Chapter 90 - Corpse Chief
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Zhan Long Chapter 90 - Corpse Chief

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Chapter 90 – Corpse Chief

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“Pay attention to your healing. The General is about to die.” Li Mu says it excitedly, with his eyes wide open.



A large damage number appears over my head as the Skeleton General’s final desperate attack hits. Fortunately, I have enough health to withstand the attack, I don’t want to think of the other possible outcome…

“Mages, stop your attacks!” General Lian Po yells out: “Xiao Yao gets the last hit on the Boss. We agreed on it before the fight started and we do not go back on our word!”

Immediately, the group of mages and musketeers all stop attacking. I see my MP is only a little over 200 so I eat a Indigo Sea Pill and activate a Level 5 [Strength of a Thousand Men]. The custom combo hits the Skeleton General’s body and a river of blood flows from his chest as he dies. In less than 8 minutes, we took down a level 52 Gold rank Boss!


My experience bar increased by 40%. Directly killing the Boss really does give a lot of experience. Rumor has it that Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao keep themselves on the leaderboards by getting the experience from last hitting Bosses. They grind on many Silver and Bronze ranked Bosses everyday while I have to grind on normal monsters. I guess it’s unavoidable that they’re a higher level than me since they have many followers while I am a solo swordsman.


The Skeleton General collapses and items burst forward on the floor. I scan the items once and take a few steps back, pointing to the pile with a smile: “ Li Mu, this was your boss. So, why don’t you distribute the items?”

Li Mu chuckles and nods. Walking up to the pile, a flicker of disappointment runs across his face. The rare Guild Creation Tablet did not drop. Still, Li Mu gathers a large pile of equipment, turns and says with a large smile: “Now, I will divide up the equipment drops.”

【Black Wind Chestplate】:

Level 42 Silver Tier

Defense 117


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