ABBR - Chapter 49-Pt.1

Never had Xu Chuanchuan been more certain that Murong Shi was currently drunk. This was because she found that Murong Shi's eyes were becoming darker and darker, and the temperature of her hand was growing higher and higher.

There was no question that Murong Shi was much more charming than usual when she was drunk. Her soft body, her slight panting, and her captivating eyes that looked to be focused and filled with affection caused Xu Chuanchuan's heart to pound furiously.

At this moment, Xu Chuanchuan could feel her heartbeat becoming increasingly faster, her breathing gradually becoming hurried, and the feeling of suffocation steadily surrounding her.

I can't let this situation continue.

Although Murong Shi had become more charming after getting drunk, she had also become even more dangerous.

Murong Shi was someone who dared to forcibly kiss her and lick her ear when not fully drunk. If Murong Shi became totally intoxicated by alcohol... Xu Chuanchuan couldn't even begin to imagine what kind of outrageous things Murong Shi would do.

Although their current location was quite hidden, there were many eyes present in the dining hall. Nobody could guarantee that other people wouldn't discover them.

By now, sweat had begun appearing in places where the two people's skin touched. Then, out of anxiety, Xu Chuanchuan started using brute force to struggle out of Murong Shi's hold while saying, "I'm not continuing this farce anymore. I'm leaving."

"I'm not fooling around," Murong Shi said, a slightly unhappy expression appearing on her face.

When Xu Chuanchuan felt Murong Shi's hot breath hitting her face, she grew even more flustered. Finally, in a soft, pleading tone, she asked, "What exactly do you want?"

Murong Shi's focus scattered slightly. Then, she used her free hand to caress Xu Chuanchuan's chin before slowly saying, "I'm serious. I want to find a place to try it with you right now."

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

Murong Shi seemed to have trouble standing straight as she leaned her body forward. Then, as her lips brushed past Xu Chuanchuan's ear, she said in a voice full of temptation, "How about we go to my car?"

Xu Chuanchuan's head buzzed when she heard Murong Shi's suggestion. Then, she slapped the hand that was caressing her chin, pushed Murong Shi away, and said with a reddened face, "No!"

Frowning, Murong Shi asked, "Why not?"

"Y-You're drunk."

Murong Shi laughed happily. Her voice had become a little hoarse due to the alcohol, giving it a hint of sexiness. Then, slowly and clearly, she said, "I am fully aware of what I am doing right now. Also, there is an old saying that fits this situation—in wine, there is truth."

"I-I'm not talking to you anymore. Hurry up and let go of my hand," Xu Chuanchuan stammered, making it look as if she was the drunk one among the two of them.

After staring at Xu Chuanchuan for a moment, Murong Shi sighed and said, "You're not afraid of me. So, what exactly are you afraid of?"


"It's too stuffy here. Let's talk outside," Murong Shi said. Then, without giving Xu Chuanchuan any opportunities to refute, she wrapped one arm around Xu Chuanchuan's waist, making it look like she would drag Xu Chuanchuan out of the restaurant.

Xu Chuanchuan was truly afraid that Murong Shi would drag her onto her car. At that time, once the doors were locked and the lights were off, anything could happen…

Immediately, Xu Chuanchuan stretched out her neck and frantically called out, "Little Yan, Little Yan—"

Murong Shi's expression changed slightly. Then, she said, "What are you calling her for? I already told you she is my cousin."

It was precisely because Little Yan was Murong Shi's cousin that Xu Chuanchuan was calling for the girl.

Ignoring Murong Shi's words, Xu Chuanchuan quickly located Little Yan's figure in the dining hall and shouted once more, "Little Yan, come over quickly!"

Fortunately, Little Yan did not disappoint Xu Chuanchuan. Upon hearing Xu Chuanchuan calling for her, Little Yan happily ran over. Then, she suspiciously looked at the entangled hands of the two people in front of her and asked, "What are you two doing? Chuanchuan, are you drunk? Your face looks so red!"

Taking advantage of Murong Shi's momentary lapse of attention, Xu Chuanchuan finally struggled out of Murong Shi's hold. Then, she quickly said, "I'm fine! It's your cousin who's drunk! Come and help her!"

Little Yan was taken aback for a moment when she heard Xu Chuanchuan's words. Then, after sweeping her gaze back and forth between Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi, she said, " found out already?"

Xu Chuanchuan hurriedly nodded. Without waiting for Little Yan to respond, she pushed Murong Shi toward Little Yan.

Meanwhile, Little Yan successfully received her older cousin.

Afterward, Xu Chuanchuan vigilantly moved aside and said, "I still have things to do at home, so you two have fun!"

Without even looking at Murong Shi's reaction, Xu Chuanchuan quickly fled out of the dining hall. Only after exiting the restaurant and realizing that Murong Shi did not give chase did Xu Chuanchuan stop and breathe out a sigh of relief.

However, even after hailing a cab and getting into the car, Xu Chuanchuan still couldn't relax.

A clear mark had appeared on the wrist Murong Shi had grabbed before. Even though it didn't hurt, Xu Chuanchuan could still feel the residue heat left by Murong Shi's hand. Throughout the trip back home, Xu Chuanchuan gently massaged the mark. However, even after her skin returned to its usual pale white, she still mechanically massaged the area.

In reality, when Murong Shi asked her what she was afraid of, even Xu Chuanchuan didn't know the answer herself.

