Chapter 92 - Good Things in Life
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Zhan Long Chapter 92 - Good Things in Life

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Chapter 92 – Good Things in Life
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TL: Last chapter before the “retirement”, I’ll still post chapters while in studying but the updates will be much less frequent, maybe at most 1 chapter per day… Sorry!

Damn it!

The moment when Soaring Dragon appears, everyone’s hearts dropped. Soaring Dragon, a player of the Ba Huang City leaderboard, is better known as Ba Huang City’s #1 mage. From level 1, he’s been at or near 3rd place on the leaderboard and this player is the guildmaster of [Flying Dragons]. Looking at Ba Huang City, there are basically 3 major guilds battling it out, [Prague], [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragons] and then there’s [Wrath of the Heroes] on the side.

But no one would have guessed that [Flying Dragons] would ignore all the boss rules and bring 100+ people to steal our near-death boss.



General Li Mu’s face looks horrible and he angrily says, “We…Xiao Yao and us got it to the verge of death and now…now we just let them take it?!”

General Lian Po draws and fires his bow, looking with a cold expression and says, “Li Mu, you’re our boss. Go down and stall [Flying Dragons] for a bit. Xiao Yao and us will work hard to quickly finish off the last 6% of the boss. This’ll take around 3 minutes. Get us 3 minutes!”

Li Mu nods, takes his sword and goes down the hill. Facing the large group of [Flying Dragon] players all by himself, he puts his sword on his shoulder and smiles “My friends from [Flying Dragon], what are you trying to do?”

Within the crowd, a berserker comes out. He holds his battle axe and he has the leaderboard emblem for Ba Huang City. Ranked 7th, it’s Fierce Tiger. He rushes towards Li Mu and laughs, “Li Mu, we are here because of a friend. They were only halfway through killing the boss and they couldn’t kill it anymore. We are here to finish up their job. Please leave this area, we don’t want to be troubled by you.”

Li Mu frowns, “What friend? They entrusted you to finish t

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Novel Notes

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