Chapter 89 - Skeleton General
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Zhan Long Chapter 89 - Skeleton General

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Chapter 89 – Skeleton General

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On the morning of the next day, I painfully sit through the morning classes and accompany Wan Er and Cheng Yue to lunch, then we all hurry up and connect online. All sorts of major guilds are planning to attack bosses, and all of them don’t want to fall behind others.



1 o’clock in the afternoon, I appear in the middle of Ba Huang City. With a tick, General Li Mu sends a message, “Xiao Yao, you’ve finally came online! Hurry up and prepare, we’ll meet up in the northern plaza of Ba Huang City. We’ve found a boss!”


I take my sword and get over there. I notice the Generals surrounded by a dozen players. Including me, there are exactly 20 players in this group and there are ton of healers; There are 9 healers, but without this many to heal me, I probably can’t take all the damage up.

“Here comes Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Wang Jian smiles, “Damn, already level 42 now. His leveling speed is something!”

I shoot a glance at my shoulder and a golden Ba Huang City emblems appears on it. My ranking is same as usual——Ba Huang City’s #10 player. Lowest ranking again… I look towards the ground, smile and ask, “Is everyone ready?”


General Li Mu nods and says, “I didn’t even dare drink any beer today to avoid affecting my game reaction speed. Everyone had already gathered around here at 12:20 and we were waiting on you!”


I walk up, and I scan over our team——4 mages, all male, the highest is already level 40, 1 level 39 musketeer, 1 wind spirit assassin, pretty similar to Wan Er in class and race, but this person pales in comparison… As for the the healer group, the healer lowest level is 37, the rest are level 38-39, and sadly there’s only one level 40 promoted healer——

ID: Who’s Blue LV-40 Silver Healer


Her age is probably less than 20, and beside her, there’s a level 39 female healer as well, called “Not Red Yet” and I’m guessing that they’re playing together. To get to this level is already pretty good since there aren’t many healers in Ba Huang City that have had their second promotion, maybe at most 100 players. To have their second promotion is already very good by itself…

“You should have [Healer Advent] and [Revive] right?” I ask.

Who’s Blue nods, “Mm, I have it and I spent a lot of money on it, so I accepted this job…You’re that Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Looking at you…you don’t seem that powerful…Why are Tyrant of Western Chu and Jian Feng Han so scared of you and hate you?”

I put my sword on my shoulder and smile, “You’ve got it wrong. They aren’t scared at me at all but rather they really want to kill me. Since we’re prepared, then let’s go. When we are killing the boss, everyone spread their healing times apart. 6 second cooldown, so everyone should heal me every second. You and Red, you two should have pretty good healing control right? Try to do some tight healing, right after the boss attacks me for the first time, heal me, so it will almost nullify the damage.”

“Mm, I understand.”

“Let’s go! Lead the way Li Mu!”

“Okay, let’s go!”


Our group majestically leaves Ba Huang City. General Li Mu leads a group of DPSs and I lead a group of healers. All 9 healers are in my party. Since I am probably the main tank, it’ll be better for them to all be in the same party so there won’t be anytime when I won’t get healed causing the attack group to collapse.

As we walk deeper and deeper, Li Mu carefully looks around us, squints his eyes and smiles, “There aren’t any assassins following us right?”

I blink my eyes, “I think you’re overestimating yourself guy. [Vanguard], [Prague], [Flying Dragons] and [Wrath of the Heroes] all went and found bosses to kill; where would they find the time to follow us? Also, we are only 20 people here, who do you think we are…”

“Although you are correct, it does hurt our pride a bit…”

“Oh yeah, to create this group, how much did you spend?”

Li Mu coughs, moves closer to me and mutters, “The most expensive ones were those healers, Blue and Red those two. I spent 50 gold coins on them both, buy one get one free type of thing. The rest are the 7 healers, I spend 5 gold for battle costs, and the other mages are 10 gold per day. This is already pretty cheap, and the rest are people I know so they’re free.”

I’m shocked, “Did you promise them anything?”

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“Mm, cloth type armor, or magic type equipment are given to mages, healing type equipment is given to Blue, and the rest we decided within ourselves. So that’s how it is…”

I nod, “Yep, that’s the best way to prevent any arguments. This time…Even if a Purple-rank equipment is dropped, we need to give it to them. We only have one life, and trust is very important.”

Li Mu smiles like he understands everything, “Mm, that’s how it should be!”

“So who’s our target for this afternoon’s battle?”

“Level 52 gold-rank boss, [Skeleton General]. It’s in a hidden place in the Ba Huang Forest so we should hurry up and get there. It was just discovered barely an hour ago, so there shouldn’t be anyone there yet. According to the Ba Huang City player contract, whoever sees the boss gets rights over the boss. Only until the first group of players get extinguished can the other players follow up and attack. So…we should get there as soon as possible.”

“Mm, but I don’t have a good feeling about this. Level 52 gold-rank boss, the drop chance for the Guild Creation Tablet is less than 1%. With our luck, I’m afraid…coughcough”

“Don’t jinx it, hurry up ….”


