Chapter 93 - Fire Beacon Helmet
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Zhan Long Chapter 93 - Fire Beacon Helmet

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Chapter 93 – Fire Beacon Helmet

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TL: The cliff hanger’s worse than the last… This is definitely the last chapter for today!


[Wind Blade] shoots a blue whirlwind at Corpse Chief’s body. With a violent scream, the Corpse Chief is almost sliced in half. The severed arm’s meaty flesh and bones are crawling with maggots. Truly disgusting. But apparently, such a swift and fierce blow still isn’t enough to kill him. The boss is at 0%, but a sliver of HP still remains. Let’s finish him!

“Take him down!”

[Flying Dragon]’s leader rushed over, once again raising his staff and firing the second promotion spell [Pillars of Fire and Ice] at my feet!



By using [Heal] in advance, my HP didn’t plummet. At the same time, on the cliff side, Who’s Blue and Not Yet Red were simultaneously healing me while evading the two Knights chasing them. I barely had enough HP to survive.

“F*ck off!”

A lvl 41 Berserker’s axe begins to dance, as [Flame Axe] ignites on the axe’s edge. [Flying Dragon] has quite a few elite players with the second promotion.

With a calm mind, I see clearly. Hearing the sound of the axe falling behind me, a MISS appears. I had successfully dodged the [Flame Axe]! That type of attack is too obvious. It’s no surprise that I was able to dodge it. And yet, by unsuccessfully attempting to attack me, his name changes color. Quickly, the level 41 Berserker runs out of hp under my stream of attacks.


The boss’ tomahawk comes whirling over!

I suddenly duck down, so fast that I barely escape the boss’s attack. Behind me, the tomahawk hacks into a Lv 43 Berserker’s forehead and 1407 damage figure appears. Somehow, this didn’t kill him. Either his gear is very good or he’s put a lot of points into endurance.

My Jade City Sword slashes at his throats, instantly killing him. No red names because his name is already gray.


Turning around, I raise my sword and continue to attack. We need to kill this boss. On the cliff side, the Mage and most

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