Chapter 940 - Maybe It's Love
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Zhan Long Chapter 940 - Maybe It's Love

Chapter 940 - Maybe It’s Love 

After close to three hours of naval battle, it finally ended in the full scale collapse of the Hybrid Demon Army. We had an advantage that they didn't have. The cannons of Tian Ling City could be adjusted and it was also really easy to move. The firepower of the Dragon Crystal Cannons weren't things that were on the same level as that of the Hybrid Demon Cannons.


  Standing on a Vanguard Army ship, there were Demon Hall Crossbowmen corpses strewn all over the place. I picked up a bunch of equipment and silver artifacts while Fang Ge Que held her fan and picked up a few before the two of us sat on the ship and headed back.

  I sat on the helm and took them out one by one to split into God's Army Card. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and Ling Luo, the three majors, brought a bunch of Royal Army troops and guarded beside me.

  Fang Ge Que sat not far away and he suddenly looked at me. He said, "Xiao Yao, do you have any news about Xue Rou?"

  I shook my head, "No, actually, I would like to ask this: when you sent Xue Rou out to be an undercover at [Zhan Long], what was your purpose?"

  Fang Ge Que laughed bitterly. His eyes turned red and he said, "Xue Rou, the legendary Female War Goddess Xiao Yao. In Conquest, even I had lower than a 50% chance of beating her. Rather than say that she was my subject, she was more like a friend. I didn't have the power to order her. In the later stages of Conquest, she started to hate the killing in game and stopped leveling. She went around to travel and had always been alone. She said that I couldn't give her what she wanted."

  I was shocked and asked, “What did Xiao Yao want?"

  Fang Ge Que licked his lips and looked toward the flame light on the ocean, "Love?"

  I smiled, "Speaking of which, Xue Rou actually loves you right?"

  Fang Ge Que kept silent for a few seconds, his eyes filled with loss before he then turned and looked at me. He said, "I am only a liar. If she really loves me, then that’d be great."

  Speaking of which, Fang Ge Que punched the ship and said while gritting his teeth, "During these few years, I was busy with in-game matters in the game and the game was pretty much everything I had. I never thought about love between males and females. If I knew, maybe I should have told her long ago that I loved her."

  I smiled, "Hah, it isn't too late now."

  The ocean wind blew onto his handsome face. At this moment, Fang Ge Que seemed melancholic and said expressionlessly, "Actually, the truth proves that she doesn't love me but you instead."

  I was stunned, "Why?"

  Fang Ge Que looked at me with his eyes filled with a complicated expression, "You should be clear about it, right? If she didn't love you, why would she delete her account? Actually, I really am envious and jealous of you. Xue Rou was by my side for four years, but she didn't love me. However, she was only by your side for half a year and is willing to cry so much. She’d never cried during those four years and that was the first time."


  Fang Ge Que gave out a self-deprecating laugh, "Eh? Why are you asking me this anyway?"

  I also smiled, "Don't worry, I didn't record anything and I won’t speak on it either. You are still the China Region commander, God Fang Ge Que."

  Fang Ge Que's eyes were filled with sadness, "I have dominated China for four years. Many people who wanted to exceed me see me as nails in their skin, and they think that I am someone who won't just die. However, I won't give up. As long as I am still alive I won't let others look down on me and on [Legend]. I will let the people who follow me live with dignity. Even if it is someone like you, I won’t yield and won't lose. I will go all out and let [Legend] reach the top of the entire server!"

  I rested on the statue on the ship. I placed my heads lazily behind my head and smiled, "Who cares? Anyway, my future father-in-law gave me a goal which is to unify the seven main cities. I don't care who is number one on Chinese Server Guild Rankings, and I don't care who is top on CBN. However, my goal is to step on the entire world."


  Fang Ge Que looked deeply at me but he didn't say anything. After a moment he smiled, "Then work hard. I hope that you aren't my stepping stone."

  I smiled, "Actually we aren’t against each other. You fight for your first and I will fight for my seven main cities."

  "Alright, get Xue Rou back soon. At least let me know that she is safe, otherwise I’ll still be uneasy."

  "Don't, she will come back naturally when she wants to return."



  Not long later, many warships stopped at Deer Lake. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie plucked out the Dragon Crystal Cannons from the ships and shifted them away, returning an empty shell to the Dragonling Army. During this battle, the Royal Army lost 4,000 people, but compared to the losses of the Fire Dragon Army and Dragonling Army, it couldn't be compared. The Dragonling Army’s 200 ships sunk, which was close to half of the modified ships. Close to half of the 30 thousand Dragonling Army troops were also wiped out. Fang Ge Que had close to 10 thousand people who were wiped out, suffering heavy losses.

