Chapter 92 - Good Things in Life
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Zhan Long Chapter 92 - Good Things in Life

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Chapter 92 – Good Things in Life
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Damn it!

The moment when Soaring Dragon appears, everyone’s hearts dropped. Soaring Dragon, a player of the Ba Huang City leaderboard, is better known as Ba Huang City’s #1 mage. From level 1, he’s been at or near 3rd place on the leaderboard and this player is the guildmaster of [Flying Dragons]. Looking at Ba Huang City, there are basically 3 major guilds battling it out, [Prague], [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragons] and then there’s [Wrath of the Heroes] on the side.

But no one would have guessed that [Flying Dragons] would ignore all the boss rules and bring 100+ people to steal our near-death boss.



General Li Mu’s face looks horrible and he angrily says, “We…Xiao Yao and us got it to the verge of death and now…now we just let them take it?!”

General Lian Po draws and fires his bow, looking with a cold expression and says, “Li Mu, you’re our boss. Go down and stall [Flying Dragons] for a bit. Xiao Yao and us will work hard to quickly finish off the last 6% of the boss. This’ll take around 3 minutes. Get us 3 minutes!”

Li Mu nods, takes his sword and goes down the hill. Facing the large group of [Flying Dragon] players all by himself, he puts his sword on his shoulder and smiles “My friends from [Flying Dragon], what are you trying to do?”

Within the crowd, a berserker comes out. He holds his battle axe and he has the leaderboard emblem for Ba Huang City. Ranked 7th, it’s Fierce Tiger. He rushes towards Li Mu and laughs, “Li Mu, we are here because of a friend. They were only halfway through killing the boss and they couldn’t kill it anymore. We are here to finish up their job. Please leave this area, we don’t want to be troubled by you.”

Li Mu frowns, “What friend? They entrusted you to finish this up?”

Soaring Dragon raises his staff and bellows, “We received Tyrant of Western Chu’s invitation to kill the boss and now you’ve taken the boss that was originally ours. I have nothing more to say, leave now or face the consequences.”

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He glances at the boss’s HP bar and the killing intent in his eyes burn brighter.

General Ba Qi yells, “Ha! Finish the boss? We fought this boss from 100% HP to now, you [Flying Dragons] are obviously trying to steal the boss! As one of China’s top 10 guilds, you do such underhanded things? Ha!”

Soaring Dragon steps on the ground with one foot and instantly a [Mana Shield]’s golden glow surrounds his body, guaranteeing within a certain amount of time he will take no damage. It’s a skill gained from the second promotion, a mage with [Mana Shield] is pretty much guaranteed to not die for a while. I heard this morning, a level 40 berserker attacked a level 40 mage and after 14 hits, the level 4 [Mana Shield] broke. I cannot imagine how tough the shield is.

He raises the staff and with a whoosh, ice and fire appear and twirl!


The glow of fire and ice appear under Li Mu and pushes him back a few steps and also taking away 900+ HP. This is the power of the top class mages. Against warrior type players, they can pretty much kill after 2-3 attacks. When a level 40 mage has [Mana Shield], they are the #1 enemy of heavy armor type classes!

“Damn it…”

Li Mu backs a few steps and a whiff of frost forms on his battle boots; that’s the slowing effect of the [Pillar of Ice and Fire]. Li Mu is ranked 3rd in Ba Huang City while Soaring Dragon is ranked 4th but the difference in strength isn’t too huge.

With eyes full of anger, Li Mu drinks a health potion and says while grinding his teeth, “You shameless [Flying Dragon] guild, you really don’t know any shame!”

Soaring Dragon’s eyes are cold, “What are you waiting for? Kill all the players that aren’t with our guild. This Purple-tier boss is ours!”


Li Mu pulls out his heavy sword and raises his head. With a proud tone, he laughs, “Come! I’ll die, but I will let you bunch of people know. A game might be a game but a person’s heart is the same. A person who bullies the weak will never be strong and only scum bully. I, Li Mu, hold the most contempt for people like you!”


In the hill, General Wang Jian takes his sword and jumps down. He yells, “Ba Qi, come with me, we’ll go help Li Mu! We’ll leave the boss to Xiao Yao and Lian Po!”

I strike on the boss’s head and nasty blood spurts and splashes everywhere. I say, “You all be careful, try your best not to die. It’s really too hard to train your level these days!”

Wang Jian holds his longsword and laughs, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, to be able to be friends with you is really a good thing in life. Sadly you can’t come with us and die in battle!”

With a clang, air whooshes from my feet and it also starts to glow, I use [Strength of a Thousand Men] on the boss’s chest. I laugh loudly, “Don’t worry, if you all die then I won’t be able to live either. [Flying Dragon] isn’t merciful at all, but before I die, I will kill a few more scum!”



