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LTBE - Chapter 400.2: The One to Determine Fate (2)

William drew her sword and slashed it upward.

A sliver of light appeared in the face of the darkness. She had concentrated her Sword Intent to an extreme degree, focusing its might on the tip of her sword. With her slash, she unleashed a brilliant arc that sought to split the world into two. 

That very instant, her previously pulsating mana vanished without a trace. It was as if everything had been harnessed into this single slash. The brilliance of her Swordheart seemed to brighten up the sky for an instant, only to vanish right after. 

A white arc flashed across the rush of darkness, as if someone had drawn a line on a massive blackboard. Awfully insignificant it appeared before the massive congregation of darkness, yet it induced a magnificent explosion that collapsed the darkness.


The humongous explosion from the clash of manas had the crowd gasping in shock, but it didn’t slow down the pace of the battle at all. Despite the hindrances from the powerful shockwaves…

Written by Bells on Cat Ears (猫耳铃铛). Translated by StarveCleric. Edited by Welmar.