Chapter 89 - Skeleton General
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Zhan Long Chapter 89 - Skeleton General

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Chapter 89 – Skeleton General

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On the morning of the next day, I painfully sit through the morning classes and accompany Wan Er and Cheng Yue to lunch, then we all hurry up and connect online. All sorts of major guilds are planning to attack bosses, and all of them don’t want to fall behind others.



1 o’clock in the afternoon, I appear in the middle of Ba Huang City. With a tick, General Li Mu sends a message, “Xiao Yao, you’ve finally came online! Hurry up and prepare, we’ll meet up in the northern plaza of Ba Huang City. We’ve found a boss!”


I take my sword and get over there. I notice the Generals surrounded by a dozen players. Including me, there are exactly 20 players in this group and there are ton of healers; There are 9 healers, but without this many to heal me, I probably can’t take all the damage up.

“Here comes Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Wang Jian smiles, “Damn, already level 42 now. His leveling speed is something!”

I shoot a glance at my shoulder and a golden Ba Huang City emblems appears on it. My ranking is same as usual——Ba Huang City’s #10 player. Lowest ranking again… I look towards the ground, smile and ask, “Is everyone ready?”


General Li Mu nods and says, “I didn’t even dare drink any beer today to avoid affecting my game reaction speed. Everyone had already gathered around here at 12:20 and we were waiting on you!”


I walk up, and I scan over our team——4 mages, all male, the highest is already level 40, 1 level 39 musketeer, 1 wind spirit assassin, pretty similar to Wan Er in class and race, but this person pales in comparison… As for the the healer group, the healer lowest level is 37, the rest are level 38-39, and sadly there’s only one level 40 promoted healer——

ID: Who’s Blue LV-40 Silver Healer


Her age is probably less than 20, and beside her, there’s a level 39 female healer as well, called “Not Red Yet” and I’m guessing that they’re playing together. To get to this level is already pretty good since t

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