“Kill Li Mu first!” Soaring Dragon waves his staff around and attacks with [Rock Spikes] at Li Mu’s leg. The chain of damage numbers that pop up are extremely terrifying and in a blink, the #3 Li Mu is in a critical condition!



A hired healer heals Li Mu from afar and it barely pulls him back.

Ba Qi raises his battleaxe and screams while charging. The axe cuts into a monk’s shoulder and with a spin of his body, Ba Qi uses a level 5 [Flame Axe] + [Fire Axe] to attack continuously. The monk cries out and dies like that. It can’t be helped, berserkers’ explosive damage are extremely strong. Ordinary attacks can do 800+ HP and with [Flame Axe] an attack can do over a thousand!

Soaring Dragon’s eyes go cold and says, “Fierce Tiger, hurry and kill General Ba Qi!”

On the side, Fierce Tiger rushes up and rams into Ba Qi. With a clang, both of them get knocked back a few steps and while being knocked back, an [Icicle Spell] hits Ba Qi’s chest. He gets slowed significantly and also drops 774 health. Soaring Dragon’s magic attacks are powerful and accurate!


Fierce Dragon takes his battleaxe, goes up and uses [Flame Axe]!



Ba Qi’s defense is horrible and after [Flame Axe], he falls with a groan and becomes this battle’s first blood!

As soon as Wang Jian sees Ba Qi die, he rushes out and yells, “Boss!”

The sword’s edge sticks to the ground as he runs!


Wang Jian’s attack forces Fierce Tiger off balance and his battleaxe flies wildly. Before allowing Fierce Tiger to stabilize himself, Wang Jian violently strikes at Fierce Tiger. The swordsman’s strength is in no way inferior to his opponent and Fierce Tiger staggers back. He panics and yells, “They’re concentrating their attacks on me, heal me!”

Plenty of healers from [Flying Dragons] heal him and healing numbers appear all over Fierce Tiger.


A shadow sweeps past and a glow pushes away the small grass. General Li Mu holds his heavy sword and activates B-rank combo——[Absolute Authority]!


Under the continuous attacks, Fierce Tiger’s HP also continuously drop and after being knocked up into the air by Li Mu, he receives a heavy strike as he comes down. At the same time, a golden hexagram also appears on Wang Jian’s sword and with 4 strikes, his attack fit perfectly into Li Mu’s and kill Fierce Tiger!



Soaring Dragon groans since he could only watch as he sees Fierce Tiger being killed without helping. He can only wave his staff and [Pillar of Fire and Ice] appears under General Wang Jian’s legs. Following quickly after, 7 musketeers fire their guns and shoot at the same time!





As the closely connected damage numbers fly up, Wang Jian falls disappointingly; his chestplate is filled with bullet holes. He dies just like that under the gunfire of the opponent!

Li Mu heart aches again and taking his sword, he decisively goes in. His sword cuts through a musketeer’s neck and combined with the attack of the pet, the musketeer dies instantly. Li Mu doesn’t stop and heads towards a mage with 40% HP. With the slash of his sword, he stabs through the mage’s chest and he kills yet another player.


Soaring Dragon bellows and casts [Rock Spikes]. Li Mu groans, falls and dies. He also drops a leg guard.

“Kill them all and take the boss!”

Under the command of Soaring Dragon, dozens of players suddenly rush forward.

General Lian Po grinds his teeth, “These players are really despicable, do they really not care what others see [Flying Dragons] as?”

I hit the hips of the boss and say, “They only know that the winner rules all and they probably don’t care how others look at them. Boss still has 2% HP left, keep this up and use everything!”

General Lian Po mutters, “I can’t keep this up. I’ll stall them for a bit, I’ll hand this to you Xiao Yao!”

After saying that, the old archer rushes out and pulls his bow. With 3 bangs, he uses the second promotion skill [Triple Arrow] to attack and finishes low players in a blink. His movements are also very nice, after shooting he randomly runs so that the musketeers can’t do anything to him.


“Damn…” Soaring Dragon blinks and raises his staff, “Focus fire!”

With a whoosh, a [Icicle] flies over and lands on Lian Po’s shoulders. Several swordsmen rushes forward and attack him. The old General is only an archer, how can he take this close-ranged battle? He falls with a cry and all 4 Generals get killed.


Cutting the boss, I look at its HP and it’s at the last 1%…


With two cries, [Flying Dragon]’s dozen of swordsman and berserkers enter and start annihilating our healers and mages. How can ranged classes take these kinds of attack? They die instantly!


“The boss is almost dead! Hurry and kill the boss but focus fire on Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” Soaring Dragon yells and at the same time he waves his staff and casts [Pillar of Ice and Fire] between me and the boss!


Ouch. I stiffen at the damage, the top-class mages’ attacks are really scary!

Without any hesitation, I command Bobo to start attacking. At the same time, a glow surges under my leg, [Strength of a Thousand Men]. I’ll use everything on this and put all my hope in this S-rank combo!

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