Chapter 91 - Journey Full of Misfortune
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Zhan Long Chapter 91 - Journey Full of Misfortune

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Chapter 91 – Journey Full of Misfortune
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“This Boss seems to be a berserker type.” Li Mu takes a deep breath: “A level 57 Purple Tier Boss. This one should be stronger than the General of Everlasting Wind. Xiao Yao, will you be able to tank through this?”

I look at my character panel. My palms begin to sweat: “I don’t know. It depends on how lucky I am. If the Boss lands continuous critical hits then even god would not be able to defend against that, let alone me.”

General Ba Qi lifts up his battle axe: ”Doesn’t matter. If you cannot withstand it then I will take your place.”

I shoot him a glance: “You wouldn’t last that long. As a berserker, your defense hasn’t even reached 600.”

Ba Qi scratches his nose: “I know….”

Behind me Who’s Blue says: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, are you ready?”

I mutter: “Ok. I’ll go first as our tank. For the first 30 seconds mages and musketeers do not attack the Boss. Let me go alone and then a healer will heal me back to full. Everyone have your pets summoned to surround the Boss and don’t let it rampage!”


Hexagons shimmer in the canyon. Only 11 pets were summoned. Most of them were Bumble Bees, Vampire Bats and other low end pets.They would not be able to tank the boss but at least they can divert its attention for a bit.

Gripping my Jade City Sword tightly, I am still unsure if this is going to work. As I slowly walk towards the Boss, I say: “Healers follow me and spread out. Don’t get too close. Stay at least 30 yards from the boss. Be careful, the Boss might have a ranged attack!”

As I approach 4 hexagons begin to glow on my Jade City Sword. I activate my LV 5 [Combo] and attack the monster!






It’s defense is pretty high but I was still able to do 1100+ damage. I raise my blade and activate a LV 1 [Fierce Ice Blade]. With a laugh I stab at the Corpse Chief’s body. Ice begins to freeze around his body and slows his speed. I then rush forward and start my custom

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