Chapter 86 - North Star Style
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Zhan Long Chapter 86 - North Star Style

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Chapter 86 – North Star Style

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“You can’t leave this alone, you need to strike back right now…” Cheng Yue clenched her fists and looked at me with a determined gaze.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Wang Er looked at me with hope and also nodded.

I thought for a while and silently took out my cellphone. I found the two-part video that I had prepared. The first section was Feng Han’s promise to me that I would have priority over the equipment that I could use. The second part was the video where Feng Han killed me and the 4 Generals for that one Purple-rank sword. Combined the two, there should be nothing left for Jian Feng Han to say.



Cell phone Prompt: Upload this game video?

I quickly confirmed and named the video: 【About the Battle of the Sword and its Origin, the TRUTH is in this Video! 】

After that, I also added a description to the video: I am Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Everyone should know the truth of what happened after watching this video. Although Jian Feng Han is the guildmaster of [Vanguard] and a top-class player in the China server, he is a dishonest person. Would an honest person sell out his friends for one Purple-rank sword? I don’t want to explain too much because this video will explain it all.


It took approximately half a minute to upload and the video was on the forums.

Wan Er refreshed her page and smiled, “I’ll bump it up for you…”

Cheng Yue used her phone, “Mm, me too…”

“Thank you!”

After a few minutes, Cheng Yue raised her head and smiled, “Xiao Yao, look at this, your post is already a sticky post! Hehe, this’ll be interesting, I would really like to see what Feng Han has to say about this!”

I opened the post up and it really was sticky. After just a few minutes, there were over a thousand replies——

【Post 1 (Player Cang Tong)】: First, hello people…

【Post 2 (Player Color Pond)】: Wha, I’m not mistaken, am I? The previous post is by the #1 beauty of Fan Shu City?!!

【Post 3 (Player Color Pond)】: Yep, I’m right! The rumors are true, Cang Tong really knows Xiao Yao in reality…

【Post 4 (Player Cang Yue)】: Support Xiao Yao and defeat Jian Feng Han!

【Post 5 (Player Exiled)】: Look at the video first. This afternoon is so crazy and the truth is finally revealed!

【Post 6 (Player Piggy)】: So that’s where the Purple-rank sword came from…

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