Chapter 88 - Dragon’s Tomb Shin Guards
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Zhan Long Chapter 88 - Dragon’s Tomb Shin Guards

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Chapter 88 – Dragon’s Tomb Shin Guards

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“Woosh… …”

As the chilling wind whistled inside the Dragon’s Tomb, I wrap the [Ice Fire Cloak] tighter around my body. Carrying the Jade City Sword and with Baby Bobo by my side, I slowly advance. Before me, as far as the eye could see, were countless dragon bones. The dragon’s skeleton glows with a faint luster. This must be the dragon soul Karl mentioned. Before their deaths, the dragons must have swallowed everything, including gold and gems. Presumably, the bones have inherited some of that wealth.
Growing underneath every dragon bone, tall unknown weeds with black leaves emit a faint aroma.
“Sha sha……”

Suddenly, the weeds rustle, and a small green dot shows up on the mini-map. Ah, a monster has appeared.
“Baby Bobo!”
Hearing my order, Baby Bobo rushes out, and fires a level 4 [Combo] at the underbrush.
“Shua shua shua… … ”

Before the [Combo] could finish, an ugly hunchbacked demon around half a meter high jumps out. It has six legs, four of which it uses to run. The other two legs it uses as arms. It clutches a dragon’s bone between its sole two arms and begins to flee.

I quickly rush after it, firing [Fierce Ice Blade]!


After the strike, the monster’s attributes appear—

【Tomb Imp】(Elite-rank Monster)

Level: 45

Attack: 450-700

Defense: 400

HP: 3000

Abilities:【Steal bones】【Cut】【Penetrating Strike】

Description: Tomb Imps, small demons that live most of their lives underground. The species is on the fringe of extinction and because of their desire for shiny treasures rich in souls; they will often excavate graves, attracting a lot of hatred.


I blink. Elite ranked?! Great, in addition to normal monsters, elite monsters also appear here. Compared to normal monsters, elite monsters are on a whole new field and of course, their rewards are also on a whole new field.
“Pi pi…”
A layer of frost forms under the Tomb Imp’s feet. With a hit from [Fierce Ice Blade], its movement speed steeply dro

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