Chapter 933 - Stupid pig-like NPC
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Zhan Long Chapter 933 - Stupid pig-like NPC

Chapter 933 - Stupid pig-like NPC

I rode the God Dragon Horse and headed into the [Zhan Long] and Royal Army camp. As the Guild Leader and General, this was something that I had to do. When I took a look at their injuries, I couldn't bear to look on. Hundreds of barbarians and human soldiers crying out was like a nightmare. What made me sad was our lack of medics which meant that most of them died solely from the pain.

  The smoke billowed such that people continued to cough. At this moment, many barbarians stopped struggling. When the food and soup were carried in front of the people, the barbarians were so hungry that their eyes were in a daze. They snatched chopsticks and bowls and wolfed down. Such a situation was extremely tragic and sad.

  A cavalry flew over in the smoke — he looked familiar. He had an ID on his head. It was Guard General Situ Xin. He held onto the King Flag and hollered, "Commander in Chief, Commander in Chief!"

  I jumped on the horse, "General Situ, what's up?"

  Situ Xin said, "Commander in Chief, Luo Ding's Vanguard Army is recuperating and the next wave is about to arrive. His Majesty wants you to head to the central camp and discuss our next steps."

  "Why are you the one informing me?" I asked.

  Situ Xin laughed bitterly and said, "His Majesty's twelve messengers have all died to Three Horned Beasts, let's not talk about it... I still have to inform the other generals."



  I didn't waste any time, riding the horse over to the central tent. My God-Slaying Armor was covered in Three Horned Beast blood which dripped down the Violet Heaven Cape. When I stepped in, the fresh blood merged with the red carpet, and I walked beside Lochlan step by step. I cupped my fist and said, "Greetings, Your Majesty!"

  Lochlan gave a gentle smile, "Master Li, there is no need for such politeness."

  I didn't say much, I turned around and stood still. Luo Xun was right opposite me.

  After a while, the various generals all arrived. Even Drunken Spear, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword all came. Everyone at the major rank was allowed to join in. A bunch of guards wearing golden armor stood outside the tent — they held up their spears and there was a solemn atmosphere. Like if any of us did anything wrong, we would be pulled out and killed.

  "Your Majesty."

  The guard captain said softly, "All the generals are here."

  "Okay." Lochlan stood up and waved the cape behind him. He looked more and more like a ruler and he hollered, "The North invaded us and they are really aggressive. Thanks to generals fighting to the death for us, we are able to survive for now. Luo Ding and Lei Ding wouldn't give up. There might be even more intense battles after this. Do you generals have anything to suggest?"

  Fang Ge Que walked over and cupped his fists, "Since we can't settle it with a long battle, why don’t we take drastic measures!"

  Lochlan's eyes flashed brightly before it disappeared, "What does General Fang mean?"

  Fang Ge Que said, "Since we can't crush them head-on, why not we send a bunch of people from the east to burn their grain? Without food, they would also collapse."

  Lochlan nodded, "That makes sense. Which general is willing?"

  Louis frowned, "This... this is a little inappropriate, isn’t it?"

  Lochlan looked toward me, "Master Li, what do you think?"

  I cupped my fist and smiled, "Fang Ge Que's words make sense. This is a good method, but what I am afraid of is that most of the Vanguard Army are Death Spirits. Do they even have grain?"

  Situ Xin smiled, "Your Majesty, based on what I know, they don't consume grain. Their food comes from the battlefield."

  "Come from the battlefield?" Lochlan, Fang Ge Que, and I were all stunned.

  Situ Xin cupped his fist and said, "Yes, Your Majesty. I personally saw them consuming the bodies of our soldiers. As long as there is war and death, they won't be hungry."

  Lochlan felt a chill down his spine and said, "Damn that Vanguard Army!"

  Luo Xun said, "Your Majesty, Luo Ding has already lived for tens of thousands of years and is an old man. He was the first to enter the Holy Domain. Therefore, he should have become one of the gods. With his intellect, he won't fall for our tricks. We can only fight him head-on and use blood to protect the survival of the humans."

  Lochlan's eyes were filled with praise, "What Father is saying is true. Which army should block the next wave?"

  Les cupped his fists, "Your Majesty, the Violent Thunder Army has suffered heavy losses and we can't be the vanguard any more."

  Louis also said, "The Fire Axe Army also suffered many losses."

  Luo Xun said, "Your Majesty, we suffered one attack from a Three Horned Beast and lost tens of thousands. We are currently resting up. However, if you choose Rongdi Army, we are willing to serve the Empire!"

  Lochlan frowned and said, "This.... forget it. The Rongdi Army's duty is to defend Waterfront City and we can't lose them all here. The Rongdi Army doesn't need to fight, just defend the right wing."

  Luo Xun relaxed, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

  A few seconds later, his eyes swept over one of the generals and he said, "General Shenglin, General Shenglin, are you here?"

