Chapter 91 - Journey Full of Misfortune
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Zhan Long Chapter 91 - Journey Full of Misfortune

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Chapter 91 – Journey Full of Misfortune
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“This Boss seems to be a berserker type.” Li Mu takes a deep breath: “A level 57 Purple Tier Boss. This one should be stronger than the General of Everlasting Wind. Xiao Yao, will you be able to tank through this?”

I look at my character panel. My palms begin to sweat: “I don’t know. It depends on how lucky I am. If the Boss lands continuous critical hits then even god would not be able to defend against that, let alone me.”

General Ba Qi lifts up his battle axe: ”Doesn’t matter. If you cannot withstand it then I will take your place.”

I shoot him a glance: “You wouldn’t last that long. As a berserker, your defense hasn’t even reached 600.”

Ba Qi scratches his nose: “I know….”

Behind me Who’s Blue says: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, are you ready?”

I mutter: “Ok. I’ll go first as our tank. For the first 30 seconds mages and musketeers do not attack the Boss. Let me go alone and then a healer will heal me back to full. Everyone have your pets summoned to surround the Boss and don’t let it rampage!”


Hexagons shimmer in the canyon. Only 11 pets were summoned. Most of them were Bumble Bees, Vampire Bats and other low end pets.They would not be able to tank the boss but at least they can divert its attention for a bit.

Gripping my Jade City Sword tightly, I am still unsure if this is going to work. As I slowly walk towards the Boss, I say: “Healers follow me and spread out. Don’t get too close. Stay at least 30 yards from the boss. Be careful, the Boss might have a ranged attack!”

As I approach 4 hexagons begin to glow on my Jade City Sword. I activate my LV 5 [Combo] and attack the monster!






It’s defense is pretty high but I was still able to do 1100+ damage. I raise my blade and activate a LV 1 [Fierce Ice Blade]. With a laugh I stab at the Corpse Chief’s body. Ice begins to freeze around his body and slows his speed. I then rush forward and start my custom combo [Strength of a Thousand Men]. After three strikes I ram my shoulder into the Corpse Chief’s abdomen and stomp hard on the ground. I slash at him with my LV 5 [Wind Blade] and the Boss loses 900+ health. My proudest skill!


After my blade first touches him, I’ve already let out a bunch of continuous attacks. The level 57 Purple tier Boss even took a few steps back when I rammed into him. Bellowing loudly with a face full of complete hatred, his 4 hands begin swinging randomly. One of the hands is holding a sword and another one is holding a hammer. The two hands smash down at the same time. Dammit, because the boss has many arms, he can strike me with multiple attacks simultaneously!

“Bang Bang”

My Dawn Chestplate trembles. Above my head two damage numbers appear——




Seeing the numbers my heart almost stops. With only two normal attacks I almost died! I quickly use [Heal] and recover 750 health. At the same time Who’s Blue and Not Red Yet both use [Heal] on me causing my Hp to fill up.


As I slowly recover my strength, the Boss quickly moves forward. His abdomen fills up and pushes out. A “Bang” sound appears as he hits me!


My whole body recoils back and for 2 seconds, I am completely disoriented. This must be the Boss’s skill —— [Merciless Strike]!

“Quick, treat me. Use [Homeostasis]!” I urge the group.

Fortunately within 1 second of [Merciless Strike] hitting, many healers wave their staffs, and immediately my HP goes back above 1000.

After the disorientation, I quickly summon Baby Bobo and we attack together. My [Combo] comes off its 6 second cooldown so I activate a LV 5 [Combo]. [Combo] doesn’t use much MP: a LV 5 [Combo] only uses 25 MP. So I use the highest Level of [Combo] freely.

As blood splashes forth, an unbearable stench from the blood enters my nose. As the main tank against this monster, I definitely am not an average person, this scent can kill!! The Corpse Chief bellows loudly and swings at me while using [Merciless Strike].


General Li Mu tightens his grip on his sword. He stands at the edge of the fight watching us with a stunned expression. He purses his lips: ”Dammit! Even Xiao Yao with 872 defense takes that much damage. If it were me,…. I don’t even want to imagine it. This level 57 Purple tier Boss indeed surpasses us by a lot. Luckily we brought a lot of healers or else we would have been beaten already!”

General Lian Po raises his longbow and aims at the Boss. With a “woosh” sound he fires an arrow that knocks off a part of one of the Boss’ arms.


Blood starts flowing out of the hole and the Corpse Chief’s attack are delayed by 0.2 seconds. This gives me a chance to recover; this old veteran isn’t bad. The 50+ year old curls his lips downwards: ”Don’t lower your guard! I just looked at the forums and learned that the Corpse Chief has a special ranged attack. It starts using it when its health falls below 50%. We need to be careful. The special attack wiped out the idiotic group of [Wrath of the Heroes] 3 times. It is its final desperate attack…”


With one cut I slice off a chunk of flesh from the Corpse Chief’s arm. I ask: “Uncle Lian Po what is the attack called? What happens when this thing uses it?”

Lian Po shakes his head: “Umm, the dead [Wrath of the Heroes] members are not saying. Right now I can’t find any information about the Boss’ special attack. We can only keep going forward and hope for the best!”

