Chapter 93 - Fire Beacon Helmet
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Zhan Long Chapter 93 - Fire Beacon Helmet

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Chapter 93 – Fire Beacon Helmet

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TL: The cliff hanger’s worse than the last… This is definitely the last chapter for today!


[Wind Blade] shoots a blue whirlwind at Corpse Chief’s body. With a violent scream, the Corpse Chief is almost sliced in half. The severed arm’s meaty flesh and bones are crawling with maggots. Truly disgusting. But apparently, such a swift and fierce blow still isn’t enough to kill him. The boss is at 0%, but a sliver of HP still remains. Let’s finish him!

“Take him down!”

[Flying Dragon]’s leader rushed over, once again raising his staff and firing the second promotion spell [Pillars of Fire and Ice] at my feet!



By using [Heal] in advance, my HP didn’t plummet. At the same time, on the cliff side, Who’s Blue and Not Yet Red were simultaneously healing me while evading the two Knights chasing them. I barely had enough HP to survive.

“F*ck off!”

A lvl 41 Berserker’s axe begins to dance, as [Flame Axe] ignites on the axe’s edge. [Flying Dragon] has quite a few elite players with the second promotion.

With a calm mind, I see clearly. Hearing the sound of the axe falling behind me, a MISS appears. I had successfully dodged the [Flame Axe]! That type of attack is too obvious. It’s no surprise that I was able to dodge it. And yet, by unsuccessfully attempting to attack me, his name changes color. Quickly, the level 41 Berserker runs out of hp under my stream of attacks.


The boss’ tomahawk comes whirling over!

I suddenly duck down, so fast that I barely escape the boss’s attack. Behind me, the tomahawk hacks into a Lv 43 Berserker’s forehead and 1407 damage figure appears. Somehow, this didn’t kill him. Either his gear is very good or he’s put a lot of points into endurance.

My Jade City Sword slashes at his throats, instantly killing him. No red names because his name is already gray.


Turning around, I raise my sword and continue to attack. We need to kill this boss. On the cliff side, the Mage and most of the Healers that the Generals invited are almost dead. All the pressure is on me.

The Jade City Sword dances as a constant stream of strikes land onto the boss. Finally, on the third normal attack, the Corpse Chief lets out a scream and falls.


Gold coins spill out and I rise to Lv 44, a sudden 2 level jump. The Purple tier Boss’s are certainly generous.

At the same time, I reach to pick up the loot: a scarlet helmet, an edged axe, and…….. there is a blood orange tablet, that’s…. d*mn, the first Guild Creation Tablet!



Holding the token firmly, the several items are stuffed into my bag. The quest is finished!

Not yet!

An [Ice Blade] pierces me through the chest. From behind, a [Flying Dragon] Lv 41 Swordsman’s 1,128 damage [Ice Blade] is a critical hit. At the same time, their leader yells: “Kill him!”

Again, [Pillars of Fire and Ice] hits. Under my feet is scorching hot, as well as a frigid sensation. The next moment, my whole body loses all feeling and I died?!

Dropping to Lv 43, immediately as my spirit leaves my body and I see the blood orange tablet burst out and fall to the ground. Soaring Dragon picks it up and laughs: “Wow, the first Guild Creation Tablet!! Hahaha, with the first Guild Creation Tablet, my [Flying Dragon] guild will start the journey to become the world’s best!! Wonderful!!!”

In the team chat, I yell, “Who’s Blue, what are you waiting for? Revive me, now!”

On top the mountain’s barrier, a scream is heard and Not Yet Red falls. Who’s Blue emerges from the cliff side. With a sword piercing her chest and only 17% HP remaining, she uses the last of her strength to cast——[Revive]!



50% HP/MP. I suddenly appear in my previous spot. My Jade City Sword’s [Combo] explodes on to Soaring Dragon’s Mana Shield with a “bang, bang, bang” and I yell: “Bullying scum. Die!”

His shield began to twist; the toughness decreased. Soaring Dragon’s eyes widened and raising his wand to cast another [Pillar of Fire and Ice], he doesn’t retreat. Is this guy so arrogant that he thinks he can kill me?

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you’ll either break through my shield and kill me or die here like a dog,” he laughs.

I swing my sword. After dying once, all my cooldowns are refreshed. Let’s go, [Strength of Thousand Men]!

“Bang bang bang……”

The heavy sound of the successive hits. Apparently, Soaring Dragon did not take into consideration that skill cooldowns disappear after reviving. Under [Strength of Thousand Men], his Mana Shield’s durability sharply drops. How can my attack power be even compared to that of a normal swordsman? “Bang” my ram collides and knocks both him and the shield back, causing a moment of brief dizziness.


[Wind Blade], charging up!

Suddenly the impact from [Wind Blade] breaks through his Mana Shield. Under the force of my [Strength of Thousand Men], Soaring Dragon is continuously pushed back, until his back is against the cliff side.


My Silver Locked Boots burst across the ground. I must kill him. Ice crystals fluttering, I use [Fierce Ice Blade]!


Blood spurts out of the huge hole my Jade City Sword makes in his chest and the damage number floats out——


A clean hit. There’s practically no chance for him to heal. This is the strength of a swordsman.


I reach out and grab the blood orange tablet that dropped. Trying to withdraw, I feel a sharp pain and smell gunpowder. The musketeers rain down a round of bullets…

In addition to [Chilling Wind] spells, [Ice Cones] are also fired at me. With both my knees hitting the floor, I kneel down and die!