  However, what one was happy about was that we had totally sunken the ships in Luo Ding's hands. In a short time, the Vanguard Army wouldn't have much ocean power. If they had any, it would just be transport ships.

  After returning back to [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army camp, there were a few Demon Hall Crossbowmen who were struggling there. The players also suffered heavy losses — many of the small and medium-sized guilds were killed such that they directly collapsed. That was also because at least a thousand Hybrid Demon Warships sank as well. If we didn't stop them, the players would have suffered more losses. However, looking at the event interface, out of the 20 million who joined, only 4 million that remained. As such, one could see how dangerously strong these few Hybrid Demon waves were.

  "Ka ka..."

  Li Mu pulled the crossbow arrows from his armor and smiled, "Guild Leader, I heard that the battle on the Sea of No Return was really intense and you all won!"

  I smiled, "How is that the talk of a huge victory? Fang Ge Que's 20 thousand Fire Dragon Army was nearly wiped out."

  "Hahaha, I am glad to see that!"

  "Don't be too happy, what happened on the side of [Zhan Long]?"

  "Guild Leader, out of the 50 thousand people, 20 thousand remained. The side guilds were pretty much washed in blood. The Demon Hall Crossbowmen were too strong — they knew how to scatter fire and randomly shoot, how strong..."


  I looked toward the ocean surface and said, "Let the guys hold on. Luo Ding has a million troops and since we killed so many, not much should be remaining, right?"

  "Counting it like that, there should be more than a million." Lin Wan Er walked over and said, "The Sea Demon Race also joined in. There were three types of beasts in that wave: Sea Demon Archers, Demon Hall Crossbowmen, and one is a Rank 4 Hybrid Demon Demon Spirit Swordsman. The fifth wave had over a million and yet they couldn't kill half of the ten million players of Tian Ling City."

  I shook my head, "Pitiful. Most of them were killed before they could kill anyone. Will they complain about the game company..."

  Li Mu couldn't help but laugh, "They are weak themselves so they wouldn't have the face to complain to the game company."

  One Second Hero said, "That is tough to say. Last time I saw many people complain. They said that the game was too tough and that many people couldn't adapt. After players are killed by beasts, they really feel uncomfortable and bad."

  Li Mu held the blade and laughed out loud, "They are so spoiled and just want to play a simple game. After level ten they should just kill turtles and frogs. Then they won't be killed."



  At this moment, a major from the Guard Army galloped over and shouted, "All majors and generals, head to the meeting tent. His Majesty wants to reward all meritorious officials!"

  "There are rewards!" Lin Wan Er smiled.

  Wang Jian said with a bitter expression, "However, [Zhan Long] won't get anything. We are all lieutenants, captains, and majors of Dragon City. Therefore, we unable to get rewards in Tian Ling City..."

  I smiled, "Oh right. The overall strength of Dragon City should be really strong, right?"

  Li Mu patted the symbol on his shoulder and smiled, "Have you seen it? I am a Dragon City Major. Dragon City has 20 thousand troops. Apart from the Dragon Riders under Frost, only Wang Jian and I have high positions. Unfortunately, Frost misses you and not the two of us..."

  I was speechless.

  I jumped on the horse and pulled Lin Wan Er up to bring her over. Behind me, Han Yuan, Xia Ye, Long Xing, and Ling Luo along with the 9 Royal Army Majors followed along. These were all powerful generals. To gather the troops in his hands, Lochlan treated the majors really well, unlike what Owen and Rob did as they only cared about the Generals. In terms of the skills of the Emperor, he was a level stronger.


  Central Tent.

  Everyone was delighted, celebrating the navy battle success.

  When I held Lin Wan Er's little hand and entered, Louis cupped his fists and smiled, "Congratulations Suiding Duke for killing the Hybrid Demon main force. From today on, the Sea of No Return will be calm once again."

  I was stunned and said speechlessly, "There are still many Hybrid Demon transport ships and scary monsters, how is it going to be calm?"

  Lochlan smiled, "Master Li, please sit. No matter what, we have won this battle."

  I nodded my head, "However, Your Majesty, if we don't kill Luo Ding, we won't truly win. Lei Ding's troops haven't even appeared yet, so we can't relax."

  "Yes, yes."


  At the side, the guard opened a golden scroll and said, "We have won the battle. His Majesty orders the Royal Army to be rewarded with 2 million, the Dragonling Army with 2 million, and 1 million for the Fire Dragon Army!"

  When he said that, I got a notification for 1,000 achievement points. This strengthened my position at the top of the leaderboards. Lin Wan Er, Fang Ge Que, and Drunken Spear all obtained achievement points rewards. Overall, it was a huge win, but I felt worried. What would occur after the war?

  Just as we were discussing, war drums sounded out on the ocean surface. They were here once more!

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