Chapter 939 - Block Unit
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Zhan Long Chapter 939 - Block Unit

Chapter 939 - Block Unit

Cannon sounds filled the air as the entire Sea of No Return was lit up by cannon fire. The Dragon Crystal Cannons were a thorn in the spine of the Hybrid Demon Army. Facing the cannons, even if their ships were wrapped in steel, they still seemed really weak. One breath from the God Saint Giant Dragon could melt shields. The cannons were the essence of the dragons, so the damage they dealt was naturally not something that the Hybrid Demon Army could imagine.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  The Royal Army's main warship led dozens of other ships to smash across. The Hybrid Demon Warships on our side became shrapnels on the surface. The crossbowmen didn't know how to swim and drowned, turning into experience points and flying to the players. The experience was shared and even I got a portion as I saw my experience bar flashing brightly.


  "Be careful! They have cannons too!" Ling Luo suddenly reminded me.

  In the next second, there was a cannon explosion. The cannons of the Hybrid Demon Warship directly smashed into a Mengzhong Warship and left a huge hole. However, it was too high and didn't deal much damage. Right away, another cannon sounded as it shot into the hull through that hole before exploding. Water surged in and cries broke out.

  "Quick, get on the escape rafts!" Han Yuan held his blade and hollered. However, it didn't do much as most Royal Army soldiers were about to die in the water.

  Ling Luo pointed forward and said loudly, "Sir look, they are about to block us. Those damned Hybrid Demons!"

  I raised my head and looked forward. As expected, a giant ship was in front of us. It was pretty much made up of steel and its defense couldn't be underestimated. They did look like they were about to block us and they were going all out. The Hybrid Demons were all crazy and they could even think about such a stupid technique and dare to use it.

  "Be careful, raise your shields!" I hollered. The ship got closer and closer to us and the Demon Hall Crossbowmen raised their crossbows. When they were 50 yards away, they fired and the arrows fell onto the shields of the barbarians, not causing much damage. The two Dragon Crystal Cannons we had on the ship fired!

  "Peng peng!"

  Two explosions and the Dragon Crystal Cannonballs exploded on their ships, shattering the hull, forming a 5-meter-deep hole. However, this was a huge boat and it was just too big. Such a hole was unable to sink it. The Dragon Crystal Cannons needed a minute before they could fire, but we couldn’t wait any longer!

  "Prepare to smash!"

  I raised my hand and pulled out my blade and sword, reaching the [Icy Wings] state. I slashed out with my weapons dancing. [Strength of a Thousand Men] brought many sword energies and slashed where the ship was damaged. Then I used a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. With a 'peng', the slash pierced the hull. Although it didn't slice through, it still left shocking marks on it.


  I jumped back onto the ship and pulled out the few arrows in my chest. With a [Cleansing Rain], I was back to full health. I reached out and grabbed Ling Luo before carrying her up the boat. We were about to collide.


  A loud explosion roared as the Mengchong Warship smashed over, smashing the enemy ship which was 3-4 times larger than us. Ocean water surged in crazily and the crossbowmen cried out. There was a portion who jumped up onto our ships, but the Royal Army Blade Shield Soldiers hit them with the shields and slashed out to send them off the boat.

  I turned around to look behind me — cannon fire bellowed. The navy was massive. Most of the Hybrid Demon ships were transport ships and weren't our match. They could only be sacrificed under our cannon fire. Our disadvantage would be the lack of gunpowder of the Dragonling Army and the Fire Dragon Army. They used up their ammo really quickly and could only use low quality gunpowder cannonballs to attack. In the end, most ships were directly pincered and the Demon Hall Crossbowmen fired, causing heavy losses.


  "Their Block Unit is here!"

  Ling Luo held her bow, instantly killing a Hybrid Demon struggling in the water as she looked into the distance. Her beautiful eyes were filled with fear.

  "Block Unit?" I asked, "What is that?"

  Ling Luo said, "They are elite troops of the Vanguard Army in charge of defense and ensuring Luo Ding’s safety. In the past, when the Dark Moon Elves were still in the north, we clashed with them. They are all crazy — their ships are true warships, different from these transport ships."

  I looked toward the flames and mess on the surface. In less than an hour, we had charged dozens of miles out. I said, "Change direction and prepare to face their Block Unit. Cover the Fire Dragon Army and Dragonling Army ships."