In spirit form, I immediately check my inventory. Damn, my bronze helmet had dropped but none of the items from the boss had dropped. The two pieces of equipment and the tablet were still there. Having high charm is just too nice!


I appear in the graveyard, in spirit form, with General Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Bai Qi by my side. They stare wide-eyed at me: “Xiao Yao, you were killed off, too? Falling back down to Lv 42, you’ve died twice?”

I stretch out my hands, smiling: “This is the standard outcome. I’m used to dying…….”

Li Mu tightening a fist, says: “How’s the situation?”

I smile, taking out an blood orange token from my bag and wave it in my hand: “Guess what this is?”

“Guild Creation Tablet!” Li Mu’s eyes almost burst out. Wang Jian, Bai Qi, and Lian Po all jump up too!

I laugh: “ No, this is the Sacred Fire Tablet……”

“Go to hell!”

“Hahaha, it’s your turn to pay……”

“Ah, of course!”


“First, we need to resurrect. All of [Flying Dragon] will probably be busy guarding your body“ Li Mu whispers.

I nod: “Ah, they’ll definitely guard mine, because they know I have the stuff. For now the Sacred Fire Tablet………Oh no, the Guild Creation Tablet cannot be traded to you. First, we need to find a way to resurrect. Let’s look at the situation before we talk further!”


The group rushes back and the shadow of being completely annihilated by players dissipates with the Guild Creation Tablet.

I appear in the graveyard and sure enough, [Flying Dragon]’s members are now densely clustered around and guarding our bodies. Even Soaring Dragon has revived. Holding his wand, he angrily shouts: “Get in formation! Assassins spread out. Be prepared for them at any time. Do not give them the opportunity to use the City Return Scrolls. We’ll stay here guarding their bodies for 24 hours if we have to!”


“Boy, how ruthless, 24 hours…….” Li Mu grins.

I also smile: “Then let them guard us for 24 hours. [Flying Dragon] can’t leave their whole guild here to watch over us. When the guards number less than 30 people. We’ll revive and kill them. Then, we’ll see who should fear whom!”

General Bai Qi laughs: “Yes, who’s afraid? Let’s kill them all!”

“Xiao Yao, just a moment ago, that boss seems to have dropped equipment. What was it?

Looking into my bag, I take both the crimson helmet and the axe out. With a wave of my hand, the helmet’s properties appear above——

【Fire Beacon Helmet】(Purple-Tier Equipment)

Type: Armor




MP resistance:magic damage reduction by 2%

Extra:Increases attack power by 4%

Level Requirement:45


One look at its properties and I’m shocked. Damn, just the defense from a mere helmet is higher than the Shield of the Broken Army’s. If a Lv 45 player were to get a set of this kind of Purple Tiered armor, wouldn’t they be as thick as iron? Nice!

“Damn, a Purple Tiered helmet!!!” Li Mu’s eyes widen. Laughing: “Congratulations, Xiao Yao. This is godlike quality armor, ah, it also increases your attack power by 4%. Your 1,000 attack now increased by 40 points. Great!”

I am a little embarrassed: “This…… I guess I’ll accept……”

General Wang Jian sincerely says: “Following our agreement, of course it belongs to you. No worries. Look at the other one!”


I glance at the axe and smile: “A gold-tiered axe……”


【Proud Heaven Axe】(Gold-Tier Equipment)




Extra:Increases attack power by 5%

Extra:Ignores 2% of target’s defense

Level Requirement:45


Bai Qi’s eyes burn: “Damn, 590 damage!”

I glance at the equipment rankings, and my Jade City Sword has fallen to third place. Surely nothing more can be said about this axe’s power.

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Carrying the Proud Heavenly Axe, I say: “If we’re distributing based on use, since I cannot use axe type weapons, how about I give it to Bai Qi?”

Li Mu decidedly shakes his head: “No. We aren’t Jian Feng Han. This kind of weapon definitely doesn’t come cheap. From start to finish, it was you, Xiao Yao, who almost single-handedly fought this boss, so Bai Qi does not deserve to wield this Proud Heaven Axe. Xiao Yao, you’re not a rich man. Sell the axe and exchange the gold for RMB. You’ve never been cruel to us, and you’re still willing to give the Guild Creation Tablet to us. You know, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration for the Guild Creation Tablet to be worth at least a million RMB.”

I purse my lips: “Ok. I’ll listen to you. I’ll sell it, since right now I’m quite short on money….”

Bai Qi laugh: “Ah, understood!”

Wang Jian looks in the distance at the [Flying Dragon] players, with a twisted brow: “How long are these bastards going to guard our bodies for?”

I ponder: “ Only God knows……”


A few minutes later, with a “Di”, a message from the beautiful Miss Cang Tong: “Xiao Yao, I hear you and the General Family’s bodies are being guarded by some pitiful kids from [Flying Dragon]?”

“Oh god, bad news spreads way faster than good news…….”

Lin Wan Er sends a smiley face: “Right now, I am second-in-command of [Hero Mound]. I can immediately mobilize 500 people to come rescue you. Okay?

I protest: “No. A real man doesn’t take hand outs. I can’t let you come..”

Lin Wan Er keeps silent for a few seconds, then says: “I want to save people. That’s all. Do you expect me to stay on the sidelines and do nothing? Wait and watch [Flying Dragon] get swept away!”

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