Chapter 935 - Demon Hall Calvary Nie Yu
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Zhan Long Chapter 935 - Demon Hall Calvary Nie Yu

Chapter 935 - Demon Hall Cavalry Nie Yu

"Be careful!"

  A [Judgment] Group Leader held a bow and looked forward before hollering, "Guild Leader look, there are more ships. There’s one that seems to be very huge..."

  Everyone looked out. As expected, many ships sailed on the ocean surface. The one at the front had a smelted giant lion head. It was pitch black and gave off a red glow. It looked really vicious and terrifying. On the ship stood a cavalryman dressed in red armor. He pulled onto his rein and the horse stood up, its neighs piercing through the air. This was obviously not a normal Demon Hall Cavalry but a BOSS!

  "Prepare to fight!" I looked towards the [Zhan Long] Fire Dragon Cavalry and Royal Army Iron Cavalry.

  Han Yuan held his steel blade as he squinted and looked at the people on deck. He hollered, "General, that...It is the legendary head of the Demon Hall Cavalry. I have heard of this person, he is Nie Yu. He was once a famous Sword Saint Level expert. However, he betrayed the humans to go to the Hybrid Demon Territory to become a Demon Hall Cavalry. Then, with his talents, he reached the Holy Domain, the Deity level, a rare expert in the north! Sir, we have to be careful!"

  I nodded my head. Nie Yu was the BOSS of the fourth wave and this was the first time a BOSS had appeared out of the first four waves. Moreover... Nie Yu's grade seemed like it wasn't [Demon Harvest Tier] anymore, it had exceeded that!


  The lion head warship smashed the ships in front, smashing the warships into two. Nie Yu stood on the deck, his face filled with killing energy. He waved the halberd in his hand and hollered, "Demon Hall Cavalry, kill the enemy along with me!"

  As he said that, Nie Yu rode the horse to land from the warship. That warhorse charged over, behind it, the dense amount of Demon Hall Cavalry also landed from the ship. They all headed for the main battlefield where we were at. Now there was only [Judgment] and the Xia Yu Army, the remaining Rongdi Army, and then the central tent. We couldn't let these bunch break through. Otherwise, our new ruler would be dead!

  Ye Lai looked over at me and shouted, "Xiao Yao, help me defend this wave!"


  My body sank. I held the Zhen Yue Blade and led the Royal Army and [Zhan Long] players to help cover. At the same time, I looked where Nie Yu was at and purposely got closer. At around 150 yards, I read his stats out into the guild channel. As expected, he was [Deity] Tier. His stats weren't just ordinarily strong...

  Demon Hall Cavalry Nie Yu (Deity Tier BOSS)

  Level: 165

  Attack: 22,500-28,000

  Defence: 23,000

  Health: 700 million

  Skills: [Demon Light Slash] [Jiaotu Shield] [Energy Slash] [God Landing Grip]

  Introduction: Nie Yu, a rare talented cultivator in the world. At a young age, he broke into the Sword Saint Realm and became someone loved and adored by the Emperor. However, he fell in love with the princess and since the Emperor married her off to the Tulan King, he left the empire. After killing the two generals that defended the pass, he entered Tulan Country and killed the king. However, he wasn't able to save the princess’ life. Afterward, he entered Hybrid Demon Territory and was accepted by Vanguard Luo Ding into the Demon Hall where he trained to become one of the top Demon Hall Cavalry. He also became the leader.


  "Good good, this attack... It is too insane!" Li Mu smiled, "It is best if we don't ask for trouble. At least until his health drops to 70% before we attack."

  I nodded, "Alright, let the Rongdi Army and Xia Yu Army wither his health. We will grab the chance to kill the surrounding Demon Hall Cavalry. Nie Yu is an item in our pockets."


  The Fire Dragon Cavalry slashed at their enemies, and along with the Royal Army, we slashed into the Nie Yu-led Demon Hall Cavalry through the side. The fight on the battle line was at its end. Many players were tempted and headed over. A [Deity Tier] BOSS had appeared — such news spread all around and all the China Region Players found out.

  In the crowd, the Xia Yu and Rongdi Army used their archer units to fire. However, when the arrows landed around Nie Yu, they rebounded. When he was hit, an image of a fierce beast would appear around his body. That was Beast Jiaotu out of the nine sons of the dragon — it looked similar to a clam. When the clams attacked, they would close their shells. This was probably the point of Nie Yu training this Jiaotu Shield technique. His defense was really high and normal attacks couldn't deal any damage to him.

  "Block him!" Xia Yu Army General Shenglin led a bunch of cavalry and charged over. He waved his sword and sword energy flew out, striking Nie Yu's body.


