Chapter 938 - Ocean Battle Era
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Zhan Long Chapter 938 - Ocean Battle Era

Chapter 938 - Ocean Battle Era

"General Qin!"

  Lochlan stood up. He carried his king blade and asked, "How many warships does the Dragonling Army have now?"

  Qin Ye knelt on the ground. He cupped his fist and said, "I have a total of 70 Mengchong Warships, each can carry 500 people with 10 giant cannons and apart from that, there are 120 medium-sized ships. Each one of them can carry 300 people and there are 4 giant cannons. If we use the merchant ship-modified warships in the War God River and Deer Lake, we can have roughly 300 more. All the warships we have would exceed 500."

  Lochlan smiled, "Very good, what I want is that number. Since we have decided to strike, then we can't let Qin Ye's Dragonling Army go alone. We must succeed. The Empire will never fight wars that we aren't confident in, so which general is willing to fight alongside the Dragonling Army? With General Qin Ye's description, all Dragonling Army ships will be able to carry tens of thousands of people."

  I immediately cupped my fists and said, "Your Majesty, the Royal Army is willing to fight alongside the Dragonling Army!"

  "Oh?" Lochlan was surprised, "It is great that Master Li is willing to fight, however Royal Army isn't a navy, unlike the Dragonling Army that is great at naval battle. Let the Royal Army send 20 thousand people out!"


  The moment I just finished, Fang Ge Que, who was standing behind Fire Dragon Army General Long Zhong, walked over and said, "Your Majesty, I am also willing to bring some of the Fire Dragon Army over."

  Lochlan smiled, "General Fang also wants to fight? Great, I will allow it. The Fire Dragon Army will send another 20 thousand people under General Fang to join the naval battle."

  Long Zhong frowned and said, "Your Majesty, I want to personally lead. Fang Ge Que is not good at naval battle and I am afraid he will mess up."

  Lochlan raised his hands and said, "General Long is the General of the Fire Dragon Army and you can't be sent out. Let General Fang who is a major, fight for you. This matter is already decided, let's just stick to it!"

  I also said, "Your Majesty, the Royal Army will use 20 thousand elites in this battle but our ships are in the War God River and can't be sent over. We need to borrow the Dragonling Army’s ships. I hope that General Qin Ye can send 20 Mengchong Warships and 30 medium-sized ships for us. Apart from us, the ships must be equipped with cannons."

  Lochlan looked toward Qin Ye and said, "General Qin, you heard what Suiding Duke said, listen to him quick. If not, you will be dealt with military law. We must keep this a secret. I will appoint the Commander in Chief as the highest command for this battle, both General Qin and General Fang will have to listen to Master Li."

  "Yes, Your Majesty!" Qin Ye cupped his fists and hollered.

  Fang Ge Que smiled, "Understood."


  Exiting the camp, I told Lin Wan Er to return to the [Zhan Long] camp while I brought Han Yuan and Xiao Lie to select 20 thousand elites. Han Yuan said helplessly, "General, we are going just like that? Generally, I feel that... That Qin Ye wouldn't select the good warships for us. Even the Mengchong Warships are split between good and bad."

  I nodded my head, "That is right. Therefore, you and Xiao Lie should send men to transport 200 Dragon Crystal Cannons and enough Dragon Crystal Cannon ammo to Deer Lake. Qin Ye won’t give us enough Dragon Crystal Cannons, so we have to do so ourselves. Moreover, the Dragonling Army didn't get much ammo from the military warehouse and they can't compare to even 10% of Fan Shu City’s. In naval battle, what is important is cannon fire. Go do it!"

  "Yes, sir!"

  Royal Army Transport Unit, 200 Dragon Crystal Cannons each with 8 carriages. They quickly moved toward Deer Lake. Behind us were the 20 thousand Royal Army elites, among which the Blade Shield Unit and Dark Moon Elf Archers were the main force.

The Blade Shield Unit focused on defense, the Dark Moon Elf Archers were in charge of firing between ships and as such they were really good for naval battle.

  Roughly 20 minutes later, I arrived at Deer Lake. This was the biggest military harbor in the Empire. Beneath the high walls, many warships sailed out of the harbor and docked by the shore. Fang Ge Que led the Fire Dragon Army troops and arrived. Along with the 50 thousand Dragonling Army and men from the Royal Army, we had over 100 thousand troops for the battle. 500 ships lined up beside the ocean. Just one look and one couldn't see the end of it — the sight was really majestic.

  Not far away, a bunch of Dragonling Army cavalry rode over. The Dragonling Army was the navy of the Empire and they didn't have more than 5,000 cavalry. Warhorses were really rare, but the number of ships they had was at the top of Tian Ling City. Originally I thought that the close to 200 warships of the Royal Army were already strongest in the Empire. Who would have known that after the system refreshed, the Dragonling Army jumped to become first?

  Qin Ye rode his horse at the front and looked over. He cupped his fist and smiled, "Commander in Chief Li Xiao Yao, the 50 ships I have prepared for the Royal Army have been docked. Sailors, giant cannons, ammo, they are all for you."

