Chapter 934 - Demon Hall Calvary
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Zhan Long Chapter 934 - Demon Hall Calvary

Chapter 934 - Demon Hall Cavalry

Ye Lai was really calm and smiled, "As long as I can become No.1 within the Xia Yu Army, I believe I will be able to build them into a 100 thousand strong main force army with my ability. Didn't you easily make the Royal Army the top army anyway?"

  I looked at him speechlessly and said, "Tsk, you don't even know how much hardship I went through. The Royal Army had only 4 thousand people and it was a bunch of rich sons of officials who didn't even know how to hold weapons. I suffered so much pressure to bring them up to the current 100 thousand. You can imagine when King Rob was alive, Prince Owen and Prince Theodore both wanted to kill me. Lanais too. Louis, Les, Qin Ye, Luo Xun, Xiahou Ren... Which one of them didn't want to kill me? I would just tear up just thinking about it..."

  Ye Lai patted his horse and left, his voice spread in the wind, "You can continue to grumble to the Hybrid Demons, I will bring my [Judgment] people to defend... Haha~~"

  Looking at this shameless guild leader, I laughed. However, Ye Lai was a righteous person and with such a friend, he would definitely fight the world alongside me and be someone I could rely on.


  I rode my horse back to the Royal Army and [Zhan Long] camp. Everyone pretty much cleaned up everything. A streak of light shot from the east — the sun was up and a new wave was about to begin.

  The morning rays of light chased away the mist on the ocean surface. Slowly, many orderly sails appeared in front of us — they were all transport ships. This time, it was definitely much more than the previous two rounds. Luo Ding was said to have a million troops and that was definitely true. He definitely had more troops than the amount that the Sea Demon Race had when they were at their strongest.

  "They are here!" Li Mu squinted and said, "What is the situation in the meeting hall?"

  I said, "Basically nothing. Ye Lai, that fellow, nearly sliced off the Xia Yu Army General’s head. F***, I nearly cried from fear..."

  Lin Wan Er giggled, "Why is he so direct?"

  I raised by hands, "That fellow has always been like that..."

  Li Mu grinned, "What is bad about being direct and honest? Such a friend will never betray you and will never stab you in the back."

  "That makes sense. Okay, let's stop talking and prepare to fight. The fourth wave is about to enter. I think that this wave won't be that easy to handle. Prepare to be wiped out!"

  Wang Jian smiled, "What do we do after we get wiped out?"

  I stretched out my arms and smiled lazily, "After we get wiped out we will go offline for supper, wash up, and then hug the girlfriend to sleep."

  Dong Cheng Yue giggled, "Ehh, you say it like your girlfriend will willingly sleep with you."

  I looked toward Lin Wan Er, "Honey..."

  Lin Wan Er's beautiful face turned red, "I will sleep with my cousin..."

  I had nothing to say, "..."


  At this moment, the sound of war drums spread out from the sky above the ocean surface. Finally, the fourth wave was here!

  Many ships sailed forward with their sails totally open, pretty much instantly arriving by the shore. They welcomed the Tian Ling City cannon fire and after placing down the planks, many cavalry charged down. They waved their swords and charged towards us. It was a new soldier type called the Demon Hall Cavalry. It was probably something similar to the Saint Hall Cavalry, but the Demon Hall Cavalry were definitely much weaker.

There were too many of them. How could there be such a large number of top warriors?

  When the Demon Hall Cavalry charged close enough, I read out their stats and quickly shared it in the guild channel. The [Zhan Long] players were all speechless. The stats of the Demon Hall Cavalry were super strong...

  Demon Hall Cavalry (Rank 7 Hybrid Demons)

  Level: 164

  Attack: 18,500-23,800

  Defense: 18,500

  Health: 2,200,000

  Skills: [Evil Demon Blessing] [Bone Stab Ring] [Whirlwind Sword Break]

  Introduction: Demon Hall Cavalry — a bunch of cavalrymen who defend Demon Hall and sold their souls to Death and obtained huge strength. Vanguard Luo Ding trained the Demon Hall Cavalry on a large scale at the Demon Hall, using the power of death to inject into their bodies causing them to become stronger and stronger. It was said to be a power that could compare against the Saint Hall Cavalry, one of the most feared Hybrid Demon armies and is the central pillar of the Vanguard Army.


  Li Mu frowned and said, "What is [Bone Stab Ring]? F***, the Hybrid Demons actually know how to use [Whirlwind Sword Break]. Do they really want us to die? Speaking of which, can they really go up against the Saint Hall Cavalry?"

  I smiled and pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, "We will know when we fight. However, the Demon Hall Cavalry definitely won't be able to handle the Saint Hall Cavalry. The Demon Hall Cavalry are only Rank 7 while the Saint Hall Cavalry are all [Divine Tier] BOSSes, only lower than the [Demon Harvest Tier]. The Saint Hall Cavalry will probably be able to take on 10 at once.

