approached them…

However, just when the purple glow was about to envelop the two Guardian Knights, who stood at the forefront of the team, a low shout suddenly entered everyone's ears.


Immediately afterward, a gray mist rapidly spread from Shi Feng's body and collided with the expanding purple glow. Then, as if hitting an immovable wall, the purple glow came to a grinding halt.

"It stopped?"

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When Southern Tiger saw the clash between purple and red happening before him, he couldn't help but turn to look at Shi Feng in surprise and confusion.

Not all Mana Domains were equal in God's Domain. Instead, the strength of Mana Domains varied based on the degree of control its user had over Mana. Meanwhile, a Superior Mythic monster's Mana Domain was superior to even a Mana Domain cast by an actual Tier 4 player. This was because the quality of Mana Superior Mythic monsters held in their body far surpassed that of Tier 4 players.

Meanwhile, the greatest difference that separated Tier 4 players from Tier 3 players was the quality of the Mana they possessed. It was utterly impossible for a Tier 3 player to surpass a Tier 4 player in this regard. So, logically, a Tier 3 player's Mana Domain should be inferior to a Superior Mythic's Mana Domain, even if said player's Mana Domain was a complete one.

Yet, now, the Mana Domain Shi Feng cast had managed to fight Tyrian's Mana Domain to a standstill. This situation had completely shattered Southern Tiger's knowledge of Mana Domains.

However, at this time, Southern Tiger wasn't the only one feeling surprised and confused right now. Shi Feng, who was clashing with Tyrian using his Mana Domain, was also surprised. Though, Shi Feng's reason for being surprised was slightly different from Southern Tiger's.

What powerful Mana! I didn't think her Mana would've completely liquidized already! Is this the strength of a Primordial Archaic Species? Shi Feng inwardly exclaimed as he looked at Tyrian. Thank goodness my Mana Body has already reached the Legendary rank. Otherwise, it would've been a disaster.

In God's Domain, the average Tier 4 Mythic monster's Mana would only take on a mist-like state. Even among Superior Mythic monsters, only a small portion would start condensing a portion of their Mana into liquid.

Yet, even though Tyrian wasn't at the Superior Mythic rank, she already possessed Liquid Mana. Apart from Dragons and other apex races, Shi Feng had never seen other monsters capable of such a feat.

"Brother Black Flame! This Boss's strength has far exceeded our initial expectations! Should we retreat and discuss a countermeasure for now?" Southern Tiger asked Shi Feng through the team chat.

Upon hearing Southern Tiger's question, the other members of Soulfire couldn't help but be rendered speechless. For a moment, they even wondered if the Southern Tiger in front of them was the captain they knew.

They were already in such a precarious situation, yet Southern Tiger was still asking for Shi Feng's opinion on whether they should retreat?

Of the Soulfire members present, only Moon Rain was not too surprised by Southern Tiger's actions. Though, she still couldn't help but grow anxious as she waited for Shi Feng's answer.

"No, that won't be necessary," Shi Feng said as he glanced at Southern Tiger. Then, he returned his gaze onto Tyrian and calmly said, "Everyone, move according to plan!"

Not necessary? Southern Tiger was confused as he looked at Shi Feng's calm behavior.

In the current situation, even a layman would understand that the raid was hopeless. Although Tyrian's Mana Domain was being kept in check now, the same could be said for Shi Feng's Mana Domain. Meanwhile, without a Mana Domain suppressing Tyrian, it'd be utterly impossible for their team to raid Tyrian. They simply didn't have the DPS to take her down. Continuing the raid would only lead to the team's annihilation.

Shi Feng was an expert capable of casting a complete Mana Domain at Tier 3, so there was no way he wouldn't understand this. So, Southern Tiger couldn't understand why Shi Feng insisted they continue the raid.

However, before Southern Tiger could make sense of Shi Feng's decision, he saw Shi Feng taking a step forward and instantly appearing within 100 yards of Tyrian. Then, Shi Feng unsheathed one of his longswords and gathered Mana around his blade.

"Break!" Shi Feng shouted as he swung his sword at the space before him.

Suddenly, the gray mist that protected everyone from Tyrian's Mana Domain transformed into a sharp blade that slashed at the purple glow.


Accompanied by the sound of an explosion, the purple glow dissipated, and the gray mist instantly enveloped Tyrian and the rest of the plaza. Subsequently, the frightening aura Tyrian radiated weakened drastically.

Meanwhile, along with this unexpected development, the entire plaza fell silent as if time had stopped.

"Tyrian's Mana Domain is gone?"

"What did Instructor Shi do?"

At this moment, whether it was Shi Feng's students or Soulfire's experts, everyone gaped in shock as they looked at the gray mist that dominated the plaza. Specifically, they were shocked by the sudden disappearance of Tyrian's Mana Domain.

Everyone present had watched videos of apex experts with Mana Domains clashing before. However, in these videos, even when a stronger Mana Domain clashed with a weaker Mana Domain, the weaker Mana Domain would only have its radius forcibly reduced. Never had they seen a Mana Domain completely dominating another Mana Domain.

Yet, in a situation where his Mana Domain's strength was equal to Tyrian's Mana Domain, Shi Feng had managed to collapse Tyrian's Mana Domain. This situation had completely shattered everyone's understanding of Mana Domains.

"Domain...Transformation! He actually knows Domain Transformation!" Southern Tiger was thunderstruck as he looked at the gray mist that dominated the plaza. Then, he turned to look at Shi Feng, a grave and confused expression appearing on his face as he muttered, "Who is he? Why is a Sword God like him here?"

"Domain Transformation? Sword God?" Moon Rain grew confused when he overheard Southern Tiger's mutterings. "What do you mean, Captain?"

In response to Moon Rain's question, Southern Tiger looked at her sternly and said, "There is no benefit in you knowing these things right now. All you need to know is that he is a Sword God. Also, I need you to log off now and contact the Head Captain. Say that we found a nameless Sword God who's not affiliated with any power!"

Domain Transformation!

This was an unfamiliar term to most players in God's Domain. Even among peak experts, only a very small minority knew about Domain Transformation, and Southern Tiger was one of the lucky few to know about it.

Simply put, Domain Transformation was a technique that only experts who had achieved ultimate mastery over Mana could use.

In God's Domain, only Tier 6 God-ranked experts could touch upon the extremes of Mana. To be precise, only players who have achieved ultimate mastery over Mana could reach Tier 6.

"He's a Sword God? How is this possible?" Moon Rain instinctively tried to refute Southern Tiger's words. After all, there should be no reason why a Tier 6 God-ranked expert would come to the Miniature Ancient World. However, looking at the serious expression on Southern Tiger's face, Moon Rain understood that what he said should be true. So, without asking for any additional explanation, she quickly said, "I understand!"

After saying so, Moon Rain promptly logged out of the game, ignoring the fact that she would incur a harsh penalty from doing so.

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