  Instantly, a general wearing red armor carrying a Country Protecting General token walked out, "I am here, does South Protecting King have any orders?"

  I recognized this Shenglin. After Owen died, with his Country Protecting General identity, he took up the role of Xia Yu Army General. He was one of the powerful generals in the Empire.

  Luo Xun said, "The Xia Yu Army has 4 thousand cavalry and 40 thousand infantry after the rebuild. After the training, it is time to use them. Why not let them block the next wave? Does General Shenglin have the confidence to fend them off?"

  Shenglin's face turned ashen white. His body shuddered a little but he still cupped his fists and said, "We take His Majesty's salary so we must worry about his safety. We are willing to fight to the death for the Empire!"

  I frowned. The Xia Yu Army had most of their old troops after all the battles, and the newly-rebuilt army did not have much strength. Their training also couldn't be as good as the Royal Army’s. To let them block an army even stronger than the Three Horned Beasts? That was just asking them to die.

  After Shenglin said that, Major Ye Lai behind him was unhappy. Ye Lai brought a bunch of main [Judgment] players to join the Xia Yu Army. Now he managed to become a major. He held his axe and walked out. He smiled, "South Protecting King, don't you think this is a little too much? You hold over 200 thousand troops and are afraid to fight, letting the Xia Yu Army with only 80 thousand newbies fight their main force. You purposely want us to be wiped out, right?"

  Luo Xun's eyes turned cold and he said, "General Ye's words are too much. When did I say I wanted to harm the Xia Yu Army?"

  Shenglin scolded, "Ye Lai, don't act out of hand. Should you be saying such things to the South Protecting King?"

  Ye Lai had an explosive temper. He pointed at Shenglin and scolded, "You want to let the 80 thousand soldiers turn to corpses and let them serve as your way up to the Commander in Chief, right? In your dreams! I won't fight for people like you!"

  Shenglin was furious, "Men, drag Ye Lai down. Remove all his roles in the Xia Yu Army!"

  The few soldiers outside charged in and attempted to take Ye Lai down. Ye Lai wasn't someone to be taken easily — his axe was raised up, flames shining from it. [Judgment]'s Babel Buddha Lieutenants also unsheathed their swords. It looked like they were about to revolt.

  I quickly raised my hand and hollered, "Stop, golden-armored soldiers back off. Who asked you to come in?!"

  The bunch of them were stunned as they looked at me and then at Shenglin. They cupped their fists, "Commander in Chief, if you have anything then call us in..."

  Shenglin's face crumbled and he said, "Suiding Duke, what is the meaning of this? Does lecturing my men have anything to do with you?"

  I smiled, "Shenglin, as the Xia Yu Army General who was once under Owen, don't you feel any connection to it? You are willing to see them all get wiped out? If that is the case, then why don’t you step down? Let Ye Lai take over."

  Shenglin was stunned and knelt towards Lochlan, he kowtowed, "Your Majesty, I really don't know what I did wrong. Why does the Suiding Duke want to take my position? If I did anything wrong, please punish me, there is nothing I can say!"

  Lochlan looked toward me with a wronged expression, "Master Li, this is?"

  I turned towards him and cupped my fist, "A commander that doesn't cherish the lives of his troops is an irresponsible one. To a certain extent, he isn't good enough to be their general. However, I am not in the position to take his power away so I hope you can care for the lives of the troops and let the Rongdi Army send 100 thousand men to assist the Xia Yu Army. The 180 thousand should be enough to block the next wave. The Rongdi Army is also huge. Even without the 100 thousand, they can still protect you."

  Lochlan was stunned. He didn't expect I would say that. He looked towards Luo Xun, "Father, what do you think?"

  Luo Xun gritted his teeth but he couldn't argue. He could only say, "I am willing to listen to Your Majesty's arrangements!"

  Lochlan smiled, "Good, then let's follow what Master Li said. The Rongdi Army will send 50 thousand cavalry and 50 thousand infantry to block the next wave along with the Xia Yu Army!"



  Everyone left. The Sea of No Return had many hidden waves, the flapping sails signaled the arrival of the next wave.

  After walking out, Ye Lai chased up and smiled, "Xiao Yao, thank you. F***! The NPC Generals are so stupid, just like pigs, I also can't scold them. How annoying!"

  I smiled, "You are too explosive! Otherwise, why would you only be a major now? Oh right, do you want to be the Xia Yu Army General?"

  Ye Lai's eyes lit up, "Of course. If I control it, at least 200 Dragon Crystal Cannons would be under me. At that time, who would dare to attack [Judgment]?"

  I smiled, "F***, you are thinking about abusing power even before taking the position. I really look down on you!"

  Ye Lai laughed and suppressed his voice, "Speaking of which, Xiao Yao, are you really able to make me the General?"

  I nodded, "As long as Shenglin dies, I will try my best to make you their No.1. Of course, if even Shenglin dies then the Xia Yu Army probably won't be left with much. You must prepare to rebuild it like what Drunken Spear did."

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