IMDC: Chapter 2044

 Chapter 2044 (Raw 2139): Seeking Ancestors
 As the morning sun rose, the blood moon disappeared. The eerie, sinister atmosphere of the Desolate Sea vanished. That armored Desolate Slave also seemed terrified.
 When the first rays of the sun shone on its body, it quickly withdrew its death Qi and fled far away.
 By the time the sky was bright, the terrifying Desolate Slave was no longer in sight. The Desolate Sea shifted to the other extreme.
 Xiao Chen and Qin Zhuolin stood side by side as they looked at the rising sun.
 After surviving this calamity, the two felt grateful as they looked at the rising sun.
 Neither of them expected to survive this horrifying Desolate Slave.
 For the first time in their life, they found the rising sun so precious.
 Xiao Chen asked, “What is the origin of that Desolate Slave? It was coming for you, right?”
 “That was Soul Reaper. The people in the Desolate Sea call it Soul Reaper, as it is similar to the soul reaper that reaped souls during the Immortal Epoch. It is one of the ten great Desolate Slaves. Legend has it that no one survives meeting it. However, the two of us survived.”
 Qin Zhuolin appeared to be in a very good mood. He relaxed completely under the rising sun.
 When Qin Zhuolin looked at Xiao Chen, he now showed admiration. Previously, he had not thought much of Xiao Chen.
 He honestly had not expected Xiao Chen to be able to save him from Soul Reaper’s hand with one palm strike.
 “You should not be someone unknown if you are a Dragon Race cultivator who has practiced Firmament’s Rage to the third stage. How come I have never heard of you before?”
 Until now, Qin Zhuolin still felt shocked over the crucial palm strike that saved him.
 He was not only shocked at the might of Firmament’s Rage’s third stage but also Xiao Chen’s courage. Few had the courage and boldness to face Soul Reaper.
 Xiao Chen not only remained but also turned around to attack, truly saving him.
 The rescue this time held much greater significance than the first time. Qin Zhuolin was only about to be caught by a Desolate Slave the first time.
 “I believe that your name will shake up the Desolate Sea in no time. You will become as famous as Dragon Race talents like the Dragon God Crown Prince and the White Dragon Holy Daughter.”
 Qin Zhuolin thought highly of Xiao Chen’s talent, lavishing praise on Xiao Chen.
 Xiao Chen smiled and did not say much.
 The person before Xiao Chen appeared to be more mysterious than he thought. Initially, he thought that a Desolate Slave injured Qin Zhuolin. Based on the current situation, it should be Soul Reaper that injured him before that pack of low-ranked Desolate Slaves chased after him.
 Qin Zhuolin escaped safely after suffering a strike from Soul Reaper. Just this alone showed that he was very impressive.
 “You should be a Geomaster, right?”
 Xiao Chen shook the Azure Dragon wine flask in his hand and entered deep thought. “Five-thousand-year-old wine. I wonder whose tomb you took it from.”
 Qin Zhuolin smiled and said, “Who knows? Goodbye, then. We will meet again in the future.”
 This reply was tacit admission.
 “We will meet again in the future.”
 For some reason, Xiao Chen felt that he would definitely run into this Qin Zhuolin again.
 At that time, he would learn more about Qin Zhuolin’s mysterious identity.
 When Xiao Chen came to the Desolate Sea, he first ran into the fairies of the Heavenly Fragrance. Then, he ran into this Qin Zhuolin. It had been rather interesting.
 After Xiao Chen sent the other party off with his eyes, he followed the other party’s advice, resuming his journey. He needed to find a city and obtain a map of the Desolate Sea.
 Xiao Chen closed his eyes and treated his injury while sitting on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back. At the same time, he used the secret methods left by the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor to eliminate the Thousand Taste Revolution in his soul.
 His injuries were rather troublesome. Fortunately, they were not life-threatening and did not pose a big problem.
 As the sun set, the silhouette of a city appeared before Xiao Chen.
 The enormous setting sun slowly descended towards the horizon. Every time he saw it, it came as a shock.
 The setting sun was like fire dyeing the horizon red, forming an endless chain of flaming, mountain-shaped clouds.
 Together with the darkening sky, the setting sun in the clouds appeared ancient.
 “Clop! Clop! Clop!”
 Xiao Chen saw many cultivators on massive mutated beasts rushing to the city from all directions and kicking up dust. One could only find a sense of safety in a city during the Desolate Sea’s night.
 There were also many cultivators dressed in various fashions standing on the city walls. They showed cold expressions and occasionally jumped off, leaving the city.
 These people departed from the city in groups of three to five, appearing exceptionally eye-catching. They all gave off faint Demonic Qi from their bodies; they were Demonic Dao cultivators.
 The Desolate Sea’s night suited these Demonic Dao cultivators very well, allowing them to bring out their combat prowess to the fullest.
 If they were lucky, they could find strong souls or capture Desolate Slaves to refine into Demonic Corpses. That would result in a pretty good profit for them.
 Of course, there were some Righteous Dao cultivators. These were skilled and bold people.
 There would be such adventurers in any place, daring to take on any challenge.
