Chapter 936 - Overlord Boots
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Zhan Long Chapter 936 - Overlord Boots

Chapter 936 - Overlord Boots


  The God-Slaying Armor and Violet Heaven Cape gave rise to an eye-catching flame light. It felt like my shoulder was pressed down by a huge power as I sunk down. It was like my shoulder wasn't mine anymore. This was Nie Yu's Energy Slash ability -- it could neglect defense and strike out as it was simply too vicious...


  "F***..." Wang Jian looked at the damage numbers on my head and was at a loss, "Everyone, be careful! Don't be hit by the BOSS' Energy Slash, otherwise we will all be insta-killed!"

  His words weren't an exaggeration. I had the [Icy Wings] and [Wall of Douqi] defenses and still lost so much health. Moreover, my God-Slaying Armor was [Epic Tier] and I still lost so much health. If it was any other player, they would lose at least six digits. Apart from the few main Fire Dragon Cavalry, the rest would be instantly killed!

  The worst thing was that Nie Yu's attack speed was really fast. He slashed out with his sword every second and he hit with several consecutive normal attacks. Each time he would clear around 30 thousand of my health. Instantly, my 180 thousand health was about to be cleared out such that my face was devoid of blood. I quickly drank a health potion and used [Cleansing Rain] to recover 24 thousand health. Not far away from me, Darling Duck and the other healers arrived. I was barely able to hold on and attacked, using my 20% lifesteal to recover. Each strike dealt 60 thousand damage and thus I recovered 10 thousand with each strike. This was the true regeneration power.


  Nie Yu's holler didn't sound human anymore. He held his sword and blocked the [Wind Blade] from my Zhen Yue Blade. He turned around and the sword energy landed onto the Fire Dragon Cavalry led by Wang Jian. Instantly, a six digit damage number rose up. Wang Jian was pretty much empty and the dozen [Zhan Long] players behind him were wiped out!

  "Damn..." Wang Jian swiftly fled. Li Mu and One Second Hero moved up while Li Meng Yao used [Judgment] to force the BOSS back. The 2 second stun duration earned a lot of recovery time for the players.

  "Demon Hall Cavalry, don't let me fight alone!" Nie Yu held his sword towards my chest and called out. Instantly, the Demon Hall Cavalry around charged over. This BOSS had high AI and actually knew how to call for help. Lin Wan Er was a little anxious and quickly brought Yue Qing Qian, Song Han, Yue Wei Liang, and Bai Qi to kill the Demon Hall Cavalry who came over to support.

  I looked closely at his aggro meter, it would fill up every 1.5 seconds. This meant that every 1.5 seconds, I would have to grab onto his aggro. Otherwise, it would shift and he would attack the next closest player. Moreover, the Energy Slash and Demon Light Slash were long-range attacks so I couldn't control it anymore.

  Losses were unavoidable and I could only try my best!

  Soon, my God-Slaying Armor was covered in marks. It really didn't feel good as a tank. Ye Lai, Li Mu, and Old K even joked that I was as stable as a boulder. Actually, there were a few times when my health reached the bottom. These fellows didn't help out at all, however... Ye Lai and Old K were berserkers with around 100 thousand health. Their defenses were reduced due to their berserk stats. As for Li Mu, he was slightly stronger and could take two hits. These main players affected the morale too much so it was best if I took it upon myself!

  Far behind me, Ling Luo led the hundreds of Dark Moon Elves and had arrived. Many arrows landed onto the BOSS, each one dealing more than 100 thousand damage. Ling Luo's attacks could even reach the millions. Therefore, even though Nie Yu was strong, the rate at which his health was dropping was also really tremendous. In just 10 minutes, he only had 20% health left. He hollered out and cast his last skill- [Descending God Grip]!

  Descending God Grip meant that his cultivation was close to that of a God and instantly he was buffed with many hidden attack and defense effects. When his sword landed on me, it dealt 120 thousand damage. My face turned green, "How are we supposed to play like this?"

  Li Mu hollered, "Xiao Yao, retreat and let the brothers block. Let's just kill this BOSS with pure numbers!"

  I didn't bother, "Forget it, all healers lock onto me and heal, I can take it!"

  If the [Zhan Long] close combat players sacrificed themselves to protect my level, then I would rather lose that level. As long as the BOSS didn't crit, my health could still take it, right?

  [Icy Wings]'s gathered ice wings were broken one time after another but formed once more. Each minute was like hell — I could only look on as my health fluctuated up and down. There were many times where I almost emptied out. Thankfully, the long-ranged players were strong enough and Nie Yu's 140 million health dropped quickly.


  My shoulder shook as a strike from Nie Yu struck me to the ground. I knelt on one knee and he laughed out loud as he hacked down two more times.

  I’m dead; the healers couldn't have healed me in time.

