Chapter 25 - Future Tier 6?
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His Mana Body has reached the Epic rank?

Moon Rain was filled with an indescribable sense of shock when she heard Southern Tiger's explanation.

Previously, in her opinion, Shi Feng was merely a peak expert with some strength. Even if he could cast a Mana Domain at Tier 3, he should, at most, be a match for Soulfire's strongest combatant Blue Smile. While Shi Feng indeed deserved Soulfire's respect for having such strength, he still wasn't at the level of being an existence Soulfire would fear. After all, Soulfire was one of the few top adventurer teams in God's Domain.

However, after hearing Southern Tiger's explanation, Shi Feng's value in Moon Rain's eyes changed drastically.

Before the Miniature Ancient World's introduction, most players and powers were unaware that apart from Bronze, Silver, and Gold, a higher rank known as Epic existed for Mana Bodies. However, constructing an Epic Mana Body at Tier 3 was nigh-impossible, and even Tier 5 experts who had the opportunity to construct an Epic Mana Body had failed to do so. Meanwhile, according to the various superpowers' investigation, every expert who managed to construct an Epic Mana Body had eventually grown to become a Tier 6 God-ranked expert without fail.

Because of this, many powers and experts came to the Miniature Ancient World after its introduction into God's Domain. Every one of these people was thinking of constructing an Epic Mana Body and becoming a Tier 6 God-ranked expert in the future.

However, constructing an Epic Mana Body was easier said than done. Even Southern Tiger, someone who was once a Half-step Tier 5 expert, had failed to construct an Epic Mana Body and could only settle for a Gold Mana Body.

Yet, it was now revealed that Shi Feng possessed an Epic Mana Body!**

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A future God-ranked expert, is it? When Moon Rain looked at Shi Feng slowly walking over to them, understanding and envy filled her eyes.

Although Tier 6 God-ranked experts were regarded as God's Domain's strongest combat power, most Tier 6 experts operated very secretively. Under normal circumstances, even Tier 5 experts had difficulty meeting a Tier 6 expert. As for other players, meeting a Tier 6 expert was no different than winning a lottery.

Meanwhile, an independent expert who had the potential to become a Tier 6 God-ranked expert in the future was someone even Super Guilds would try to befriend, let alone Soulfire. Thus, Southern Tiger's previous behavior was completely reasonable.

While Moon Rain was immersed in her thoughts, Shi Feng had also arrived before Southern Tiger and Moon Rain.

Looking at Shi Feng, Southern Tiger smiled and asked, "Have you finished preparing on your side, Brother Black Flame?"

"Yes." Shi Feng nodded. Then, in a slightly awkward tone, he said, "All I'm missing now is the data of your members. Can I trouble you to show me everyone's data?"

Honestly, even Shi Feng wasn't 100% confident in taking down Tyrian. After all, the standard of his weapons, equipment, and Skills was subpar at best. He was merely relying on his Mana Domain to weaken Tyrian and lower the raid difficulty.

As for whether the raid could succeed, it would still depend on the team's overall standard.

However, player data was private information. If someone had their player data exposed, it could potentially lead to them getting targeted by those with malicious intent. Hence, whether Guild players or independent players, nobody would willingly share their player data unless they knew the other party could be trusted.

As the commander for the upcoming raid, it was normal for Shi Feng to ask for his team members' player data. However, to Soulfire's team, this was probably a very tall order to fulfill. This was also why player teams wouldn't casually pass command over the team to an outsider.

However, as soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Moon Rain suddenly handed Shi Feng a list and said, "This is a general list of the weapons and equipment our team members have. I can also give you a list of their Skills and Spells if you need it."

Upon receiving the list of data, Shi Feng couldn't help but look at Moon Rain in slight surprise. He failed to understand why this woman, who previously expressed mild disgust toward him, would suddenly behave so cooperatively. However, he quickly pushed this thought to the back of his head and calmly nodded, saying, "Thanks. This much is enough."

As Shi Feng read through the provided player data one after another, Southern Tiger asked in a slightly proud tone, "What do you think of our team's standard, Brother Black Flame?"

Southern Tiger was relatively confident in the team he led. While his team might be inferior to the various Super Guilds' frontline teams, it was top-tier when placed among the various first-rate Guilds' frontline teams.

"Not bad," Shi Feng said, nodding.

According to the list, apart from Southern Tiger and Moon Rain, who were armed to the teeth with Epic Weapons and Equipment, the other team members were mainly geared in Epic Weapons and Equipment as well. Moreover, these Epic items were all custom-made by players. They had much higher compatibility with their users than Epic Weapons and Equipment obtained through killing monsters.

Although there was also a small minority of players geared in Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment, the gear they used was an incredibly rare, custom-made eight-piece Dark-Gold Set Equipment. The effect of such a set was much better than eight pieces of randomly matched Epic Equipment.

Soulfire's team was definitely ranked at the top in the current Hundred Flow City. Only the various Super Guilds' teams could possibly beat it.

