Chapter 87 - Dual Sword Style
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Zhan Long Chapter 87 - Dual Sword Style

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Chapter 87 – Dual Sword Style

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How very despicable!

In front of the beauties, this Zhou Mu wanted to use me as a stepping stone to show off? This behavior was so despicable. Even if he wanted to attract Lin Wan Er’s attention, he did not need to challenge me to a spar. And also…. after the incident at the company, her beautiful arcs kept me up every night. I could not lose face in front of Lin Wan Er….

At that moment, I glanced over at Lin Wan Er. I was surprised when I saw her looking back at me. Her cheeks turned slightly pink as she looked at me with eyes filled with resentment. In a low angry voice, she said: “Xiao Yao, you pervert….”

My heart sank, as it became clearer and clearer; Lin Wan Er seemed to be able to sense what people were thinking…. Could this be Mind Reading?!

This won’t do. I couldn’t lose face anymore, not in front of Lin Wan Er. To Dong Cheng Yue, I seemed strong; Today, I would win!

I stood up and put down my milk tea, smiling: ”Okay. Since Zhao Mu invited me so kindly, I will join you in a spar. Let’s be careful and not injure each other…”

Zhao Mu laughed: “Don’t worry, I won’t injure you.”

I furrowed my brow. These people were really egotistical. No wonder the swordplay club was just one big violent group!

Wang Ran’s eyes grew wide: “Li Xiao Yao, can you do it? Zhao Mu’s North Star Style is unrivaled among the swordplay club. Even I can’t beat him.”

I nodded: ”Don’t worry!”

“Then… which weapon would you like? A bamboo sword?”

“Okay, Give me two!”


“Yes, two bamboo swords!”

“Ah, ok…”

Wang Ran personally handed me two bamboo swords. Holding them in my hand, they seemed so

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