Chapter 937 - Evil-Hearted Male
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Zhan Long Chapter 937 - Evil-Hearted Male

Chapter 937 - Evil-Hearted Male

“Overlord... These stats are a little overbearing..."

  Wang Jian's eyes burned bright and he smiled, "Tsk tsk, whoever who gets this set would really be invincible right?"

  Ye Lai smiled, "Looking at the stats, it really is relatively invincible. A level 200 [Deity Tier], its stats are on the same level as Xiao Yao's [Epic Tier] armor right?"

  I nodded my head, "Yeah, it isn't far."

  Ye Lai nodded his head, "The boots are pretty much a huge gift that Nie Yu gave to [Zhan Long]. Come on, are you all gonna ROLL to decide or what's the plan?"

  Li Mu said, "What is the point of ROLLing? These Overlord Boots have no class requirement or level requirement but requires 1,000 charm. Looking out, who can meet this requirement?"

  I giggled, "Me, I have 1,163 charm!"

  Li Mu facepalmed, "F***ing shameless..."

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "Now, it’s time for Piggy to start collecting the Overlord Set set equipment right?"

  I took the boots over from Ye Lai and rubbed the dust on it. I said, "Yes, I will continue to kill BOSSes. Oh right, my boots are not bad. It adds 1,000 attack, who wants it?"

  Wang Jian raised his hands, "Please give it to me!"

  "Have it..."

  I took it off and tossed it to Wang Jian before wearing the Overlord Boots. I instantly felt like my legs had huge power, it was slowly absorbing the energy from the boots. My stats also rose by a huge amount...

  Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Country Protecting Dragon Rider)

  Level: 166

  Attack: 21,919-26,645

  Defence: 20,525

  Health: 188,915

  Magic Attack: 27,890

  Charm: 1,163

  CBN Battlenet Rankings: 6

  Title: Suiding Duke


  The Overlord Boots added 3000 strength, removing the 1,000 attack from my previous boots. This caused my attack to increase by 2,000. My defense also finally broke 20 thousand. One set of Overlord Boots could let my stats rise by so much... If I got the entire set... Yeah, it would be impossible to imagine. Maybe I would be confident enough to head to challenge Lanais and then capture her and make her my wife. No, I should also grab Goddess Sif back...

  Looking at my smile, Lin Wan Er grinned, "Oy, what are you thinking?"

  I wiped the drool by the corner of my mouth and said, "No... Nothing, split the items and head back to defend. I need to go to the middle troop tent. During this battle, we lost Xia Yu Army General Shenglin. That South Protecting King and Emperor Lochlan definitely had some things to say. I am so pure, yet I have to deal with such petty people!"

  "Is that so?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled and looked toward me, "You seem to be delighted!"

  Dong Cheng Yue said, "That's right, Brother Xiao Yao is evil-hearted, aren't you going to admit that?!"

  I couldn’t add to that, "..."


  In the end, Lin Wan Er jumped onto her horse and hugged me to head to the tent.

She seemed really bored over there and I had no choice as I could only bring my girlfriend back. Anyway, she was the Flaming Cloud Infanta and was the head of Flaming Cloud City. Her position wasn't much weaker than that of Lochlan, so with her joining in, no one would probably object.

  When we got there, many soldiers outside were crying. They were most probably crying for their brothers or for General Shenglin who died in battle? That shouldn't be the case — Shenglin was violent and didn't bother about the lives of soldiers so no one should cry for him.

  "Commander in Chief, Infanta!"

  The two guards reached out and opened the curtain for us. I walked in with Lin Wan Er. Ye Lai, Q-Sword, and Drunken Spear without greeting anyone. Even when we sat in the tent, as long as we were in the army system, we would get experience. If not, no one would be willing to do anything.

  I held Lin Wan Er's hand and brought her to the front. I let her stand beside me. Luo Xun and Les were opposite us, however there was one more empty spot beside them. That was because the Xia Yu Army General and Country Protecting General Shenglin were already dead.

  Lochlan sat on the throne. His expression was a little ugly as he said, "How many more soldiers did we lose in this battle?"

  Luo Xun cupped his fists and said, "Your Majesty, Luo Ding sent the Demon Hall Cavalry as the main force, even Leader Nie Yu was sent out. Luckily, the Xia Yu Army and Rongdi Army fought to the death and killed them all. However, General Shenglin was killed by Nie Yu, breaking our hearts. Our Empire has lost such a young and talented general!"

  Lochlan said, "Yeah... General Shenglin actually died just like that..."