  The Royal Army lost 6 ships and we still had 44 ships. We all turned around, causing a huge spiral in the Sea of No Return. All warships lowered their sales and manually sailed. However, since we were using barbarians, our speed was really quick. When we turned, we saw the tragic scenes behind us. The 400+ ships of the Dragonling Army and Fire Dragon Army were already clashing with the Hybrid Demon Warships.

  Qin Ye was a brute and he just fought head-on. Fang Ge Que was a smart and intelligent fellow and ordered the Fire Dragon Army ships to move left and right while he adjusted the Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons to shoot the enemy. The reason why was because their cannons were immovable. They didn't have the same technology as the Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons.

  However, Fang Ge Que had too little troops in his hand and he was about to finish using up the Dragon Crystal Cannons. The Flame Dragon Cannons were weaker and were unable to dish out enough damage!

  "Dong dong dong..."

  The war drums reverberated on the ocean surface and many red warships appeared in the distance. There were at least a hundred of them. The Vanguard Army's Block Unit was here!

  With a "ding", Fang Ge Que sent some news, "Xiao Yao, be careful. The new ships have much stronger attacks and defenses."

  "Understood, you all also be careful. I will bring men to charge from the wings."



  The moment the communicator was switched off, a series of cannonball sounds suddenly exploded out. Following that, the Fire Dragon Army commander warship exploded from the middle, turning into ruins. My heart sunk a little — that was where Fang Ge Que was at!!

  However, a person in the ruins stepped on top of the pieces of the deck and used [Dimensional Leap] two times before he appeared on another ship. The [Black Tortoise Shield] allowed him to survive.

  The sounds of cannon fire continued. The Fire Dragon Army and Dragonling Army ships were being sunk. The speed at which they fell far exceeded what I expected. Although Lochlan had already sent all our naval troops, we still underestimated what Luo Ding’s arsenal. Their navy wasn't weaker than ours, and if not for the Dragon Crystal Cannons in our hands, we had no way to fight this at all.


  I gave an order. The 44 Royal Army warships charged toward the middle of the Vanguard Army and the cannon fire continued. We had enough Dragon Crystal Cannon ammo and after 40 to 50-second cooldowns, we could fire. I also saw that the cannons on their ships were all giant cannons similar to Flame Dragon Cannons. Its strength was between Flame Dragon Cannons and Dragon Crystal Cannons, which was why Fang Ge Que's ships were crushed.

  "Charge ahead at full speed. Sailors, avoid their cannon fire!"

  Han Yuan bellowed orders from the side, "Their cannons are fixed, so don't be afraid of them!"

  In the end, at least half of the Royal Army cannons landed while only 5% of theirs hit. Time after time, they exploded on the ocean surface but did not hurt us at all. One charge by the Royal Army and the Block Unit was in chaos. Fang Ge Que took this chance to lead the Fire Dragon Army ships to pincer attack along with us. Instantly, a part of their 100 ships was crushed.

  Perhaps it was because they kept missing, but one of the [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS commanders finally became furious and he roared out, "Head over and blow these people to shreds from a close range!"

  Han Yuan's lips curled, "Let them get close. Prepare the Dragon Crystal Cannons, two cannons per ship. Let's see how many of them there are!"

  The closer they got, the higher our accuracy would be. Before they adjusted, we would be able to sink them. However, the Block Unit still forced it as Dragonling Army and Fire Dragon Army had used up all their ammo. Both sides were fighting head to head and had given up on using cannons.

  "Peng peng peng..."

  A series of ships knocked into one another. Both sides stabilized the ships and held their blades to clash at one another.


  Xiao Lie was speechless, "Such a battle..."

  Han Yuan's blood boiled as he smiled, "General, since we are fighting with weapons, should we head over to assist our allies?"

  I nodded my head, "Send 20 ships to sink those Block Unit ships. The rest, head over to assist the Dragonling Army and Fire Dragon Army!"


  Either way, none of the Block Unit ships could think about leaving this time. For this dense amount of Demon Hall Crossbowmen, this ocean would be where their burial site.


  The main Royal Army ship smashed into a Block Unit ship. I held my blade and flew over — [Sword Tempest] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] exploded out in the crowd. Behind me, a Blade Shield Unit soldier covered over. Ling Luo led the Dark Moon Elf Archers to fire and with a few arrows we killed a Demon Hall Crossbowmen. Their killing ability was truly shocking.

  Not far away, Fang Ge Que led the Fire Dragon Army troops to counterattack. A close combat battle began on the ocean just like that.

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