  Yue Qing Qian said, "Hey, prepare for battle, you all actually have free time to chat here!"

  A few seconds later, the Demon Hall Cavalry charged toward us. I rode my horse up and blocked a slash from one of the Demon Hall Cavalry. The guy hollered and activated [Evil Demon Blessing] — his defense increased by 50%. In the next moment, he hollered and looked at me and said, "In the name of Death, summon Stab Ring! Die, you unsullied!"


  Many sharp circular bone rings rotated around him and dealt 4,000 damage to me each second. Then he used [Whirlwind Sword Break]. That was painful — it pierced through my armor and caused 20 thousand damage. F***, if it could deal 20 thousand to me, if it was the Steel Blade Cavalry instead, that would be at least 50 thousand, right? Two of them using [Whirlwind Sword Break] together was pretty much a nightmare!

  Thinking about that, I swiftly said in the guild channel, "Save the [Heavenly Shield Wall] and cast it only when they use [Whirlwind Sword Break]. Be careful, they have the [Evil Demon Blessing] so their attacks are really strong!"

  Before I finished, a bunch of Steel Blade Cavalry were wiped out. The healers didn't even have a chance to heal them. Meng Yao and One Second Hero held their shields and moved forward, blocking them off and letting the players behind deal damage. Under such situations, the Royal Army Blade Shield Unit couldn't deal much damage. In the distance, the Demon Hall Cavalry surged out continuously from the warships. There were just too many!

  I slashed one of their necks with a sword. After killing him, I turned around and hollered to one of the Royal Army troops, "Han Yuan, move the Heavy Cannon Unit to shoot at the Demon Hall Cavalry in front of us. Shoot every five seconds!"

  "Yes, General!"

  The Royal Army's Heavy Cannon Unit was already complete and a total of 300 Dragon Crystal Cannons were laid out. In the next moment, cannon fire sounds blazed out. The area in front of us was already a sea of flames. However, they had too much health and 2 cannonballs couldn't kill them. After 10 seconds, a bunch of low health ones charged at us. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others went all out, one set of skills pretty much killing one. It was pretty much just killing for experience.


  With the buff of [Icy Wings], I headed to the front of the Royal Army and placed down the [Azure Dragon Crossbow] which claimed the low health Demon Hall Cavalry. My experience and achievement points soared. It felt really good. With the support of the Royal Army and the Dragon Crystal Mines on Flaming God Mountain as a shield, no one could kill monsters like me. Clear Black Eyes couldn't, and Fang Ge Que also couldn't.


  Cannonfire every 5 minutes allowed [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army to ensure their strongest hits. However, not long later, Han Yuan hollered, "General, we have used up thirty percent of the Dragon Crystal Cannon ammo. Should we continue? Or should we send people to get Fan Shu City to send more?"

  "No need!" I waved my hand, "Stop the cannon fire and fight head-on!"


  Very quickly, another dozen ships stopped in front of us. The Demon Hall Cavalry surged out and each ship had over 3,000 of them which was enough to worry us. I stood at the front and slashed with my sword. Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the [Zhan Long] elites didn't retreat. Only by personally leading could they minimize loses. As for the few [Zhan Long] side guilds, they all suffered heavy losses. The Demon Hall Cavalry were like endless as they lined up and charged at us. No one could help them — we could only rely on ourselves to survive this. This was also a training chance, so players who survived this would be able to comprehend calmness, how to deal with problems, and obtain skills. People who panicked would never become experts. Even if there were a difference in strength, as long as one kept calm, thought about it, and used suitable strategy, one would be able to suppress the enemy.

  After killing a few Demon Hall Cavalry, I looked towards the main battlefield. It was a sea of blood. Xia Yu Army, Rongdi Army, and the Demon Hall Cavalry clashed, there seemed to be a few Quasi Bosses among the Demon Hall Cavalry, making them even stronger.

  Ye Lai held his axe, bringing [Judgment] to charge all around. They used their own lives to protect the Xia Yu Army from suffering too many losses. However, that wasn't really useful. Their combat strength was only so-so and it was tough to look at their heavy losses.

  There were Demon Hall Cavalry everywhere and we couldn't save them either so they could only rely on themselves.


  This battle lasted for a full four hours and it was really tragic. I only able to bring [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army to assist [Judgment] in the later stages. However, it was too tragic with corpses all over the place. Out of the 50 thousand that Ye Lai had brought, 70% of them had died!


  After he sliced off the head of a Demon Hall Cavalry with an axe, Ye Lai sighed. He looked towards me with his blood-stained face and smiled, "This is too intense..."

  I nodded and looked at all the broken limbs, "Indeed..."

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