Chapter 32 - Instructor Shi Is Very Amazing
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 32 - Instructor Shi Is Very Amazing

"Gold Order?"

Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng grew confused when they heard Lin Kuiyi's question.

Soulfire's Gold Order was well-known in God's Domain. So long as one was a member of a major power, one would more or less hear about it. After all, the first time the Gold Order was used, it had involved a Super Guild and the legendary Midnight Tea Party.

While the Midnight Tea Party might only have several dozen members, every one of its members was an expert among experts. Even the weakest among them was a Tier 5 player, while several were even Tier 6 God-ranked experts. When the adventurer team was at its peak, even Super Guilds avoided it like the plague.

Thus, even though a lot of time had passed since the Gold Order incident, none of the major powers in God's Domain dared to provoke Soulfire even until now due to its close ties with the Midnight Tea Party.

While Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng were in a daze, Wu Lingling calmly said, "It's me."

Hearing this, Lin Kuiyi promptly turned to look at Wu Lingling. Then, he asked in a friendly tone, "May I know which captain gave you the Gold Order?"

"It's Senior Southern Tiger," Wu Lingling said.

"Please wait here for a moment. I'll go verify it right away," Lin Kuiyi said, nodding. Then, he promptly turned around and left the lobby.

Meanwhile, after Lin Kuiyi left, Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng immediately looked at Wu Lingling with shock and confusion in their eyes.

"Lingling, you acquired Soulfire's Gold Order?" Chen Ziyou couldn't help herself from asking.

Ordinary experts might not know about Soulfire's Gold Order, but not Chen Ziyou. After being selected as a candidate for a seed position in the Professional League's preliminaries, Chen Ziyou had already received an invitation from the God's Domain Academy's dean, Lin Yaoyue. So, she could now be regarded as a half-inner member of the Mysterious Moon Guild, which, in turn, allowed her to learn more about God's Domain.

Meanwhile, out of God's Domain's many first-rate powers, the Guild had placed heavy emphasis on the Soulfire adventurer team. Thus, Chen Ziyou knew exactly how valuable Soulfire's Gold Order was.

"Mhm. Instructor Shi awarded it to me," Wu Lingling said, nodding.

"Instructor Shi awarded it to you?" Chen Ziyou was a little stunned.

Could such an item even be awarded?

Meanwhile, upon hearing Wu Lingling's words, Luo Tiancheng, who had originally been in a daze, suddenly laughed and said, "Student Wu Lingling, that Shi Feng must've tricked you. I know him much better than you do. There is no way he can get his hands on Soulfire's Gold Order with him alone. He must've tricked you because he is afraid that you would leave him."

Luo Tiancheng was fully aware of Shi Feng's past and present situation. Shi Feng had hardly met any executives of first-rate Guilds during his time as Shadow's Guild Leader, let alone a top adventurer team like Soulfire.

Yet, Wu Lingling said that Shi Feng had awarded her with Soulfire's Gold Order?

It should be known that the Gold Order was a priceless treasure that could allow a player to order Soulfire to do their bidding! It was something many first-rate powers dreamed of obtaining!

Chen Ziyou also expressed her agreement with Luo Tiancheng's words. No matter how she thought about it, there was no way for a second-rate Guild's former Guild Leader to get his hands on a Gold Order. Hurriedly, she said, "Lingling, you've gone too far with your joke this time. The Gold Order holds great significance to Soulfire. Once Lin Kuiyi returns, you have to explain the situation in detail. Otherwise, even your elder sister wouldn't be able to cover for you."

The Gold Order was a very important item and symbol for Soulfire. Anyone who tried to joke around with the Gold Order would be provoking the entire Soulfire adventurer team. The consequences of doing such a thing would be unimaginable…

Seeing the worry on Chen Ziyou's face, Wu Lingling bitterly smiled and explained, "Instructor Shi did not trick me, Big Sis Ziyou. This Gold Order is real. Moreover, Captain Southern Tiger even handed it to me personally."

"Southern Tiger handed it to you?" Luo Tiancheng's smile grew even wider when he heard Wu Lingling's words. "To think Shi Feng has even hired an actor… It seems he has put quite a lot of effort into this con. He won't be able to die even if he wants to right now."

It should be known that Southern Tiger was a mighty Half-step Tier 5 expert. He was someone who even Gu Yiren, Shadow's current Guild Leader, was not qualified to meet, let alone Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, having a Half-step Tier 5 expert personally hand Soulfire's Gold Order to a university student was something even the various Super Guilds' executives dared not do.

After the trio waited for a short moment, Lin Kuiyi walked out from a VIP room nearby and made his way over to them. However, Lin Kuiyi wasn't alone this time as a woman accompanied him. Specifically, Lin Kuiyi followed this woman out of the VIP room with a respectful smile on his face.