  I nodded my head, "Great! Xiao Lie, Han Yuan, take over the ships."

  "Yes, General!"

  The Royal Army swiftly entered the dock, the Dragon Crystal Cannons behind caused dust to rise up in the air. When we arrived by the ocean, we also saw our ships. The Mengchong Warships could be considered giant ships and the bodies looked like small mountains. They were wrapped in iron leather and could defend against fire arrows and strike tactics. Each ship had 10 cannons, but we were only given 3 Dragon Crystal Cannons and 7 basic cannons. Cannons had a difference in strength and some were even weaker than the Flame Dragon Cannons. I frowned and said, "Remove all the cannons and fit our Dragon Crystal Cannons. Be quick."


  With that order from Xiao Lie, the barbarians of the Royal Army started to move the cannons onto the ships. The Dragon Crystal Cannons were really heavy, but 20 of them could actually use their natural strength to carry the cannons. Their strength was a little shocking.

  In less than 10 minutes, all the weak cannons on the Royal Army ships were changed to Dragon Crystal Cannons. Moreover, most of the ammo had been filled up. In the distance, the Fire Dragon Army and Dragonling Army ships had their sails raised up and the soldiers were using flag language to tell us that they were prepared. Han Yuan held the blade and said, "General, let's board the boat?"

  I nodded my head and said, "Ling Luo, bring 200 archers and head over to the main ship with me!"

  Ling Luo smiled, "Yes, sir!"

  Very quickly, everyone boarded the ship. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie were on the ships to our sides, forming a triangle that protected the main ship. We raised our sails and the ship slowly left the shore. The wind wasn't huge and night fell while fog appeared on the ocean surface. This was great — it provided a natural barrier for us, aiding us in our sneak attack.



  News came from Lin Wan Er, "Dear, the fifth wave is about to arrive and their warships are all over the main battlefield. When are you all setting off?"

  I replied, "We have set off and we’ll head back there. The fifth wave will depend on you all."

  "Alright, understood. Be careful."


  I switched off the communicator and looked at the warships entering the fog. However, I felt nervous. The Vanguard Army was said to have a million troops. Lei Ding attacking together with him meant that they had more than that. Just 100 thousand men sneak-attacking felt like us throwing eggs at stone. However, we also had a trump card: our Dragon Crystal Cannons. That was something that the Hybrid Demons didn't have. Their ships were equipped with weak cannons.

  The warships followed the waves toward the deep ocean. When I opened the map, I also noticed that the Sea of No Return’s southern shore had turned blood red which meant that there was an intense battle there. The fifth wave had already begun.



  In the fog, Xiao Lie said loudly, "We are getting close to their ships. What should we do?"

  I nodded my head, "Light up the torches and charge out. Use the Dragon Crystal Cannons to welcome them. Confirm whether they are enemies or friends and make sure it’s not friendly fire."

  Han Yuan said, "General, don't worry. Tian Ling City's torches are Copper Oil Fire which produce red flames while theirs are blue. It’s easy to recognize.”

  I smiled, "Then charge out, fire towards the blue flames!"




  The Tian Ling City ships all unfurled their sails, the eastern wind rose up and we charged towards the west of the Sea of No Return. In the fog, many blue flames appeared in front of us. The flames danced and looked really devilish. In the darkness, one could hear sharp shouts, "Those ships in the distance, why do they have red flames? Aren't those ships from Tian Ling City?"

  Another voice rose up, "How is that possible? The Tian Ling City navy is useless. How could they have the courage to compete with us in the Sea of No Return?!"

  With his words, the warships had already begun fired shots. It was from the Dragon Crystal Cannons on Qin Ye's ships. Instantly, there was a loud "peng" and a Hybrid Demon ship was blown up into pieces, breaking from the middle. Flames rose up in the sky and waves blew all around. The mist separated and it allowed us to finally see clearly. There were a bunch of Hybrid Demon ships that were less than a hundred meters away from us. Many soldiers holding crossbows: Level 165 Rank 7 Hybrid Demons, Demon Hall Crossbowmen. They were the Demon Hall long-ranged troops and their attacks weren't a normal kind of high. The China Region players on shore must be suffering huge pressure.

  The smell from the cannons blew into the mist. Under the moonlight, we could see one another more clearly. Both sides were silent for less than 10 seconds before I raised my hand and hollered, "Charge out and shoot!"

  The main warship traveled forward with full sails — the barbarian soldiers on both sides adjusted the angle of the cannons and aimed at the ships before opening fire!


  Another loud explosion. The ship that charged toward us was blown into pieces. Many Demon Hall Crossbowmen cried out and fell from the sky.

  Not far away, the Dragonling Army and Fire Dragon Army ships traveled forwards. Cannon fire continued. However, their firepower definitely couldn't compare to the Royal Army’s. After all, they had limited Dragon Crystal Cannons, but even Flame Dragon Cannons were enough to destroy these Hybrid Demon Warships.

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