Chapter 1- Return
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 1- Return


Ye Zhongming couldn’t help but cry out in pain the moment the sharp ice cold tentacles of the Lurker pierced through his body, 

The area he touched felt wet and there was also the feeling of something spurting out.


A familiar sound of breathing spread into his ears. A pair of huge hips pressed against his neck and it was mixed with the smell of sweat.

Ye Zhongming’s vision started to focus and he saw a once familiar face.


Didn’t she die a long time ago?

He wanted to confirm something. Ye Zhongming wanted to get up from this familiar body but she locked him down with her limbs.

“Don’t, don’t go, stay for a while.”

A gentle voice that was still a little unstable could be heard. It was like she was about to lose her control.

Ye Zhongming stopped moving. When he looked around, he understood everything that was going on.

A cup with a cartoon on it, the electronic clock at night, the laced undergarments on the lamp, the Durex that was still in the opened packaging and also the familiar sense of touch of the woman in his arms. All of this brought Ye Zhongming back to something that he had experienced before.

2020, September 10th afternoon.

An hour before the apocalypse began.

Wasn’t I on a mission? He was then sneak attacked by those damn bugs and when he charged out, the Lurker attacked. Its tentacles from beneath the ground pierced through his body. With his past experience, that injury should be fatal.

But now… This felt very real, it was as if he had returned back to ten years ago, to that beautiful afternoon before the apocalypse had arrived.

Ye Zhongming was trained to be calm so he quickly processed all of this. He used just ten seconds and he confirmed that he really was back!

He looked at the time. 2020 September 10th, 15:35. It was still an hour and five minutes till that memorable time.

2020 September 10th 14:40, a terrifying thing would occur. After which, the earth would end up in an

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