Although this woman was dressed plainly, her appearance and body were not at all inferior to the beautiful Lin Yaoyue. The woman's body also exuded an extraordinary temperament that exerted an invisible pressure to those around her.

An internal force master?!

Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng were inwardly shocked as they looked at the approaching woman.

Now that God's Domain had become a second world for humans, martial arts also became an inseparable part of God's Domain. This was because the various combat techniques in the real world could be applied in God's Domain. Thus, if players could improve their combat techniques in the real world, it would also be of significant help to them in God's Domain.

Meanwhile, among martial artists, experts capable of exerting complete control over their physical bodies and using internal force were known as masters. Even the various first-rate powers would fight to recruit such experts, hiring them to nurture their young talent.

However, even after trying for many years, Jin Hai University's God's Domain Academy had never managed to hire even one internal force master to work as an instructor…

"This is bad…"

Chen Ziyou started sweating profusely when she watched the mysterious woman moving closer and closer to them. Even though her strength ranked among the top ten in the entire God's Domain Academy, if an internal force master decided to take action, she wouldn't last more than a move.

At this time, even Luo Tiancheng dared not smile anymore, a grim expression appearing on his face. He also couldn't help but lament his terrible luck. Even though Shi Feng was the scammer in this situation, he was the one having to bear the anger of an internal force master instead. Had he known this would happen, he should've never tagged along on this trip…

Just as Luo Tiancheng was about to turn around and flee, the mysterious woman suddenly looked at Wu Lingling and smiled, saying, "I knew it was you! You look almost the same as you do in God's Domain!"

"You are?" Wu Lingling couldn't help but be confused when she looked at the mysterious beauty in front of her.

"Me?" Seeing the dazed expression on Wu Lingling's face, the mysterious woman smiled and said, "Moon Rain."

"Moon Rain?"

Wu Lingling's eyes widened in shock, her mind unable to believe what she was seeing. Compared to the refreshing beauty she saw in the game, the great beauty in front of her was like a completely different person. Whether it be their appearance or temperament, she couldn't link the two women together no matter what. It was especially true for their temperament. The Moon Rain in God's Domain and the Moon Rain in the real world were polar opposites in this regard.

"Our captain originally said that it would be a while before you come to find us, so I didn't think you would come so quickly. Moreover, it just so happens that you're living in the region I'm responsible for," Moon Rain said. She wasn't surprised that Wu Lingling would have such a reaction upon discovering her identity. This was because everyone who met her in the real world after meeting her in the game had similar reactions. Chuckling, she continued, "Go on. What do you need Soulfire to do for you?"

Meanwhile, when Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng saw Moon Rain's carefree attitude, they couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

It's real?

How is this possible?!

Chen Ziyou's and Luo Tiancheng's hearts were filled with shock when they turned to look at Wu Lingling's calm expression.

This was Soulfire's Gold Order they were talking about!

It was a priceless treasure that could be used to order Soulfire around. Yet, Shi Feng had actually given it to one of his students. Nobody would believe this if they retold this matter to others.

With the Gold Order, Shi Feng could've asked Soulfire to exert pressure on Shadow. That way, Shadow wouldn't dare continue harassing him. After all, Soulfire's Order of No Regrets was a name that constantly circulated among God's Domain's various powers. Even if Shadow was subordinated to a Super Guild, it wouldn't choose to offend Soulfire over a former Guild Leader.

However, it didn't seem like the woman named Moon Rain was putting on an act, either. So, even if they didn't want to believe it, they had no choice but to do so. After all, internal force masters were treated as VIPs by God's Domain's first-rate powers. There was no need for Moon Rain to come and trick them.

In fact, it would be even more unbelievable if Shi Feng had managed to get an internal force master to put on an act for him.

"I want an Ancient Legacy from one of the Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons. Will that be difficult?" Wu Lingling tentatively asked. She understood that Southern Tiger had given her this Gold Order as a favor for Shi Feng. Meanwhile, the significance of this favor would depend on the request she made using the Gold Order. To not burden Shi Feng with too huge a favor, she had to avoid making an outrageous request.

"An Ancient Legacy, is it?" Moon Rain fell into thought for a moment. Then, she said, "Can you give us three days? The Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons appear too randomly, so we won't be able to locate one within a short period."

"Three days?! How can something like that be accomplished in such a short time?!" Luo Tiancheng's eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at Moon Rain.

Currently, even though Shadow had already mobilized all of its available manpower in the Miniature Ancient World, the Guild's estimates showed that it would take at least ten days to secure the first Ancient Legacy. After all, having 1,000 professional-level experts standing by wasn't an easy feat. It was especially true now that the Miniature Ancient World had only launched recently. Everyone was busy training and improving their equipment standard. No sane expert would idly wait to raid a high-difficulty Team Dungeon.

