Chapter 90 - Corpse Chief
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Zhan Long Chapter 90 - Corpse Chief

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Chapter 90 – Corpse Chief

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“Pay attention to your healing. The General is about to die.” Li Mu says it excitedly, with his eyes wide open.



A large damage number appears over my head as the Skeleton General’s final desperate attack hits. Fortunately, I have enough health to withstand the attack, I don’t want to think of the other possible outcome…

“Mages, stop your attacks!” General Lian Po yells out: “Xiao Yao gets the last hit on the Boss. We agreed on it before the fight started and we do not go back on our word!”

Immediately, the group of mages and musketeers all stop attacking. I see my MP is only a little over 200 so I eat a Indigo Sea Pill and activate a Level 5 [Strength of a Thousand Men]. The custom combo hits the Skeleton General’s body and a river of blood flows from his chest as he dies. In less than 8 minutes, we took down a level 52 Gold rank Boss!


My experience bar increased by 40%. Directly killing the Boss really does give a lot of experience. Rumor has it that Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao keep themselves on the leaderboards by getting the experience from last hitting Bosses. They grind on many Silver and Bronze ranked Bosses everyday while I have to grind on normal monsters. I guess it’s unavoidable that they’re a higher level than me since they have many followers while I am a solo swordsman.


The Skeleton General collapses and items burst forward on the floor. I scan the items once and take a few steps back, pointing to the pile with a smile: “ Li Mu, this was your boss. So, why don’t you distribute the items?”

Li Mu chuckles and nods. Walking up to the pile, a flicker of disappointment runs across his face. The rare Guild Creation Tablet did not drop. Still, Li Mu gathers a large pile of equipment, turns and says with a large smile: “Now, I will divide up the equipment drops.”

【Black Wind Chestplate】:

Level 42 Silver Tier

Defense 117

Attack + 25

Magic Power + 11

Increases defense by 0.5%

【Inked Jade Staff】:

Level 44 Silver Tier

Female mages only

Magic attack 170 – 255

Magic power +27

Strength +18

Increases magic attack by 2%

【Falling Rain Boots】:

Level 42 Silver Tier cloth armor

Defense 49

Magic power +25

Agility +17

Increases magic attacks by 0.7%.

“Xiao Yao, would you like the 【Black Wind Chestplate】? Level 42, Silver tier?” Li mu asks.

I stand next to the Boss’s corpse and shake my head: “No, my chestplate is Gold tier.”

Li Mu laughs: “Ok, I should have known. If it wasn’t Gold tier, how would you have enough defense to tank the Boss? Then the Generals will take this chestplate. Ba Qi, Wan Jian; You two should discuss it amongst yourselves as to who should get it.”


Li Mu picks up the 【Inked Jade Staff】: ”This is a female spell casters only Staff. Sadly, we only have male mages. What should we do with it?”

I think for a bit and propose a solution: “Why not let Who’s Blue and Not Red Yet roll for it? I know it’s for mages but the +27 magic power and 18 strength is what healers need too.”

“Ok, you guys roll for it.”

After a few minutes, the 【Inked Jade Staff】 goes to Not Yet Red. She smiles as if she just tasted something sweet.

The last equipment, the 【Falling Rain Boots】, goes to a level 39 male mage who rolled for it. Sadly, this item seems wasted as he could not even equip it because his level is too low.

“And there are 25 gold coins here. Let’s divide it evenly” Li Mu kept a fair sense of equality and justice in this lawless game.

I look at the leader board for Ba Huang City. After killing the Boss, I gained a lot of experience. Although I have not leveled up, I did enter the top 10 but my rank is still far from rank one and two; those two level up at an astonishing speed.

Yao Zhao Warrior Level 44 Class: Swordsman
Jian Feng Han Level 44 Class: Swordsman
General Li Mu Level 43 Class: Swordsman
Soaring Dragon Level 43 Class: Mage
Yue Qing Qian Level 43 Class: Assassin
Simple Level 43 Class: Mage
Fierce Tiger  Level 42 Class: Berserker
Xiao Yao Zi Zai Level 42 Class: Tomb Guardian of Dragon City
General Wang Jian Level 42 Class: Swordsman
Yue Wei Liang Level 42 Class: Assassin


Li Mu stands next to the Boss’ dead corpse. He looks at the leaderboard and purses his lip: “Damn it. Jian Feng Han has already reached level 44. If he keeps this pace, he will reach 45 by today. I heard that he didn’t go offline last night so he gained thousands of experience from the Fan Shu City buff.”

I couldn’t help but smile: “This was inevitable. The first Purple tier item is in his hands, but his level is too low to use the sword so he must be pretty anxious to level up.”

General Wang Jian sees us, comes up and pats my shoulder: ”Brother Xiao Yao don’t let something like that bring you down. It is only a Purple tier sword. Someday, a better one will drop.”

I calmly say: “It’s not that I didn’t get the Heavenly Plan Sword. To think that someone like Jian Feng Han has the sword, just doesn’t feel right to me.”

General Ba Qi carries his battle axe and also comes over: “Boss, do we go hunt more or go back to the city to rest a bit?”

Who’s Blue purses her lips: “Why rest? I haven’t even used many health or mana pills. Who would think that with Xiao Yao Zi Zai, a Gold ranked Boss didn’t even aggro to me once.”

