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ABBR - Chapter 101-Pt.1

This was their second kiss, and it felt different from the previous one. Their first kiss was rough and rushed. This time, though, Fang Qin was much gentler with her actions.

The kiss was so tender that Ange could end it all with just a light push. However, Ange hesitated to do so.

The instant Fang Qin held her lips, Ange felt her heart rising up her throat. Her eyes were also filled with shock as she stared at the woman in front of her.

Ange could feel Fang Qin's thin palm carefully stroking the side of her face. She also felt the tip of the woman's tongue teasing her lips, the woman's every touch sending jolts of electricity that numbed her body.

This was a tasteless kiss. Even though Ange didn't initiate this kiss, she didn't feel violated at all. Rather, she thought that it was...wonderful.

Meanwhile, Fang Qin narrowed her eyes and carefully observed Ange's reactions.


Suddenly, a booming thunder roared outside, and Ange's body shook slightly at the unexpected noise. The movement shook the drops of water stuck on her eyelashes, causing them to fall into her eyes and muddy her vision. And with her vision obscured and consciousness partially returned, Ange started panicking.

Even after hiding in Xian City and her hotel for several days, she still failed to hide from the woman before her. Moreover, of all the days the rain could've come, it just had to pour on the day she went out with this woman, which then led to this sudden kiss. Everything had happened too quickly and too suddenly that Ange had no time to organize her thoughts. The only thing she could think of right now was: Could this really be...heaven's will?

Realizing that Ange wasn't resisting, Fang Qin wrapped an arm around the other party's waist and shut her eyes to focus on the kiss.

When Ange felt Fang Qin's soft tongue separating her lips and probing her teeth, she instinctively opened her mouth. Then, the slippery tongue took advantage of this opportunity, intruded upon Ange's mouth, and began wreaking havoc.

Tasting a hint of sweetness from the tip of her tongue, Ange chased after the source with curiosity.

Fang Qin was delighted by Ange's initiative, so she moved a hand to Ange's front.

Upon hearing the sound of her jacket's zipper opening and sensing Fang Qin's cold palm touching the skin of her waist, Ange came back to her senses and held down the misbehaving hand.


A fiery passion lit up in Fang Qin's eyes as she tasted Ange's wet lips. Then, she separated her lips from Ange's and said, "Take it off. Otherwise, you'll really catch a cold."

Both of them were drenched right now. Although the running air conditioner warmed the room, it was still uncomfortable to be wearing wet clothes.

Ange found herself bewitched by both Fang Qin's eyes and voice. By the time she came to her senses, Fang Qin had already stripped and threw her wet jacket aside.

Fang Qin had already removed her scarf on the way into the room. So, nothing was preventing her drenched shirt from revealing the outline of her chest.

Fang Qin had a slim body and an equally slim neck. Her collarbone was prominent, and her breasts were not particularly plump. Overall, her shriveled figure was not the type Ange liked. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, whenever Ange smelled the fragrance coming off of Fang Qin's body, she couldn't help but grow restless. And when she saw the strands of wet hair stuck in the shallow ravine revealed by Fang Qin's V-neck shirt, her throat subconsciously tightened.

In no time at all, Fang Qin leaned forward and kissed Ange again. While doing so, she grabbed the hem of Ange's sweater with both hands and effortlessly removed it as she did with the jacket.

Ange could feel the cold hands slowly running up her back warming up. However, when she felt those warm hands coming into contact with the hook of her bra, she gently pushed against Fang Qin's shoulders. This time, the sign of her resistance had become more obvious.

Fang Qin thought Ange was feeling regret, so she couldn't help but panic a little. Immediately, she embraced the woman in front of her and asked in a whisper, "Is that a no?"

Ange's breath grew a little short. Then, while doing her best to prevent her voice from trembling, she said, "Tang'er told me you loved your ex-girlfriend a lot."

She's bringing this up at such a critical juncture? Fang Qin was a little stunned. Then, she dejectedly said, "That's all in the past. I don't feel that way toward her now."

Ange took a breath and curled her fingers on Fang Qin's shoulders. Then, she said, "You two have been together for three years."

"Do you...mind this?"

Ange didn't have much of a virgin complex. However, whenever she recalled that Fang Qin had been with another woman for three years and how skilled Fang Qin was at kissing, she couldn't help but have a bitter feeling.

Yet, Ange also refused to acknowledge that this bitter feeling was jealousy.

Fang Qin regarded Ange's silence as acquiescence. Her expression turning sullen, she gradually moved her hands away from Ange's back. However, just as she was about to say "I'm sorry," Ange suddenly hugged her.

Fang Qin was stunned. Before she could make sense of what was going on, Ange suddenly sealed her mouth with an emotional kiss.

After the brief kiss, Ange looked up and met with Fang Qin's shocked gaze. Then, she provocatively said, "She must've dumped you because of your poor skills."

"..." After Fang Qin recovered from her surprise, her expression loosened. Then, she gently blew at Ange's eyes and said, "Let's find out then, shall we?"

No longer giving Ange a chance to retreat, Fang Qin immediately overwhelmed the shorter woman and pushed her onto the bed.

Then, the two began entangling their bodies with each other and eagerly removed the defenses protecting their modesty.

The thick curtains blocked the scenery outside, and the raindrops hitting the window covered up the amorous sounds coming from inside the room.

