RHE: Chapter 1971: Genesis Supreme!

Chapter 1971: Genesis Supreme!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr
"It's fine. The Great Tang no longer has any powerful enemies, and nothing in the court or society requires my personal involvement. All of you will be more than enough," Wang Chong casually said.
In truth, many matters could be easily resolved without Wang Chong taking one step out of his estate.
"Young Master Qingyang!" Wang Chong suddenly said.
"Young Master!"
Young Master Qingyang immediately came forward.
"There is something I need you to do for me as quickly as possible."
As Wang Chong spoke, he took a slip of paper from his sleeve and handed it over.
"This is a kind of divine medicine that is exceptionally rare. I need you to head toward Mount Kunlun and try to find this medicine. It's called the Rainbow Glass Divine Grass."
"Yes, Young Master!" Young Master Qingyang firmly said, taking the paper.
Wang Chong had mobilized a great deal of manpower and resources to find information connected to the Divine Martial realm. Just a few days ago, Lu Ting had suddenly sent word that he finally found a clue in an extremely old book. It was called the Rainbow Glass Divine Grass.
This plant was extremely rare, and it only appeared on the cloud-shrouded Mount Kunlun.
Mount Kunlun was a legendary mountain said to be the home of gods.
The entire mountain range spanned several thousand li, extending from the Great Tang to the Western Regions.
And the Rainbow Glass Divine Grass appeared only in legends, could only be found by chance and not sought.
But Wang Chong didn't have many options. This was perhaps the only way to save the Sage Emperor.
These thoughts flew through Wang Chong's mind, and he quickly regained his composure.
"In addition, starting from now, the Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain teams should place their focus on the northeast, including the Eastern Turkic Khaganate, the Xi, the Khitans, and Goguryeo.
"Old Eagle, I'm giving you ten million taels of gold. Find a way to loosen the tongues of the nobles in the Eastern Turkic Khaganate, the Goguryeo Empire, and amongst the Khitans. In addition, hire many Hu spies. Our men are too obvious.
"Zhang Que, Xu Keyi, provide your utmost assistance. Take my token. All of the soldiers in the Great Tang Empire, the Wushang Cavalry, the Mo Saber Unit, the elites of the protectorate armies, the Divine Prison Army, the Azure Martial Army, the Iron Wall Army, and even Bahram's Aswaran Cataphracts… are all available for your use. You can select men from any army unit, even the craftsmen!"
Wang Chong issued a series of orders in rapid succession.
Everyone in the hall was stunned. None of them were strangers to this Wang Chong. He had been the same way when they were dealing with Arabia.
But this time, the focus had switched from Arabia to Youzhou.
"Yes!" all the subordinates replied in unison.
In Youzhou was some obscure officer known as An Yaluoshan. No one knew why Wang Chong placed so much importance on this Hu commander, but none of them had ever questioned Wang Chong's judgment.
With Wang Chong's order, the machinery of the Great Tang began to turn. Wang Chong's immense influence in the army went to work, and countless elite scouts, a number several dozen times greater than those sent in the previous mission, swept toward the northeast.
Vast quantities of manpower, wealth, and other resources were mobilized, all for the sake of a single An Yaluoshan.
In the Imperial Palace, the Sage Emperor's transformation had drawn everyone's attention, and beneath the surface, an undercurrent was surging around Youzhou as Wang Chong and An Yaluoshan engaged in an invisible war.
At this moment, several li outside of the capital, a man with billowing robes suddenly appeared in the air.
"Paying respects to the Genesis Supreme!"
The man got down on one knee, a meek look of reverence on his face.
Starlight flashed around the man, and seven stars dimly shone. If Wang Chong had been present, he would have immediately recognized this man as the survivor from the Rebellion of the Three Princes, the Tianfu Divine Lord.
In the Celestial God Organization, the Tianfu Divine Lord had an extremely high status and authority. Never before had he appeared so humble and meek.
A few moments later, there was another flash of light, and then a divine figure with billowing robes manifested in front of the Tianfu Divine Lord.
This man had a domineering gaze, and his tall and slender body was bursting with energy. Even though the Tianfu Divine Lord was a Subtle realm expert, to compare him to this man was to compare a child to an adult.
The careful observer would notice that the energy exuded by this man was the same as that of the mysterious figure who had conversed with An Yaluoshan atop that mountain in Youzhou.
Youzhou and capital were so far apart that it was hard to believe that this man would appear here.
"How is that man doing?"
The Genesis Supreme's face was covered by a white mask, and where the eyes should have been, two wriggling tadpole shapes had been drawn in ink.
"Honored one! All is proceeding according to Heaven's plan."
The Tianfu Divine Lord did not even dare to raise his head, and his expression was so respectful that it could even be described as fearful.
The hierarchy of the Celestial God Organization was extremely strict, and the Tianfu Divine Lord had almost had a heart attack when he heard that this higher being was coming to the capital.