  The damage numbers looked decent but Nie Yu had 700 million health and didn't even bother about this damage. That strike, however, angered Nie Yu — his eyes were pretty much about to spit fire as he hollered, "Hey, there is a Xia Yu Army General here? Come on, kids follow me, let's slice this general into eight pieces!"

  Speaking about that, the mount under him charged out like lightning, he was so fast that Shenglin was unable to react at all. In the next moment, [Demon Light Slash] and [Energy Slash] both landed onto his shoulder, instantly smashing his armor into pieces. Fresh blood splattered and the bone was sliced. Two large damage numbers splashed out...




  The battle between NPCs was just too cruel. Nie Yu could deal over a hundred million damage in one attack. Shenglin was just a [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS and he had only 300 million health. How could he survive such attacks?

  [Judgment] deputy guild leader Babel Buddha was slightly stunned, "Guild Leader, our general can't take it anymore. Assist and kill Nie Yu that bastard!"

  Ye Lai used his axe to block him and said expressionlessly, "If Shenglin didn’t care about the lives of soldiers, how else would we suffer from such a calamity? Let him die. If he doesn't die, the Xia Yu Army won't be able to heal up."

  "Yes!" Babel Buddha nodded his head.

  I also supported what Ye Lai did. Since Owen died, the Xia Yu Army was unable to recover — their combat strength was really weak. The generals that Tian Ling City produced were as dumb as Les and Qin Ye; people intelligent as Situ Xin were really rare. If Ye Lai were the General, then it would be a good thing for me wanting to unify the main cities. It would also be good for the China Region. Ye Lai was explosive and direct, but he definitely wasn't stupid. He was far better than Shenglin as the General.

  Therefore, no one went to save Shenglin. This Country Protecting General was unable to protect the country, so he held his sword and fled while hollering, "Save me, damn it! What are all of you doing?!"

  A bunch of Xia Yu Army soldiers held their spears and charged over but Nie Yu's sword energy instantly killed them. The sword energy looked like it could evaporate meat and flesh as the soldiers all fell to the ground, flesh and blood evaporated, left with pitiful-looking white bones only. Such attacks were really rare. Luckily, the system gave players face — they died but their corpses remained. They didn't become white bones at least, that would be too terrifying.


  "You still want to leave? General!"

  Nie Yu's shout reverberated out of the crowd. The mount under him swiftly advanced. The sword danced and killed a bunch of Xia Yu Army troops. He raised his hand and threw a sword out, striking Shenglin's back. His back armor was broken and it pierced through the Heart Protecting Mirror, dealing 100 million damage. The difference between [Deity Tier] and [Demon Harvest Tier] was just too high!

  My heart felt cold as I looked behind me and said loudly, "Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, bring the Royal Army troops back to the camp. We don’t need you all here for the battle!"

  Han Yuan was anxious, "General, this Nie Yu is so vicious. If you go alone, we will worry!"

  I smiled, "Don't worry, bring the men and retreat. Listen to my orders!"


  Han Yuan was a soldier and he would definitely follow my orders at least. I also wasn't willing to let him face such a scary BOSS like Nie Yu. Han Yuan was also a [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS and had around 300-400 million health. Even if he was stronger than Shenglin, he would die to 7-8 sword attacks. I couldn't let such a great general be sacrificed for nothing.


  I pulled my Dragon Reservoir Sword out of its sheath and looked at Shenglin's body. I hollered, "Brothers, it is time for us to attack. Let the healers follow, and let's kill the BOSS. I will be the tank. The rest of you pay attention to the angle and range. If he touches you and you aren't dead, retreat. Don't stay for no reason!"

  Wang Jian, Li Mu, Old K, and everyone else all nodded their heads. Darling Duck brought the healers over. Our target was Demon Hall Cavalry Nie Yu while the other small ones were left for Steel Blade Cavalry and the archers.

  Ye Lai held his axe and brought a bunch of elite [Judgment] players over. He was probably worried that I alone couldn't block Nie Yu's attacks. After all, I came to help because I was nice to him. If I died to his sword, then Ye Lai really couldn't accept that.


  Nie Yu charged about in the crowd. When the sword light rose up, a Xia Yu Army cavalryman would die. Nie Yu brought many Demon Hall Cavalry — the 80 thousand strong army was only left with a small number. After another round, I even suspected that even if Ye Lai became a general, he would become a useless one.

  I reached out and locked onto Nie Yu's back with [Great Realm of Desolation]. I tossed out my Zhen Yue Blade and struck his body. Three attacks shot out and many huge damage numbers exploded out. Even if Nie Yu was a [Deity Tier] BOSS, he couldn't block my attacks...






  Maybe my attack was too high, but the aggro was instantly pulled over to me. Nie Yu turned his horse around and charged out. His speed was much faster than God Dragon Horse, instantly reaching the area in front of me and his sword slashed down onto my shoulder!

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