  Outside, the pushing sounds spread out. Very quickly, the soldiers moved his body in. His face was actually not valiant but contained a mix of fear and shock, especially of one escaping in despair. His eyes weren't even closed — how did he even look young and skilled? I couldn't help but pull the white cloth and said, "General Shenglin's death is a pain of the Empire, but the war is not over. Luo Ding isn't dead and Sea of No Return isn't calm yet."

  Lochlan said with a low voice, "What Master Li said makes sense!" Father, have you tabulated the casualty report for the battle?"

  The South Protecting King took out a piece of paper from the clerk under him. He took a look and said, "Out of the 100 thousand I sent, 70 thousand died and 20 thousand are badly injured. However, it is worse for the Xia Yu Army — they took the main hit and over 60 thousand of their 80 thousand died. More than ten thousand are badly injured. Not more than 5,000 can continue to fight."

  When he said that, one of the Xia Yu Army Lieutenants cried tragically, "I followed the last emperor to fight and have never lost so badly before. Xia Yu Army is done for... Xia Yu Army is done for... It is really over this time..."

  Les said, "There is no need to be so sad. The death of a soldier is expected and we can't change that. We can only use fresh blood to water the flower of the Empire, right?"

  That lieutenant looked at Les and said, "Commander in Chief's words make sense..."

  Dragonling Army's Qin Ye stepped out and cupped his fist, "Your Majesty, since the Xia Yu Army is lacking, I feel that we should remove their title and add them to other armies as ten thousand men."

  Lochlan's brow rose up, "The Xia Yu Army was nearly wiped out for the Empire and in exchange, their title is going to disappear? If I was like that, wouldn't people hate me?"

  Lin Wan Er smiled, "This Emperor actually has some brains."

  I cupped my fists, "Your Majesty, I suggest to keep the title and promote Major Ye Lai to General to let him recruit and rebuild it. Then the people won't feel cold about you and you would also be able to pass down Emperor Owen's will."

  Lochlan said happily, "Then I will follow what Master Li said. Now I will officially promote Major Ye Lai to the Xia Yu Army General and he will be promoted to Rank Three Country Protector General!"

  Ye Lai was delighted and smiled, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

  To go from major directly to Country Protector General; Ye Lai had finally made it. Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Drunken Spear all congratulated him. Just like that, there were three players in important positions. Drunken Spear and Ye Lai were basically on my side along with the achievements of players getting higher and higher. Most of the generals will be players eventually. The battle for power would become more and more intense.


  Drunken Spear held his spear and stuck it to the ground before smiling, "Ye Lai, you finally hold power now. How do you feel?"

  Ye Lai touched his nose, "F***, the Xia Yu Army has only 5,000 people left, what kind of feeling could I have? I just feel like I’ve been left with a problem. The amount of troops are even fewer than my Major Unit..."

  I smiled, "Actually, what is important is that this problem is huge and the potential is large too. Don't worry. You can recruit troops after the battle. The Xia Yu Army redeveloping to above 50 thousand wouldn't be a problem."

  Ye Lai nodded his head as his eyes were filled with gratitude, "In the army system, to have a brother that can speak is a good thing!"

  Fang Ge Que kept silent and didn't say anything as he stood behind Long Zhong. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han were all silent. Q-Sword was the Fire Axe Army Major and Jian Feng Han was the Purple Spirit Army Major. Their ranks weren't too high and no one recommended them. They ended the system later than me and that resulted in them having a huge difference in rank compared to me. 


  Marquis Louis coughed and said, "Your Majesty, this time Luo Ding sent the Demon Hall Cavalry. Next time, the troops he sends out could be even stronger. If we are on our backfoot, we might not lose only the Xia Yu Army. I suggest to strike out and attack before they reach the shore!"

  Lochlan was stunned, "Does the Marquis have any good suggestion?"

  Louis nodded his head, "The Empire has trained the navy for a long time and they are really strong now. General Qin Ye is good at naval battle, so why not send the navy out and head from Deer Lake to the Sea of No Return? We can kill them there. The Hybrid Demons aren't good at naval battles, their cannons aren't as strong as ours too. Maybe fighting them in the ocean would be much better for us."

  Qin Ye's body shook and said, "This..."

  Les smiled, "General Qin couldn’t possibly fear such a battle, right?"

  Qin Ye gritted his teeth and said, "Hmph, the fifty thousand Dragonling Army is willing to sink to the bottom of the ocean for the Empire!"

  Lochlan's brow rose up, "I don't need your bodies to sink to the bottom of the ocean. What I need is for you all to win!"

  "Yes, Your Majesty!"

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