Was Xu Chuanchuan afraid of Murong Shi? That wasn't the case.

Murong Shi might be critical and strict at work, but her personality in private was one that Xu Chuanchuan wasn't fearful of. The only reason why Xu Chuanchuan fled just now was because she would expose her true thoughts in a moment of panic.

The restaurant wasn't located far away from the company. After a ten-minute ride, the taxi driver reminded Xu Chuanchuan that they had arrived. Then, Xu Chuanchuan quickly paid the fare and stumbled her way back to the dormitory.

After returning to the dormitory, the first thing Xu Chuanchuan did was to take a shower. She tried taking a long and cold shower, thinking that this would allow her to forget Murong Shi's words and actions. However, the more she resisted, the clearer those scenes became...

Xu Chuanchuan suddenly started regretting why she had drunk so little alcohol. If she had known beforehand that Murong Shi would act that way toward her, she would've gotten herself drunk. Then, she would forget about everything the next day and could go about her day as if nothing had ever happened.

Now, though, Xu Chuanchuan was faced with a problem. The night was still young, so how should she get through this long and arduous night?

Xu Chuanchuan couldn't be bothered to blow-dry her hair. After wrapping her hair with a dry towel, she laid down on the bed, pulled out her phone, and sent a message to Ange.

Xu Chuanchuan: "I think I'm going crazy."

Ange: "Writer's block?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "No."

Ange: "What's wrong?"

With the situation having developed up to this point, Xu Chuanchuan felt that she could no longer hide it from Ange. She also didn't wish to hide it anymore because she urgently needed someone experienced to vent to.

Xu Chuanchuan: "Someone confessed to me at our company dinner today."

Murong Shi has said all that to me, so it should count as a confession, right?

Ange: "Fuck! Is it a man or woman?"

This question really is on point… Xu Chuanchuan's heart thumped when she saw Ange's question. Then, gritting her teeth, she decided to go all-out.

Xu Chuanchuan: "A woman."

Ange: "Fuck! Fuck!!!"

Xu Chuanchuan: "...Can you calm down first? I don't dare to continue if you keep on behaving like this..."

Ange: "Alright, I'll calm down. [Light a cigarette]"

Xu Chuanchuan: "[Light a cigarette]"

Ange: "So, did you reject her?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "No… I ran…"

Ange: "Why did you run away? If you don't like her, just reject her!"

Xu Chuanchuan: "I… I got scared…"

Ange: "Don't tell me you like the other party?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "...I don't know…"

Initially, Xu Chuanchuan could confidently say to Murong Shi that she did not like women. However, after Murong Shi's repeated attempts to question her, she started finding it difficult to say so.

Previously, Xu Chuanchuan thought she had failed to give a curt response because of her anxiety. However, even after leaving the restaurant for some time, her heart remained chaotic and confused.

Ange; "You don't know??? Didn't you like men???? Since when did you get bent?!?!?!"

Xu Chuanchuan: "I'm not bent. [Cry]"

Ange: "I thought something was off with you some time ago. Sure enough, I hit the mark. [Light a cigarette]"

Xu Chuanchuan: "I've never fallen in love before. I'm just feeling a little uneasy. [Aggrieved]"

Ange: "Is the girl who confessed to you beautiful?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "Mhm……"

Ange: "Don't tell me it's your boss's daughter?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "……………………"

Ange: "Really?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "Yes."

Ange: "Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! How am I so amazing!!!"

After Ange let loose a series of "fucks," the two of them finally calmed down and returned to the main topic. Then, Xu Chuanchuan told Ange about the kissing incident in the past and the details of what took place at the dinner party just now.

Ange fell into a long silence after hearing about these details.

Growing uneasy, Xu Chuanchuan urged: "Say something."

Ange: "Sorry. I went downstairs to buy some cigarettes just now. Do you want one?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "...No, thank you."

Ange: "It's certain now that she has feelings for you, but do you like her?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "I don't think I like her."

Ange: "You think?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "I really don't know… But I don't hate her… What does it feel like to like a person?"

Ange: "If you like a person, you'll find yourself having the urge to sneak peeks at the other party. You'll constantly think of the other party when you can't see them. You'll also be very easily affected by their mood. You'll feel sad when you see them crying, and you'll feel happy when you see them smiling. You will want to try to be close to them, yet you will also be afraid of getting too close to them. You will become easily flustered when you're in front of them. Sometimes, you will even do very dumb things because of the other party. [Light a cigarette]"

The things Ange mentioned were too vague. When Xu Chuanchuan placed herself in these situations, she found that apart from "sneaking peeks" and "easily flustered," she did not fit in any of the other criteria.

Does this mean I don't like Murong Shi?

Ange: "There are also different degrees of liking someone. However, after all is said and done, only you will know exactly how you feel of her."

Xu Chuanchuan closed her eyes and pondered for several minutes. Eventually, she came to a conclusion.

Xu Chuanchuan: "I understand. I will make things clear with her."

Xu Chuanchuan was grateful toward Ange. After having this conversation, she no longer felt as depressed as she did before.

Ange: "Tang'er, I'm sad."

Xu Chuanchuan: "What's wrong?"

Ange: "How can you get bent, just like that? You clearly said you would come to look for me first when you get bent."

Xu Chuanchuan: "*Cough* I'm not bent. Really. I'll find a chance to set things straight with her."

Unfortunately, when the opportunity to set things straight eventually arrived, Xu Chuanchuan still found herself unable to speak.

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