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RSSGSS - Chapter 167 - Uproar in the Alliance

Miniature Ancient World, Southern Zone, Red Obsidian City:

As one of the Twelve Holy Cities in the Miniature Ancient World's Four Major Zones, Red Obsidian City was only one sea away from the Boundary Mountain Range. It was the largest seaside city in the Miniature Ancient World's Sea of Red Tears.

Due to Red Obsidian City being one of the few seaside cities that could conduct maritime trade with the Boundary Mountain Range, it became a highly contested location for the various powers. As evidence, there were at least seven superpowers known to be using Red Obsidian City as the location for their main headquarters. There were also over twenty first-rate powers ignoring the threat of these superpowers and establishing their base of operations in Red Obsidian City.

In less than a month since the Miniature Ancient World opened, Red Obsidian City's player population had already exceeded eighty million. When it came to player population, it was a megacity that could rank within the top five out of the several hundred cities in the Miniature Ancient World.

However, what the various powers of Red Obsidian City weren't aware of was that there was actually a transcendental power secretly operating within the gray areas of the city. Meanwhile, this power was none other than the Flower of Seven Sins.

Inside a VIP room in Red Tears Bar, the best bar available in Red Obsidian City…

At this time, a masked young man clad in silvery-gray clothing walked into the VIP room. The young man had a relatively average stature, measuring 1.7 meters only. After entering the room, the young man looked at the woman quietly sitting by the window and said, "A message came in from the Asura Mercenary Alliance, Big Sis Omen.

The woman in question wore a crimson one-piece dress, and she possessed an ethereal beauty that made her look like a beautiful doll carved by a masterful artisan. However, if one observed this woman closely, one would realize that the woman's appearance wasn't the only astonishing thing about her. In addition to her looks, her level of 107 was more than enough to take the breath of any ordinary expert. Moreover, her crimson dress wasn't simply a cosmetic item. Instead, it was a bona fide Fragmented Legendary item.

"What message?" the woman named Death Omen lazily asked as she glanced at the masked man.

"The message's sender is Big Sis Soul. She has turned down our suggestion on Asura's behalf. Moreover, Big Sis Soul has asked you to pass on a message to Commander Sky, saying that she will reclaim the position she lost!" the masked man said with a chuckle.

"What a fool," Death Omen said with contempt on her face. "It is precisely because she refused to submit to Lord sky that she has fallen to her current state. Had she chosen to go under Lord Sky's wing as I did, she would've long since reached Tier 6 by now and matched me in strength. It is also because of Lord Sky's kindness that she got away with only getting dismissed. Yet, as soon as she found herself an Outerworld backer, she thinks she can go against Lord Sky?"

"What should we do now? Should we take action against Asura?" the masked man asked.

"A mere Outerworld power dares interfere in the Flower of Seven Sins' affairs? Do they honestly think a measly Guild like World Dominators can represent all of the powers in our God's Domain? Since they refuse to obey, there's no need for them to continue existing in the Miniature Ancient World!" Death Omen said, a flash of cold light appearing in her eyes. "Pass down my words. From today onward, everyone who takes on the quest to obstruct the Asura Mercenary Alliance will not only receive rewards equivalent to Asura's quests, but they will also receive an additional 100% bonus paid in Contribution Points."

"A 100% bonus? Isn't that a little too much?" the masked man exclaimed. "Asura is mainly offering Mount quests right now, and even a Common Mount is worth 100,000 Credits. However, it will take, at most, 20 Half-step Refinement Realm experts to handle a team that is taking on such a quest. Just receiving an equivalent reward is already more than enough for them to make a significant profit. There's no need for us to subsidize an additional 100,000 Credits."

Essentially, they'd have to pay 200,000 Credits just to obstruct one of Asura's quests. Although they could offset half of that price using Contribution Points, these Contribution Points would eventually be used to exchange for the Flower of Seven Sins' resources. So, they'd still be paying out of their own pockets at the end of the day.

"The ones below will only be motivated to move if we offer more money. A reward of just 100,000 Credits can only tempt a limited number of experts. Not to mention, there are plenty of Half-step Refinement Realm experts and first-rate powers helping the Asura Mercenary Alliance. So, it's best to have the Refinement Realm experts on our side make a move," Death Omen calmly said. "Also, inform the Executioners to move as well. I want you to destroy all of Asura's businesses as soon as possible. Then, we'll see how much more confidence Hidden Soul has in going against Lord Sky!"

Other powers in God's Domain were afraid of going against the Asura Mercenary Alliance because they operated in the light, which made them for easy targets.

However, the Flower of Seven Sins operated in the dark. There was no way Asura could target the Flower of Seven Sins if nobody even knew the whereabouts of the Flower of Seven Sins' members and base of operations.

"If the Executioners move as well, that will make things simple," the masked man said, excitement appearing in his eyes. This was the biggest operation the Flower of Seven Sins had carried out since he had entered the Miniature Ancient World.

The Executioners were a group of assassins the Flower of Seven Sins had nurtured internally, and even the weakest among them was a Refinement Realm expert. Meanwhile, the Executioners currently present in the Miniature Ancient World numbered 3,000.

If 3,000 Refinement Realm experts took covert actions as a group, even the various superpowers would suffer severe losses, let alone an Outerworld power.

While the Flower of Seven Sins was making its move, a huge announcement was made in the Asura Mercenary Alliance's main headquarters.

Lineage Crystals were officially available for exchange now!

"Are you kidding me?"

"Can we really exchange for such an item?"

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"One million points?! Isn't the exchange price way too high?!"

"You think one million points is a lot? If you have a million points or a Lineage Crystal, I'd be willing to buy it off your hands for 500,000 Gold. How about it? One million Contribution Points will only get you 400,000 Gold. You'd be making an easy 100,000 Gold just by reselling the Lineage Crystal to me. That's basically enough money for a large villa."

"I'll pay 600,000 Gold! I can give you even more if you're willing to accept Credits! I'll even pay the full sum on the spot! Anyone interested?"

"You want to buy something that's as valuable as a Fragmented Legendary item for just 600,000 Gold? Did you forget to wake up today?"

Shortly after the exchange list over at the Asura Mercenary Alliance's warehouse got updated, a heated debate quickly ensued among the players that had flooded to the warehouse after reading the announcement, a flame of desire igniting in everyone's hearts.

In the current situation where players could not ascend to Tier 4, anyone who managed to convert to a powerful race would essentially gain a Fragmented Legendary item. They would instantly soar to become one of the strongest experts in the Miniature Ancient World. Moreover, there'd be no need to worry that others might steal this advantage away from them.

Not to mention, the benefits of having a stronger race could remain useful even after players reached Tier 4 and Tier 5. So, how could anyone resist the temptation of the Lineage Crystal?

"This won't do! I need to tell the commander about this quickly!"

"Have our brothers get ready to move right away! The alliance might run out of quests if we waste any more time!"

"Something big has happened, Guild Leader! The Asura Mercenary Alliance has lost its mind! It's offering an item that's as good as a Fragmented Legendary item for only one million Contribution Points!"

While the crowd in front of the warehouse talked about the Lineage Crystal, many of those present also started contacting their companions, subordinates, and superiors. For a time, everyone in the Asura Mercenary Alliance went into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, shortly after the Asura Mercenary Alliance pulled this stunt, news of the Lineage Crystal also reached the ears of the various powers.

Hellscythe's Notes:

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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