“Ok. Mages begin your attack! Be careful not to use up all your MP!” I duck down and a Miss appears as the Corpse Chief swings at me with his axe. I twist my sword and say: “Healers also take note of your MP. Do not waste your heals by healing when I am almost full. Make sure I am missing the amount that you are healing.”

Not Red Yet pouts: “You speak as if that is easy. Your health falls like a waterfall. If we stopped treatment you would have been dead awhile ago.”

I think for a bit and laugh: “Do as you wish. Just limit the usage and remember to use the mana pills. Don’t use up all your MP.”

“Relax we all have experience in this.”



Almost 20 minutes have passed since we started this fight. The Boss’s health finally reaches 50%. The mages, Baby Bobo and my damage output are all surprisingly high. My damage output was especially high because the Jade City Sword is second on the leaderboard. It might not be able to compare to the Heavenly Plan Sword which is number one but its damage output is good enough for this boss.

“Everyone be careful.” Li Mu raises his long sword. He looks around at the Boss’s surrounding. He was afraid to jump in in fear of breaking my attack rhythm. If my attack rhythm breaks, we could all be dead within minutes.

The Corpse Chief snarls loudly and raises all 4 of his arms. Suddenly inside the sandy canyon, a red marking 30 yards from the Boss appears, his attack range is quite far! I immediately raise my sword and start slashing while activating [Strength of a Thousand Men]. I continuously hack at the Boss as my health slowly falls——




Most of my HP disappears in a flash even though I immediately used [Heal] on myself when my health started dropping. The Boss finally reveals his special attack —— [Desert’s Scar]. His special attack’s range is 30×30 yards. Unfortunately, with a cry 3 healers and an assassin fall to the ground. 9 damage numbers spring up and all 4 die!

“F*ck….” Li Mu’s eyes turn red: “Healers quickly [Heal] Xiao Yao!”

Who’s Blue uses [Heal] once more and my health almost goes back to full.

General Wang Jian grips his sword and clenches his teeth: “F*ck. It killed 20% of our group with one special attack. How are we going to do this…..”

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General Lian Po says: “Hold your positions. Continue healing Xiao Yao. The rest of us continue attacking. Start measuring the time so we can discern the cooldown of the Boss’s special attack. Pay attention to what will trigger it.”

I raise my eyebrows: “Just now the 3 healers were too close. That was probably what caused the [Desert’s Scar] attack. Everyone, scatter out more!”


The group of mages and healers spread out even more. This should prevent triggering the Boss’s [Desert’s Scar] attack.


After 25 seconds a second [Desert’s Scar] attack comes and a mage dies to it. There was no difference between this attack and the last one. It seems like the spell locks onto a player!

“Bah…” Li Mu’s complexion turns purple: “If it kills one person every time it uses that skill, everyone will be dead within 10 minutes. What can we do? We need to figure out a strategy to react to the Desert’s Scar attack…”


I clash my sword with the Boss’s battle axe. Taking a few steps back, I avoid the Boss’ [Merciless Strike]. I clench my teeth: “Quickly think of something!”

Li Mu hurriedly says: “I was asking you to think of something. Now you ask me to think of something. It’s up to you…”

I fight while thinking of some strategy: “You think. I told the 13 remaining people in our group to spread out!”

General Lian Po lifts his head and looks at the surrounding. He thinks for a bit and points to the cliff walls: “Destiny is coded so that firing downhill gives a 50% range increase while attacking uphill causes a 50% range decrease. Xiao Yao, lure the Corpse Chief closer to the cliff walls. The range attackers of our group will go up to the mountains and stay 50 yards from the boss. Mages use [Icicles] now. Healers will also climb up the cliff later”

I nod: “Everyone take turns climbing the mountain. Healers keep healing me.”

Who’s Blue and Not Yet Red says: “Lose health first. We’ve already healed you to full.”


With a strategy drawn up, a few archers start climbing up the mountain. I fight while retreating back to the cliff wall. After Who’s Blue and Not Yet Red climb the mountain, the Boss finally decides to use [Desert’s Scar] for me. The Desert’s Scar attack makes a “Keng Keng Keng” sound as it hits the stone tablet on my back. Rays of light blossom from the tablet. It seems like it is satisfied from being hit by the Boss.

Time slowly ticks on. Not long afterwards, the Boss’s HP finally falls to 7%. We could hear everyone’s heartbeat. A level 57 Purple Tier Boss being brought down with one try; the items that it will drop should not be bad. It is even possible that everyone will get something good.

“Not good….”

On the mountain General Lian Po looks out in the distance. He says: “At least one hundred players are coming. Why are there players coming here? We were hiding ourselves so well!”


At the Ferocious Demon Canyon entrance many people stream in. In front of the group stood a 28 year old player with a Gold Tier staff. His face was filled with scars. He smiles and laughs: “How lucky. Our work has been almost done for us…. “

My heart sank glancing at the words above the player’s head——

ID:Soaring Dragon Lv 43 Mage

Unique Title: 4th in Ba Huang City

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