  My heart jumped but I didn't die. The Violet Heaven Cape danced and energy currents surged. Two dragons formed behind me: it was the [Twin Dragon] effect, saving me at the crucial moment!


  Nie Yu's health bar reached the end, and he was swiftly using [Strength of a Thousand Men]. The BOSS' health was even lower and his health bar was pretty much all black but he didn't die. I couldn't see exactly how much health the BOSS had left, so I could only judge. When I felt that he had around 500 thousand. I raised my sword, thick golden light swelled and a God Skill was activated. The scenes were really majestic, a ball of black water splashed out and on it were thick gold words — [Wind Carrying Slash] which trembled. I charged out and my blades struck out. The familiarity of my [Wind Carrying Slash] was already at layer 15 and 15 consecutive numbers rose up. The last hit dealt 300 thousand damage, instantly emptying his health!


  He fell down from his horse and knelt beside it, the sword in his hand shattered. He knelt there, raising his head as he looked at me, his eyes filled with loss and unwillingness, "Tian Ling City still isn't destined to be dead?"

  As he said that, he turned into a blood light and crumbled into a bunch of pieces, dropping a bunch of gold. There was a whole bunch, making it look like he was really rich.

  "Those who joined in the attack and defense, stay. The rest continue to kill Demon Hall Cavalry, kill them all!" I said.

  The surrounding players scattered. Those at the edges definitely wouldn't have a chance to get equipment. I reached out and smiled politely, "Fatty Ye, this Nie Yu should belong to [Judgment]. You all lost the most. Come over, you should split the equipment."

  Ye Lai held his axe and smiled, "What do you treat our [Judgment] people as? Most of his health was killed by [Zhan Long] and you were the tank all the way — everyone knew that. Apart from that [Zhan Long] lost so many people to help [Judgment]. I will click on the equipment but none of us will participate in the ROLL."

  I smiled, Ye Lai was really direct. Since he made his mind up, it wouldn't change. If not, our relationship would definitely be sour. Thus I nodded, "Okay then you will open it up."

  Ye Lai knelt beside the corpse and then he searched the corpse. Very quickly, an ice-cold dagger appeared in his hands. He opened it and the stats appeared in the air...

  Demon Dragon Tooth ([Superior Deity Tier])

  Attack: 7,200-8,750

  Agility: +424

  Stamina: +420

  Strength: +415

  Magic Attack: +412

  Bonus: Raises critical hit by 40%

  Bonus: Raises user's attack by 110% and 55% attack speed

  Bonus: Neglects 40% defense

  Additional: Poison. When attacking, 50% chance to poison the target. In the next 5 seconds, lose 30% health. Uneffective for BOSSes and NPCs.

  Special Effect: Unbreakable, durability won't be lost

  Special Effect: Demon Dragon Power, after activated, raise strength by 10 thousand and health by 50 thousand lasting 120 seconds. Using 90 rage points.

  Required Level: 160

  Required Charm: 500


  Looking at the Demon Dragon Tooth in his hand, Ye Lai smiled, “This dagger’s stats are really a blessing!”

  I glanced at the battle results and laughed, “Only two other people drew blood from the BOSS: one was Wan’er and the other was Qing Qian. Come on, you two can ROLL.”

  Yue Qing Qian joked, “Sis Cang Tong, let’s fight three hundred rounds!”

  Lin Wan Er joked back, “My face has been too dark these days, let me have this, Sister!”

  Yue Qing Qian didn’t win, the ROLLs rarely went in this beauty’s favor.

Ye Lai went to touch another BOSS item which was a green tier item; he couldn’t help but shake his head, “Damn, this helmet is so terrible! No need to say anything else, I’ll just disenchant it…”

  I was speechless as well.

Ye Lai went to pick up another item and this time there was good luck. A pair of majestic, seven-colored boots appeared. The colors, as they implied, showed that the item was divine. Who would have thought that this BOSS would’ve left such a pair of boots? The stats soon appeared— 

  Overlord Boots(Deity Tier)

  Type: Heavy Armor

  Defense: 4750

  Attack: +525

  Strength: +521

  Agility: +515

  Magic: +510

  Bonus: Raises user’s defense by 40% and magic resistance by 115%

  Bonus: Raises user’s movement speed by 120%

  Bonus: Increases user’s attack by 70%

  Additional: No level limit

  Additional: Ancient; power of the overlord can raise user’s strength by 3,000 points

  Set parts: Overlord Boots

Introduction: In ancient times, a king who roamed the earth swept across the mainland. His bravery was unparalleled in the world, and he was admired by the descendants. Ten thousand years later, the gods of the later generations collected the spiritual power of the ancient emperor. The coffin was cast with a set of rare treasures: the overlord armor suit, or the legendary set of the tyrants’ suit which had the power to command the world. Out of the rest, this set of equipment is unique—

  Required Level: 200

  Required Charm: 1,000


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