Chapter 26 - Sword God?
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We're really in trouble now…

Southern Tiger inwardly sighed when he looked at the purple glow spreading out from Tyrian.

Previously, he thought that Tyrian was merely a Realm Lord with a special Bloodline, which would explain her ridiculously high HP. Meanwhile, so long as they had Shi Feng's Mana Domain, the difficulty of raiding Tyrian should be no different than that of an ordinary Mythic Boss.

However, after seeing Tyrian taking action, Southern Tiger immediately realized that he had severely underestimated the Realm Lord. Rather than an ordinary Mythic Boss, Tyrian's strength was already on par with Superior Mythic monsters.

Even on the main continent, Superior Mythic monsters were incredibly challenging opponents. This was because ordinary Tier 4 MTs were incapable of surviving the attacks of a Superior Mythic of the same level. A Tier 4 MT would need a Fragmented Legendary Shield at the very minimum to survive against a Superior Mythic.

Now that their team was entirely composed of Tier 3 players, even if they had a Mana Domain supporting them, challenging Tyrian would still be suicidal. In fact, they wouldn't even be able to escape from Tyrian, let alone kill her.

This was because every monster that reached the Superior Mythic rank or possessed strength rivaling Superior Mythics would have a Mana Domain. Meanwhile, in the face of a Mana Domain, all players below Tier 3 were nothing but ants! Players couldn't even last more than a hit within a Superior Mythic monster's Mana Domain!

At this time, Southern Tiger wasn't the only person to realize the desperate situation. Moon Rain and the other experts from Soulfire also fell into despair. This was because they understood that so long as Tyrian's Mana Domain enveloped them, only one outcome would await them.


Yet, despite knowing this, none of them had the ability to resist. They could only watch as Tyrian's Mana Domain rapidly approached them…

However, just when the purple glow was about to envelop the two Guardian Knights, who stood at the forefront of t

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