Although he was a Divine Lord, which was already a very high level in the organization, he was still some distance from a legendary character like the Genesis Supreme.
Even the deceased True Lord Yellow Dragon had been considered beneath the Genesis Supreme.
The difference between the two was comparable to the gap between the Tianfu Divine Lord and True Lord Yellow Dragon.
"…That soul that Li Taiyi was suppressing has already come out, and all of the court affairs are being managed by him. If all went as expected, after being struck by Heaven's palm, Li Taiyi is being suppressed by that soul. He is at his weakest state. Honored one, should we use this chance to kill Li Taiyi? We can finish off this hindrance once and for all!" the Tianfu Divine Lord respectfully said.
The soul that had been suppressed by Li Taiyi thirty-some years ago had awoken and taken back control of its body. It was something that they had never even dared to think about.
The Celestial God Organization finally had a chance to excise this problem once and for all.
"There's no need!"
The Genesis Supreme waved his sleeve, his voice cold and aloof.
"Li Taiyi is an incredibly crafty person. Although this is truly a rare chance to deal with him, that Third Prince Li Xuan has only temporarily taken control over the body. He has control over the body for the majority of the time, but once we attack, it's hard to say if Li Taiyi might suddenly wake up and use this chance to attack us, just like with Yellow Dragon."
The mention of Yellow Dragon made the air freeze, and a look of terror appeared on the Tianfu Divine Lord's face.
True Lord Yellow Dragon was one of the twelve True Lords of their organization, having already reached the Grotto Heaven realm. With the wave of his hand, he could create his own small dimension, and his strength had been far above the Subtle realm.
But in the Rebellion of the Three Princes, he had been lured into Taiji Palace by Li Taiyi, where one strike had dispersed his soul so that not even Heaven could save him. This was the reason the Genesis Supreme had appeared.
The Tianfu Divine Lord's nightmares would forever be haunted by that image of Li Taiyi's sword cleaving apart the heavens.
The members of the Celestial God Organization had always regarded themselves as gods, and even those bearing imperial authority in the mortal world were nothing but ants to them.
But the powerful Subtle and Grotto Heaven realm experts of the Celestial God Organization, legendary existences who had lived for a thousand years, were incapable of resisting that sword from Li Taiyi, as easily slain as chickens or lambs.
Never in the Tianfu Divine Lord's life had he imagined this to be possible.
The Tianfu Divine Lord had spent almost every moment since then haunted by that nightmarish scene.
"But if we do this, if Li Taiyi seizes this chance to retake control, won't all of our previous efforts have been for nothing?" the Tianfu Divine Lord hesitantly said.
That soul that had been suppressed for thirty-some years simply wasn't on the same level as Li Taiyi. If the Celestial God Organization was willing to take the risk, it had an extremely high chance of success. The Tianfu Divine Lord found it truly hard to imagine that the Genesis Supreme and those above had simply decided to sit back and waste the chance!
"Hmph, you think too simply. Failure to reach the Divine Martial realm is not so easy to solve!"
The Genesis Supreme looked toward the capital and coldly snorted.
"The Divine Martial realm is Heaven. Anyone who can reach this realm is a god walking the earth. And if a mortal wishes to defy Heaven and become a god, how can they not pay an immense price for their failure?
"It was just that he managed to use some heaven-defying techniques to suppress it all this time. In truth, he should have died ten-some years ago. That he could last until now and even force our hand is already quite impressive!
"But the debts must be paid eventually. His soul was always an outsider, and how could an occupied body be considered a true body? And he was too soft. Thirty-some years ago, if he had just killed that Xuan, he would not be having this problem now. And now, as the original owner gets stronger and stronger, staying awake for longer periods of time, he will get weaker and weaker until he can hold on no longer.
"As long as we don't take action and maintain a passive stance, it won't be long before he breaks," the Genesis Supreme coldly said, his voice brimming with confidence.
Mortals were mortals and ants were ants. No matter how powerful they were, they could not change their nature.
Ants that opposed men and men that opposed gods would ultimately suffer the fate of annihilation.
While Li Taiyi was still alive, all the arrangements to deal with him were already in place.
He would not get a single chance.
The Tianfu Divine Lord was startled at first, as the Genesis Supreme had divulged information that was unknown to him. But he quickly digested the information and said, "This… Honored one, what should we do next? Should we get in touch with that Third Prince Xuan? To help him."
"Heh, no rush!" the Genesis Supreme indifferently said, waving his hand.
"I came this time precisely to confirm Li Taiyi's condition, to see if Heaven's plan has taken effect. As for that Third Prince Xuan, there's no need to worry. Our Child of the World in Youzhou has already prepared a great gift, and the play will be starting soon. Just thinking about it makes one excited!"
"Your subordinate understands!"
The Tianfu Divine Lord deeply lowered his head and said no more.
The air was quiet, and after some time, the two of them vanished in a gust of wind like ghosts, leaving behind no trace.
Not a single person in the capital had noticed their presence.

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