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RHE - Afterword

The End of Records of the Human Emperor! Concluding Remarks! Everyone, Thank You!

It's the end! Thank you!

After three years, it's finally over!

I would like to thank my editor, Huo Yun, thank Yu Shuai Shuai Da, thank Dai Zong, thank New Age Elements, Hong Yan, Lian Yu, Wawa, Lao Ying… Thank you to all of Human Emperor's point leaders (This is all recorded, and the list is very long, so I won't write them all out here, thank you everyone ^-^), and thank you to all of my reader friends who supported me!

This book 'Records of the Human Emperor' is very long, my longest book to date, more than seven million characters in all.

I'm very happy, because I managed to write out everything I drafted in the outline without dropping anything. I was completely loyal to my heart.

For me, this is the most complete story I've written in the last few years.

Thus, here, I have to particularly be grateful that I was given this opportunity to write this very long story in its full form, to write out Wang Chong's exciting life from beginning to end.

Again, thank you!

Writing a book is both very painful and very joyous. When you can't write, it's very painful, but when you do manage to write it out, it is a joy to see the readers happy!

More than seven million words, to completely write out this book, is a great joy to me, and a great achievement!

It's been a very long time since I've been this happy! lol!

I'd also like to say that since my first book, I've been constantly changing topics, stories, and writing styles. 囧. But I'm still very happy.

Before starting this book, I was thinking that I wanted to write a novel that was a little different, not the same as the ones I wrote in the past, one that had a more story-like nature to it. I wanted to write about the Tang Dynasty, but I had never written about it before.

From a certain perspective, the Tang Dynasty is more the domain of historical fiction writers.

My starting point for this story was very simple. I read the Zizhi Tongjian, read the histories, and I wondered why such a powerful country like the Tang Dynasty ended up this way.

Why did someone as wise as Tang Xuanzong end up so different?

Could there be any other reason besides what was written in the histories?

Was there any other explanation for someone to be virtuous at first and incompetent later on other than relaxing and indulgence? Would this explanation make more sense?

Another point was that while many people have written about the Tang Dynasty, it seems like the majority of them write about Tang Taizong. It seems like nobody writes about the Sage Emperor, Tang Xuanzong, haha.

Just like I said before, in the dynasties ruled by the Han, the era ruled by Tang Xuanzong was when China was at its largest!

What a pity!


Looking back, I tried new things for this story, tried to challenge myself. From the final result, I don't think I did that badly.

'Records of the Human Emperor' managed to reach top forty in the most searched novels on PC using Baidu, top fifteen on the score ranking, and thirteenth on the mobile novel search rankings. These are very good grades.

Besides that, the official WeChat account is also very active. There are often a hundred or two hundred comments, even as many as eight hundred. Of course, once filtered, there are only about one hundred real comments.

When I see those comments, I still feel very happy, heh.

Finally, I will solemnly recommend my 'official WeChat account'. Everyone can just look up 皇甫奇 in the official WeChat accounts. The one with the most members and most content is me. Remember to keep an eye on it! ^_^

A journey has ended, and another journey begins. The official WeChat account has all my latest activities, including the state of my next book. Everyone, remember to keep an eye on it.

Finally, I am grateful that we could meet. I hope that all of you will continue to support me, continue to support Huangfu. Let's meet on the official WeChat account, and may the new book create more splendor!


Huangfu Qi.

April 8th, 2020.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

It's not exactly the end yet! Come back tomorrow for the Sage Emperor's side story!

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.