 Some just wanted to seek out fortuitous encounters, and some wanted to go on experiential training; there were many reasons.
 The Desolate Sea seemed to be much more marvelous than Xiao Chen had anticipated.
 No matter what anyone thought, right now, Xiao Chen just wanted to enter the city peacefully and rest properly after the excitement of the previous night.
 Ordinary City!
 With such a name, this was just an ordinary city, something far from the vastness and gloriousness of the dragon cities.
 However, this small city was filled with people, shining brightly with lamps.
 The crowd here was very dense, and the night scene was even more bustling than in Heavenly Dragon City.
 This made sense after thinking about it. The next nearest city would take several days of travel to reach. With such scarcity, people would definitely flock to it.
 Xiao Chen did not rush to buy a map. He first chose an inn to stay in, then started treating his injuries.
 Be it the fight with Bai Yunfei or the fight with Soul Reaper the previous night, Xiao Chen needed to recover properly from it.
 Hence, Xiao Chen remained in the inn for seven full days before coming out.
 Xiao Chen had returned to his peak state and even advanced.
 That cup of Heart Burn had raised his cultivation significantly, completely stabilizing it at the late-stage Holy Light Stage.
 Xiao Chen estimated that no matter how much resources his Divine Body required, he could reach peak Consummation Holy Venerate after finishing the flask.
 He strolled around the city, preparing to buy a map. Then, he stopped in front of a large, splendid pavilion with a four-legged cauldron in front of its doors.
 “Nine Cauldron Pavilion!”
 Indeed, no matter where one went, one would run into this merchant association. However, it seemed that this Nine Cauldron Pavilion was on a much larger scale than what Xiao Chen had seen before.
 After his previous experience, Xiao Chen took out the VIP card that Li Xiuhai gave him and simply asked whether he could meet with the manager of this branch with this card.
 “You can. Young Master holds a Gold VIP card of the Nine Cauldron Pavilion. Please come with me. I will go and report it.”
 Soon, a maidservant led Xiao Chen to the VIP room of this branch.
 Xiao Chen benefited a lot by meeting the manager and buying the map from the manager. He easily got a detailed map that was not available to ordinary people. His VIP status was of great help.
 All he had to do now was compare this map with the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories and find the Azure Dragons’ old lands.
 That was not an easy task. The Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s time was more than one hundred thousand years ago.
 One hundred thousand years ago, there was no Desolate Sea.
 Xiao Chen needed to travel around and survey the region to make comparisons.
 He had many problems to solve. The terrain had changed considerably in one hundred thousand years. It was not something that could be described in two or three sentences.
 However, no matter how difficult it was, Xiao Chen had to do it.
 As the final Azure Dragon descendant, he was duty-bound to seek out his ancestors.
 Two months later, on a mountain peak:
 Xiao Chen opened his Heavenly Eye and looked into the distance. He muttered to himself, “Is this the place?”
 He had lost track of how far he traveled over the past two months, running into all sorts of trouble before he finally determined a rough area. However, he did not dare to guarantee that he was right.
 A desolate wasteland appeared before Xiao Chen. When the blazing sun poured down its intense light, even he found it hard to bear.
 This large tract of land was ridiculously deserted. Xiao Chen closed his Heavenly Eye with a puzzled expression.
 Calling this a dead piece of land would be no exaggeration at all.
 “Clatter…! Clatter…!”
 Suddenly, the sound of rocks rolling off the cliff rang out. Xiao Chen looked in the direction of the sound and saw a young child carrying a medicinal basket on his back, braving the blazing sun as he climbed the cliff.
 This was a native of the Desolate Sea. This person grew up in this place and was much better adapted to the environment than outsiders.
 Xiao Chen had met many natives in the past two months. Compared to ordinary people in the mundane world, the Desolate Sea’s ordinary people had it much harsher.
 This place lacked water, the environment was harsh, and dangers appeared at night. All of these were tests of life and death.
 The young child nimbly dodged the falling rocks and stopped, showing a smile on his face.
 The young child had found a medicinal herb on the cliff.
 The harsher the environment, the more valuable the herbs that grew there.
 Just think about how valuable an herb would be in this place where even ordinary vegetables were rare.
 Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Then, he suddenly flicked his finger. Saber Qi chopped a hidden venomous snake, which was about to attack, in half.
 Xiao Chen leaped into the air, then landed firmly, bringing the startled child to the ground.
 “Thank you, Big Brother. Big Brother, are you a cultivator?”
 The little girl did not get flustered. Clearly, she had seen many strong cultivators in the Desolate Sea. She merely asked curiously while blinking.
 The child’s voice was melodious and clear; he had not noticed earlier that the young child was a girl.
 “You are too polite.”
 Xiao Chen looked at the little girl, who sported some scrapes on her hands and feet. Feeling a pang in his heart, he asked, “Where’s your home? I’ll send you back.”
 Who could have imagined that right after Xiao Chen spoke, the little girl would start tearing up? “Little Qing Chen was chased out. Little Qing Chen does not have a home anymore. Big Brother, you must help me, help me send this herb back. My little brother needs it.”

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