Ba Huang Forest, the main forest surrounding Ba Huang City, also the main level training area for players. There are countless maps in Ba Huang Forest and over 80% of Ba Huang City’s currently online players are scattered in Ba Huang Forest.

“It’s ahead, no one’s found it out yet!” General Wang Jian yells, “My assassin friends told me its here, hehe…”

The whole group rushes forward and goes through the shrubs. Indeed, in the dark and wet forest, a blood-red named boss stands there with a battle axe in his hand. A full body of red armor with a body of white bones. Also, long white hair extends from his helmet. Perhaps in his previous life, he was some good looking guy…

【Skeleton General – Wang Lin】(Gold-rank Boss)

Level: 52

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Skills: ???

Description: The death king hidden deep in the forest, he has a battle axe sharpened from a pile of dried up bones…


“Skeleton General…” I mutter.

General Li Mu raises his sword and stands next to me, “Xiao Yao, what’s the plan? You can direct us, against bosses you should be much more familiar than me. ”

I nod and smile, “Hm. This level 52 gold-rank boss wouldn’t be able to instantly kill me with my 1683 HP; this much is certain. But the only thing is the boss’s high cooldown skills. If it uses some explosive damage skill then there’s a chance that I might be killed, so Blue has to prepare the [Revive] skill. If I get killed, then you have to revive me within 2 seconds. If I revive within 2 seconds, then the aggro will still stay on me, or else the boss will rampage all over and everyone will get trampled by it. Remember, reviving me is very important…”

Blue nods, “Mm, Xiao Yao don’t worry, I will remember!”

“Then that’s good…” I grasp my sword and say, “Then I’ll prepare to go now. When my HP reaches 40% then heal me. I’ll do the first heal myself to lock in the boss’s aggro then after that just don’t let me die. Doing all that, we’re pretty much guaranteed that we can finish this boss off.”

Li Mu pats my shoulder, “Mm, you be careful and good luck on getting the Guild Creation Tablet drop!”



I summon Baby Bobo, take my sword and enter the shrubbery. My sword shines, and with a whoosh I use [Fierce Ice Blade] on the Skeleton General. This although this Skeleton General is a boss, it doesn’t have too good of an AI. It waves its axe and starts to retaliate, but its body is already been stabbed by the [Fierce Ice Blade] and as frost was forming on its body, a huge damage number also pops up——


Very good, my attack damage is good enough to break through its defense. Just as I finished the previous strike, I lean down, and punch the ground with my left fist. With a clang steel chains break through from the ground, and it latches onto the General’s ankles. At the same time a glow appears from my feet, my S-rank combo is coming——[Strength of a Thousand Men]!

A chain of damage numbers appear, and the first 3 strikes knocked the boss’s battle axe away, and my [Wind Blade] dealt over 800 damage in one strike!


The Skeleton General bellows, and raises its battle axe again with flames on it. Damn, it’s the second promotion skill for players, [Flame Axe]!


I feel a wave of pain on my shoulder and my entire body feels like it got compressed for half a meter. My body sinks down, and a damage number flies up——


That’s good, since this is a gold-rank boss, the damage is far less scary than General of the Everlasting Wind, which could easily require thousands. My 872 defense isn’t just for show; many top-class monks and knights at this stage also have around this amount of defense.

I eat another axe, and my HP reaches 50%. I immediately wave my hand and cast a level 5 [Heal]!



The instant the [Heal] was cast, a blood-red glow rose from the Skeleton General. It enters an angered state and the battle axe focuses on me. Indeed, because of my healing, 90% of all aggro is on me.


Under rays of light, the 9 healers behind me continuously recover my health. Li Mu also took his longsword and yells, “Start the ranged attacks!”

Mages start to chant their spell and at the same time, I also yell, “Mages watch your MP, don’t use it up!”

The group of people nod.

I also pay attention to my own MP. I need to make sure that I can still use [Heal], so out of all my attacking skills, I only use level 5 [Combo] and only use level 1 skills for the rest of them. My 656 total MP can only allow for 4 level 5 [Fierce Ice Blade]s, so use level 1 [Fierce Ice Blade]s. Although the slowing effect is a bit worse, that’s not a huge problem.


In less than 5 minutes, the Skeleton General’s HP is already 70% gone and cries and whines come from it. My HP hasn’t even gone under 30%, while I fought very safely. Even if the General uses all its skills, I can still hang on.

After 7 minutes, the boss only has less than 5% HP remaining, and we start the final battle!


Blue smiles lightly, “0 Aggro changes, 0 overheals, 27 missed boss attacks, waa, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is strong as the rumors say, the Gold-rank boss doesn’t even know what to do…”

General Wang Jian holds his long sword and laughs, “Of course, or how else could Xiao Yao kill the Purple-rank boss without dying?”

I look at the boss’s HP bar and don’t say anything. I only hope that when he dies he drops a Guild Creation Tablet, so we can prove that we are not the “losers”!

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