Chapter 87 - Dual Sword Style
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Zhan Long Chapter 87 - Dual Sword Style

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Chapter 87 – Dual Sword Style

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How very despicable!

In front of the beauties, this Zhou Mu wanted to use me as a stepping stone to show off? This behavior was so despicable. Even if he wanted to attract Lin Wan Er’s attention, he did not need to challenge me to a spar. And also…. after the incident at the company, her beautiful arcs kept me up every night. I could not lose face in front of Lin Wan Er….

At that moment, I glanced over at Lin Wan Er. I was surprised when I saw her looking back at me. Her cheeks turned slightly pink as she looked at me with eyes filled with resentment. In a low angry voice, she said: “Xiao Yao, you pervert….”

My heart sank, as it became clearer and clearer; Lin Wan Er seemed to be able to sense what people were thinking…. Could this be Mind Reading?!

This won’t do. I couldn’t lose face anymore, not in front of Lin Wan Er. To Dong Cheng Yue, I seemed strong; Today, I would win!

I stood up and put down my milk tea, smiling: ”Okay. Since Zhao Mu invited me so kindly, I will join you in a spar. Let’s be careful and not injure each other…”

Zhao Mu laughed: “Don’t worry, I won’t injure you.”

I furrowed my brow. These people were really egotistical. No wonder the swordplay club was just one big violent group!

Wang Ran’s eyes grew wide: “Li Xiao Yao, can you do it? Zhao Mu’s North Star Style is unrivaled among the swordplay club. Even I can’t beat him.”

I nodded: ”Don’t worry!”

“Then… which weapon would you like? A bamboo sword?”

“Okay, Give me two!”


“Yes, two bamboo swords!”

“Ah, ok…”

Wang Ran personally handed me two bamboo swords. Holding them in my hand, they seemed so light compared to my Xiao Hei; they were as light as toys.

TL: Xiao Hei is Xiao Yao’s sword in real life

Zhao Mu gripped his bamboo sword with both hands. His eyes were filled with confusion: “Two swords? Did you think that having another sword will make you stronger?”

I laughed a little: “It is not like that. These bamboo swords are too light. With two, I can control the speed much better. However, it does hit harder.”

“Ba!” Zhao Mu said angrily: “Then I will give you a taste of the North Star Style’s most fearsome strike!”

Holding one bamboo sword in each hand, the blades became an extension of myself. With a faint smile, I said: “You only know that North Star Style’s most fearsome strike is the strike: Killing Intentions. You probably don’t know that the North Star Style came from Japan learning China’s Tang Dynasty’s swordsmanship. You also probably do not know China’s Han Dynasty’s borderland warriors use a dual swords style!

Zhao Mu coldly said: “Dual sword style? Okay, let us see if this Dual sword style is as impressive as it sounds….”

At the same time, loud sounds came from outside of the swordplay club. Many of the girls that were watching the basketball competition decided to come over. All of them had their eyes wide open like curious little babies.

“Wow, Isn’t that guy ‘Maniac Killer’ Zhao Mu? Who is he dueling?”

“A student that I don’t know, dual swords though…. wow, he looks very handsome holding two swords….”

“Its gonna be a good show.”

I wrinkled my brow and whispered: “Wang Ran, could you please close the club door?”

Wang Ran nodded. She quickly ran to the door but there were so many girls outside that Wan Ran couldn’t close the door. On the other hand, after they saw showdown here, everyone would probably leave.

“Can we start? Come!” I impatiently said.

Zhao Mu took a deep breathe and charged toward me while roaring loudly. Holding the blade with both hands, he rushed towards me with small steps. Suddenly, he quickly thrust the blade at a weird angle, aiming at my underarm. This is the North Star Style!

Twisting my wrist, I turned over my right hand. “Pah!” I blocked his blade with mine. Then I leaned forward and struck!


Zhao Mu retreated a few steps and his complexion turned purple.

On the sidelines, the students stared on with dumbstruck eyes: “Wow, Zhao Mu’s attack was blocked? What kind of reaction speed does he have?”

I spread my two swords. With a slight laugh, I said: “Good, a blitz attack!”


My sports shoes stamped on the ground and I sprung forward as fast as lightning. Afterwards, the dual blades began to dance!


Zhao Mu immediately yelled out. He carelessly tried to block my attacks by placing his bamboo sword horizontally in front of his chest but he could not block my attacks. The dexterity of dual blades was incomparable to a single sword and I used almost every skill I knew from the Dual sword style to harass Zhao Mu.

“Pah! Pah! Pah!”

I left behind marks on Zhao Mu’s clothes as I swung my swords. Within 3 seconds, my swords hit him at least 29 times!

3 minutes later…


I threw both swords on the ground and turned around to look at Lin Wan Er. Smiling, I said: “Miss, let’s walk around the garden once and then go to the cafeteria for food. It doesn’t seem like we have time to go to the library.”

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue both stared at me with their mouths wide open with amazement. Apparently, this was the first time these two girls had seen me show off my swordsmanship.

Wang Ran was more amazed by me than the two girls. She understood the basics of Dual Sword Style but what I displayed was beyond the basics. Every second, I executed 10 different attacks which was almost at the human limits. It was only natural that I had to train and train until I reached this state.

