Chapter 33 - Ruthless Shi Feng
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God's Domain Association, first-floor lobby:

After Wu Lingling's group left, Lin Kuiyi, who had stood silently behind Moon Rain throughout the entire conversation, looked at Moon Rain in confusion and asked, "Big Sis Rain, Did Captain Tiger really hand the Gold Order to that girl himself? I remember hearing that the Honorary Elder has constantly been asking for it, even going as far as to promise him an opportunity to reach Tier 5."

"Mhm, he did," Moon Rain said, nodding as she looked at the direction Wu Lingling left in.

"That… Did he give it to that girl for free?" Lin Kuiyi couldn't help but be a little stunned.

With the current state of God's Domain, many shops in the real world had even started accepting God's Domain's virtual currency as payment. Some shops even preferred accepting God's Domain's currency over real money. So, one could easily imagine how valuable the opportunity to get promoted to Tier 5 was.

However, according to the quick investigation he conducted before, there was no way Wu Lingling was worthy of a Gold Order. While Wu Lingling's identity as Wu Xiaoxiao's little sister and her extraordinary talent made her an individual worthwhile for Soulfire to befriend, that was about as much as she was worth. After all, geniuses of her caliber were aplenty in God's Domain.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that geniuses like Wu Lingling appeared and disappeared every day.

For a genius originating from Jin Hai University's God's Domain Academy, even giving Wu Lingling a Bronze Order would be somewhat extravagant, let alone the precious Gold Order.

In Soulfire, players capable of acquiring a Bronze Order were typically Refinement Realm experts at the very least. Moreover, these players had already made significant progress in the Refinement Realm. They were far stronger than players who had only recently reached the Refinement Realm.

Only Wu Xiaoxiao could barely qualify for a Bronze Order in the entire God's Domain Academy. So, how could Wu Lingling, who was much weaker than her elder sister, possibly q

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