"I'm relieved that you think so," Southern Tiger said, smiling. "Everyone in the team has Magic Scrolls and Attribute Potions allocated to them already. I'll leave you with command over the team now, Brother Black Flame."

Subsequently, after receiving the rights to command Soulfire's team, Shi Feng started inviting Soulfire's members to his team.

Meanwhile, when Wu Lingling and the others saw this scene, they couldn't help but be surprised and excited.

"What?! Instructor Shi is actually going to be commanding Soulfire's members?!"

"Instructor Shi is amazing! What kind of magic did he use? I doubt even our Academy's dean can receive such treatment!"

"Crap! Is this for real? Not only do we get to raid a Boss with Soulfire's members, but our instructor will even be the one commanding the team? People from the other classes will definitely think I'm crazy if I tell them about this!"

Originally, everyone had already been greatly shocked by the strength Shi Feng displayed. This was especially true for the students who were still worried about Shi Feng's capabilities as an instructor. After all, Shi Feng was a dismissed Guild Leader from Shadow. He had no background or resources in God's Domain whatsoever. While it was true that he could teach them many combat techniques, God's Domain was a world that revolved around resources.

Only by having better resources could one have a better time developing in God's Domain. This had long since become common knowledge in God's Domain.

However, Shi Feng had now shown that not only could he teach them combat techniques, but he had also shown that he had the strength to attract the interest of major powers such as the Soulfire adventurer team. With such strength, there was no way he couldn't earn a bunch of resources!

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng took charge of Soulfire's members, he quickly split the team's MTs across nine parties, each party having two MTs and four healers. Once the raid began, these nine tank parties would take turns tanking the Boss. As for everyone else, Shi Feng merely told them to attack with everything they've got…

"Will everything really be alright, Captain?" Moon Rain couldn't help but ask Southern Tiger after hearing Shi Feng's strategy.

Although she trusted Southern Tiger's judgment and understood that Shi Feng was an expert who even Super Guilds would try to befriend, being a powerful expert and a capable commander were two entirely different things.

Bosses at the Mythic rank or above would possess a certain degree of intelligence. If the commander of a team was incapable of making the right decisions at the right time during a Boss raid, it could easily lead to severe casualties and possibly even a teamwipe.

Against a Realm Lord like Tyrian, they would need at least four Tier 3 MTs taking turns sharing the damage under normal circumstances. If they only sent two Tier 3 MTs to tank Tyrian's attacks, even if these MTs didn't get one-shotted by the Boss, the healers wouldn't be able to keep up with their healing. After all, the gap in Basic Attributes was too massive. Otherwise, they wouldn't have found it impossible to raid Tyrian previously.


When Southern Tiger saw how Shi Feng had arranged the team, he couldn't help but lose confidence in his judgment as well.

While it was true that Mana Domains had a weakening effect against monsters, a Mana Domain cast by a Tier 3 player should have very little effect against a Realm Lord like Tyrian. Even after being subjected to the effects of Shi Feng's Mana Domain, Tyrian would still be too strong for just two Tier 3 MTs to tank it.


Moon Rain was rendered speechless when she heard Southern Tiger's uncertain tone.

They had truly gotten themselves into trouble this time.

Now, they could only hope that the partnership this time would be enough to give Shi Feng a good impression of Soulfire. That way, they would have an easier time explaining themselves to the other captains.

While Southern Tiger and Moon Rain were discussing their chances of success, Shi Feng said through the team chat, "Alright, let's begin! First party, advance!"

Upon hearing Shi Feng's command, the first party consisting of two Level 100, Tier 3 Guardian Knights and their four accompanying healers promptly charged into the plaza. Then, as soon as the two Guardian Knights stepped into the plaza, Tyrian's eyes promptly snapped open.

Immediately afterward, everyone present suddenly experienced a suffocating sensation. Even Southern Tiger, who stood 200 yards away, was no exception. He felt as if someone had just poured a bucket of ice-cold water onto him.

"Not good! Run away quickly!" Southern Tiger shouted.

However, by the time Southern Tiger had finished speaking, Tyrian had already teleported and appeared in front of the two Guardian Knights.

When everyone laid eyes on Tyrian's alluring figure and enchanting eyes, they momentarily found themselves mesmerized. However, this mesmerizing feeling only lasted for a moment as everyone's attention was quickly drawn to the purple spear Tyrian had pulled out of thin air. Afterward, everyone felt as if an invisible mountain had just landed on them, their bodies becoming inexplicably heavy.

"Die, intruders!"

After uttering one simple sentence, Tyrian raised her spear into the air, and a purple glow started rapidly spreading from her spear to the surroundings.

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**Chapter 23's title was changed from "Beyond Epic" to just "Epic." The condition for acquiring a complete Mana Domain has also been changed from "constructing a Mana Body beyond the Epic rank" to just "at least an Epic Mana Body."

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