Despite having practiced abstinence for a few days, Murong Shi's skills had not regressed at the slightest. Xu Chuanchuan's defenses crumbled in no time under the combined assault of Murong Shi's fingers and tongue. After letting out a long "Ahn," Xu Chuanchuan's body convulsed and turned into jelly.

"Already? It's only been five minutes," Murong Shi teased while wiping the sweat on Xu Chuanchuan's forehead with the back of her hand.

Ever since they started living together, Xu Chuanchuan had become weaker and weaker when it came to activities on the bed. Now, Murong Shi only needed to touch her slightly before she started feeling it down there...

When Murong Shi's hand moved past the tip of her nose, Xu Chuanchuan suddenly smelled a familiar scent. Immediately, her expression stiffened as she asked, "Did you wipe your hands just now?"

Xu Chuanchuan's cheeks were flushed, her lips were red and swollen, and her eyes were watery. Looking at this sight, Murong Shi couldn't help but kiss her lover. Then, she opened her palm and showed it to Xu Chuanchuan.

"..." Xu Chuanchuan instantly knew the answer when she saw the glossy liquid on Murong Shi's hand. Immediately, a blush appeared on her face as she shouted, "Why did you touch my forehead and hair, then?! It's so dirty!"

In response, Murong Shi grinned and asked, "Is it? I don't think it's dirty."

After saying so, Murong Shi began using the glossy liquid to paint Xu Chuanchuan's left breast, the earnest look on her face making her look like a baker putting the last layer of cream on a delicious cake...

Then, after adding the finishing touches, Murong Shi leaned forward with her mouth and began tasting the "delicacy" she prepared.

Xu Chuanchuan immediately gasped.

An hour later, Xu Chuanchuan limply laid on the bed with her limbs spread out. Then, while looking at the dimly lit room, she asked, "Why did the sky suddenly go dark?"

In response, Murong Shi pulled out the pillow under Xu Chuanchuan's buttocks and said, "It started raining just now."

So that's why it felt a little cold just now, Xu Chuanchuan thought as she closed her legs. Just as she was about to scurry under the blanket, Murong Shi suddenly picked her up by the waist.

Sensing her body separating from the bed, Xu Chuanchuan reflexively sandwiched Murong Shi's hips with her legs and exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

"How are you supposed to sleep on that?" Murong Shi asked as she pointed her chin at the bed.

Following Murong Shi's line of sight, Xu Chuanchuan found a big wet patch on the purple bed sheet, and she couldn't help but blush in embarrassment.

After setting Xu Chuanchuan down on a chair, Murong Shi removed the stained bed sheet and said, "I think it'd be better if we put a waterproof membrane underneath the sheets in the future."

Xu Chuanchuan covered her boiling face. Then, peeking at Murong Shi's busy figure through the gaps of her fingers, she asked, "Is… Is the pillow alright?"

Murong Shi picked up the wrinkled pillow and gave it a few pats. Then, she chuckled and said, "How can it be alright? Even the inside is wet already."

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

The pillow in question was the one Murong Shi normally used. Xu Chuanchuan wanted to throw it away now that she had dirtied it, but Murong Shi refused, saying, "We'll keep it as a memento."

Xu Chuanchuan was rendered speechless.

In the end, the pillow became the third addition to Murong Shi's "collection," with the first being the strand of hair that came off of the cat tail and the second being a love egg that had stopped functioning.

To ensure the sullied pillow remained unaffected by the environment, Murong Shi used the packing bag that came with the whale bolster to store it. Then, she carefully put the pillow away at the bottom of the wardrobe as if she was tucking away a baby.

Xu Chuanchuan quietly watched Murong Shi do all these things. After rubbing away the goosebumps on her arms, she said, "If others find out that you're keeping these things, they'll definitely think you're a pervert."

Murong Shi did not refute Xu Chuanchuan's words. After closing the wardrobe, she walked over to Xu Chuanchuan and carried her lover back to the bed. Then, she stuffed Xu Chuanchuan into the blanket and said, "Those are one-of-a-kind treasures."

Xu Chuanchuan's lips twitched when she heard this, having no idea how she should respond.

Then, putting on a mischievous smile, Murong Shi pinched Xu Chuanchuan's stiff cheeks and said, "Darling, you're so magical. I wonder what kind of treasure you'll create next?"

"Y-Y-You! We're going to run out of space if you continue keeping all this junk!"

In response, Murong Shi righteously said, "Which is why I plan to buy a big display cabinet to store these things once renovations for the new house are complete. I'll even put the cabinet in the study so that you'll get to admire your work while writing. Isn't that an interesting idea?"

Just imagining the sight Murong Shi described caused Xu Chuanchuan to get goosebumps all over her body. Then, she coldly said, "I'll suffer from writer's block every day."

Murong Shi simply chuckled in response. Then, she changed the topic and said, "I'm feeling a little hungry."

"Me too…" Xu Chuanchuan said while rubbing her flat stomach.

"Should we go out to eat or call for a delivery?"

"Delivery." Xu Chuanchuan couldn't even muster an ounce of strength right now.

Hearing this, Murong Shi grabbed her phone and opened her Meituan app.

While waiting for the food delivery to arrive, Murong Shi had already tossed the dirtied bed sheet and pillow casing into the washing machine.

Meanwhile, the matter of Ange and Fang Qin's date suddenly came into Xu Chuanchuan's mind. When she looked at the dark sky outside, she couldn't help but grow curious about the success of their date. Unfortunately, when she sent Ange a message asking about the situation, she did not receive a reply even after a long time had passed.

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