Li Mu lifts his hand as his eyebrow tenses up: “Everyone, wait a second!”

“What’s up?” Wang Jian asks with surprised expression.

Li Mu doesn’t answer us. It seems he is in a private chat with someone.

After a few minutes, Li Mu dusts himself off and looks at us with a craze in his eyes: “Brothers, pack everything up. We are leaving immediately. We are going just north of Ferocious Demon Canyon!”

“Ferocious Demon Canyon?” I tilt my head: “What’s over there?”

Li Mu lowers his voice: “I just heard that [Wrath of the Heroes] sent 400+ players to kill a Boss at Ferocious Demon Canyon. From morning till now, they have all been wiped out 7 times. They were just wiped out again a couple minutes ago. The Tyrant of Western Chu finally decided to give up on fighting this Boss. So, let us give it a go!”

Wang Jian balls his fist: “Crap! Even with 400 players, they couldn’t do it. We only have 20. How can we?”

“What do you think, Xiao Yao?” Li Mu looks at me.

I grip my Jade City Sword tightly and smile: “I will ask one thing, what Level and rank is the Boss?”

“Level 57, Purple Rank….” Li Mu’s voice slowly fades out.

“I’ll go.”

I take a deep breathe to fix my breathing. Suddenly balling my fist, I say: “Let us stop talking and go. I just need the healers to [Heal] me well and we can go fight the Boss. Once we are there, we need to confirm that the boss doesn’t have any special skills and then we can start fighting!”

“Ok!” Li Mu laughs: “You really welcome difficult challenges!”

“It’s not that. I just want a Purple Tier item, that’s all.”

“ …. “


As we exit Ba Huang Forest and quietly arrive at our destination; the mountain’s cold air blows at our faces. I look around and see a triangle entrance to a canyon. The mountain range is unusually rugged; It looks like a ferocious demon face. I guess that is how the canyon got its name.


I lift my hand to block Li Mu from exiting the forest.

After a minute, a group of players with worn-out armor run out of the canyon entrance. Clearly, they are [Wrath of Heroes] players. Tyrant of Western Chu, Piggy, and Ageless Beauty are in the group. Their complexions are pale and ugly. The Tyrant of Western Chu is at level 39. It is obvious that the Boss inside of the canyon is really strong.


“Are we going to give up with this? I don’t want to….” Ageless Beauty furrows her brow.

Tyrant of Western Chu grips his sword tightly and faintly says: “Dear, let us not be anxious. Let us reach level 45 first before we try again. This is too hard for us and our guild has suffered too many losses. We will need to regroup and train a bit more first.”

Piggy says in a low voice: “We used 40+ [Heal]s. It wasn’t that the [Heal]s were not effective; it was that our main tank could not tank enough. Dammit, a level 41 monk dies so quickly to the Boss….”

Ageless Beauty says: “1000 defense should have been enough and he was at 1200+ defense.”

“Even if he could tank it….” Tyrant of Western Chu clenches his teeth: “The 1000 attack was not enough. The monk’s [Mountain Strike] only did 100 damage. Controlling aggro was too difficult. The first 5 times that we died was due to our tank’s fault. I don’t know what else to say.”

Ageless Beauty: “……”


Soon, another group of people leave the canyon.

Li Mu’s group and I crouch behind an underbrush and watch as the procession leaves. Wang Jian grips his sword firmly and whispers: “Already 200 people have passed by, I think the rest will directly resurrect back in the city. Should we go now?”

Li Mu nods: “Let’s see. The strategy is still the same as before. Xiao Yao is the primary tank, the rest are supports! We must quickly dispatch this Boss! I don’t want to spend too much time on this; otherwise someone else might find this place, [Wrath of Heroes] couldn’t beat this Boss, but with our strategy, we will!”


Raising the Jade City Sword out of the forest, I look around one more time and confirm that there are no more stragglers. I hold out my hand and beckon to my team. Our squadron of 20 peoples faces chilling wind of Ferocious Demon Canyon and proceeds. Within minutes, everyone entering the canyon could hear a ferocious demon shriek. The few females in our group turn pale; this map design is rather vicious.


Within Ferocious Demon Canyon, it was a complete mess. All along the walls held the remnants of a fight. Vestiges of dead bodies of players remained scattered on the floor. Inside the stone canyon, the grassy ground was alight with fire from mage spells. The valley was filled with rubble. In the middle, there was a large crouching monster letting out a small roar. Its clothes were in tatters.

“Is that…… a Boss?” General Li Mu’s voice shivers.

Looking carefully, I see a large creature. Clearly, it was a type of humanoid monster. Covered everywhere with twigs and steel poles penetrating through rough patches of skin, the monster had 3 heads and 4 arms stitched to his abdomen. A rotten stench comes from its intestines and filled the air. Holy crap, this Boss is emitting an intensely foul odor!

【Corpse Chief】(Purple Rank Boss)





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Description: Corpse Chief is formed by countless evil spirits and doesn’t have a heart so it’s extremely savage. Even dark mages of the Dark Forest fear this ferocious monster. It was said that the Corpse Chief is very difficult to kill. In ancient times, even a legions of troops was destroyed when they fought the Corpse Chief

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