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Hearing Luo Tiancheng's doubt, Moon Rain confidently smiled and said, "Three days is more than enough. We at Soulfire have always valued our words. If we can't accomplish this task within three days, we'll give you an Ancient Legacy for free."

"I'll have to trouble you with this matter then, Big Sis Rain," Wu Lingling said, joy filling her heart.

If she could acquire an Ancient Legacy within three days, her strength would undoubtedly rise to the next level. At that time, she could perform much better when she visited the training grounds at the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters.

Nodding, Moon Rain smiled and said, "Leave your contact information with me. I'll give you a call within three days. When the time comes, all you need to do is follow our team and leave the rest to us."

Afterward, Wu Lingling gave Moon Rain her contact information. That way, Soulfire would be able to contact her as soon as they found the entrance to a Team dungeon.

Meanwhile, after Wu Lingling and the others left the God's Domain Association, Wu Lingling looked at Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng, who were still feeling a little dazed, and proudly said, "What do you think, Big Sis Ziyou? I didn't trick you two, right?"

"It seems I have underestimated Instructor Shi," Chen Ziyou said forthrightly after snapping out of her daze. "But do you really intend on giving up the chance to receive a Super Guild's training? Even your elder sister didn't manage to get such an opportunity."

"While it is indeed a pity to give up on such an opportunity, I don't think that Instructor Shi's guidance will be inferior to a Super Guild's training. Not to mention, won't I be visiting the Secret Pavilion's training grounds soon?" Wu Lingling said, smiling.

"Instructor Shi's guidance is a match for a Super Guild's training?" Chen Ziyou felt her worldview tested when she heard Wu Lingling's words.

How could the guidance of a second-rate Guild's former Guild Leader possibly rival a Super Guild's carefully constructed training?

It should be known that a Tier 5 expert would always head a Super Guild's training camp. In comparison, Shi Feng was someone who had failed to even reach Tier 4. How could his teachings possibly match a Tier 5 expert's?

However, Chen Ziyou knew that Wu Lingling wasn't an ignorant little girl. On the contrary, Wu Lingling was very knowledgeable about God's Domain and the inner workings of God's Domain's various powers. There was no way she didn't know about the value of a Super Guild's training. Yet, she still spoke about Shi Feng's teachings with such confidence.

"Mhm. Instructor Shi is amazing. He helped me improve my results in the Trial Tower in only a few hours. Afterward, under his teachings, my reaction standard also increased from Advanced to Excellent," Wu Lingling said.

"Is he that amazing?" Chen Ziyou was a little stunned. For a moment, she even wondered if Wu Lingling had gone insane.

Even a Tier 5 expert couldn't help someone improve their results in the Trial Tower in only a few hours. So, how could a second-rate Guild's former Guild Leader possibly accomplish this feat?

"It just so happens that Instructor Shi is holding his first public class tomorrow. If you don't believe me, you can come and listen to him, Big Sis Ziyou. Who knows? You might gain some harvest," Wu Lingling said, confidently advertising Shi Feng's teachings.

"If you are going that far… Alright, then. I'll go take a look tomorrow," Chen Ziyou said, feeling a little tempted. "However, if he's not as magical as you say he is, you best consider switching to Instructor Qi."

"No problem," Wu Lingling answered without hesitation.

After Wu Lingling and Chen Ziyou talked for a while longer, Wu Lingling made her way back to the Academy's dormitory.

Meanwhile, once Wu Lingling was out of her sight, Chen Ziyou turned to look at Luo Tiancheng and asked, "Instructor Shi is completely different from what you told me, Instructor Luo. Also, what kind of relationship does Instructor Shi share with Soulfire for him to receive a Gold Order?"

She had promised her instructor that she would recruit Wu Lingling for him. Yet, now, she had just made a fool out of herself.

"This…" Luo Tiancheng broke out in cold sweat when he saw the annoyance on Chen Ziyou's face. The Academy's Four Heavenly Kings were not existences that a junior instructor like himself could afford to offend. Hurriedly, he said, "I…really have no idea about this. I've already told you everything I know about Shi Feng."

"Enough! Stop making excuses!" Chen Ziyou frowned. "Since we now know that Instructor Shi is somehow related to Soulfire, things have just become a lot more difficult. You contact President Lan and inform him of the situation. I will contact Instructor Qi. Let them decide what to do next."

"Okay! I'll notify President Lan right away!"

As if receiving amnesty, Luo Tiancheng hurriedly hailed a taxi and headed to Hailong Tower.

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