“Li Xiao Yao….”

Wang Ran ran up and grabbed my wrist. A pair of beautiful eyes looked up at me: “Would… would you please join the swordplay club?”

“I can’t. I just met you.”

Zhao Mu stood there disappointedly, with a hurt expression.

Slowly pulling out my hand, I gave Wang Ran an apologetic look: ”Sorry, I am already in a club. That is why I cannot join the swordplay club.”

Wang Ran’s jaw dropped: “What club are you in?”

I said forcefully: “Table tennis!”

“Ah?” Many expressions crossed Wang Ran’s face: “Such an amazing swordsman. How can you be in the table tennis club?”

Lin Wan Er started to laugh.

Dong Cheng Yue narrowed her eyes. Looked like someone was a rising star in table tennis.

As we left the Swordplay club, a fall wind blew through and the two beauties’ short skirts fluttered lightly in the wind. I thoughtfully placed my palm on Lin Wan Er’s back.

“Li Xiao Yao, what do you want to do?” Lin Wan Er suddenly turned and looked at me.


I raised my head and smiled: “I want to help the Generals get the first Guild Creation tablet. I wonder how they will thank me.”

Lin Wan Er pursed her lips. With a small laugh, she said: “You want something too far out of your reach. Level 50+ Gold bosses do not fall so easily. I heard that from all three of the big cities, Jiu Li City, Fan Shu City, and Ba Huang City, teams were sent to kill the boss. More than 100 divisions were wiped out. One guild suffered incredible damages; they sent 500+ people to fight a level 57 Purple-ranked Boss. After 5 rounds, everyone fell below level 40. While they were trying to gather people to fight the boss again, the Boss just flew away….”

“Pfff…” Dong Cheng Yue stifled a laugh.

I remained silent for a second. “Okay, if the Generals cannot find another healer like Darling Duck that will come then it might be hard. I require a 2nd promoted healer to cast level 5 heals in addition to my own level 5 heal to be able to tank it. Killing a Gold-rank Boss ought to be a bit more easier but they rarely spawn.”

Lin Wan Er nodded: “Ok. As of today, the number of dead Gold level bosses among the three cities have reached 9 but no one has found a Guild Creation Tablet yet. It is said that Gold level Bosses’ drop chance is at 0.7% and Purple level Bosses’ drop chance is around 3%. For Bosses, it seems higher rarity has higher drop chances. However, higher rarity also means tougher bosses; many players have died to them. So, you shouldn’t think about it too much.”

“Ok, I will burn an incense before confronting the Boss”

TL: In chinese culture, you usually burn incense as an offering to accompany a prayer of good health or luck.




After eating dinner, I shooed away a wave of boys from the two girls. After at the girls’ dorms, I helped Lin Wan Er send away a large male student holding a bouquet of roses. I waited until they went upstairs and checked that it was clear before I left. Every boy in Liu Hua University viewed me as an enemy. I had a bad feeling about this….

At my dormitory, Glasses was wiggling on his bed. I knew that he must be doing something intense in Destiny but in reality, he wasn’t really moving that much in real life. It was the game that was making him move, that was the only way to explain his lack of coordination. I guess this was good for him. For example, lets say Glasses kept on using his skills in game and in real life, he would wiggle, wiggle and boom he’s in the bathroom. Then, he can have an exceptional endurance because he didn’t have to log off to take care of bodily needs.


I went online and appeared within the Dragon’s Tomb. Beside me was the guardian Karl’s house but it seemed like he didn’t really welcome me with the stone door shut tight. But I needed to get a mission so I would knock until this door opened.

“Pa pa pa…….”

As I knocked on the stone door, I asked: “KARL?”


The stone door finally opened and Karl came out in his wooden wheelchair. He raised his head to look at me and with a smile of arrogance he said: “Kid, do you know why that brat Frost left you here?”

I paused: “Why?”

“To make you undergo various hardships. Maybe you can’t take them so you should get out of Dragon City.”

“It’s fine…” I proudly stuck out my chest: “Teacher, give me your assignments, I’ll be able to handle them…”

“Alright, then let’s start the first phase of your training in Dragon’s Tomb!”

Karl said: “Within Dragon’s Tomb, every dragon bone has an abundance of residual spiritual power. So, a lot of forces come and try to steal these dragon bones. Even though Dragon City has a few hundred soldiers, they are at least 20 minutes away so we must use our own power to protect Dragon’s Tomb. Recently, a bunch of tomb imps have appeared within Dragon’s Tomb and are stealing small dragon bones. We can’t allow them to disrespect the remains of the dragons so brat, your mission today is to kill 1000 tomb imps!”


System Notification: You accepted a quest to [Hunting Tomb Imps] (The current quest difficulty: A grade)

Quest Description: Enter the Dragon’s Tomb and kill 1,000 Tomb Imps and bring 100 imp skulls to the tomb’s guardian, Karl. Upon completion, you will gain a huge experience reward. But you must be careful of these cruel and murderous imps. Perhaps, you’ll be one of the corpses stolen by these demons.


Okay, looking at the task, it must be rich in experience. My goal today was to reach level 42 and help the General Family kill high level bosses.

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