Chapter 86 - North Star Style
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Zhan Long Chapter 86 - North Star Style

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Chapter 86 – North Star Style

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“You can’t leave this alone, you need to strike back right now…” Cheng Yue clenched her fists and looked at me with a determined gaze.

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Wang Er looked at me with hope and also nodded.

I thought for a while and silently took out my cellphone. I found the two-part video that I had prepared. The first section was Feng Han’s promise to me that I would have priority over the equipment that I could use. The second part was the video where Feng Han killed me and the 4 Generals for that one Purple-rank sword. Combined the two, there should be nothing left for Jian Feng Han to say.



Cell phone Prompt: Upload this game video?

I quickly confirmed and named the video: 【About the Battle of the Sword and its Origin, the TRUTH is in this Video! 】

After that, I also added a description to the video: I am Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Everyone should know the truth of what happened after watching this video. Although Jian Feng Han is the guildmaster of [Vanguard] and a top-class player in the China server, he is a dishonest person. Would an honest person sell out his friends for one Purple-rank sword? I don’t want to explain too much because this video will explain it all.


It took approximately half a minute to upload and the video was on the forums.

Wan Er refreshed her page and smiled, “I’ll bump it up for you…”

Cheng Yue used her phone, “Mm, me too…”

“Thank you!”

After a few minutes, Cheng Yue raised her head and smiled, “Xiao Yao, look at this, your post is already a sticky post! Hehe, this’ll be interesting, I would really like to see what Feng Han has to say about this!”

I opened the post up and it really was sticky. After just a few minutes, there were over a thousand replies——

【Post 1 (Player Cang Tong)】: First, hello people…

【Post 2 (Player Color Pond)】: Wha, I’m not mistaken, am I? The previous post is by the #1 beauty of Fan Shu City?!!

【Post 3 (Player Color Pond)】: Yep, I’m right! The rumors are true, Cang Tong really knows Xiao Yao in reality…

【Post 4 (Player Cang Yue)】: Support Xiao Yao and defeat Jian Feng Han!

【Post 5 (Player Exiled)】: Look at the video first. This afternoon is so crazy and the truth is finally revealed!

【Post 6 (Player Piggy)】: So that’s where the Purple-rank sword came from…

【Post 7 (Player Yue Qing Qian)】: Oh, Xiao Yao’s post…Support Xiao Yao without question!

【Post 8 (Player Vanguard Pioneer Camp)】: Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you can’t trick anyone with that tongue of yours! We saw everything today, you were the person who attacked the guildmaster first and now you’re accusing us?

【Post 9 (Player Feels)】: I want post 1, 4, 7…


The corners of my mouth turned up and I smiled, “Posts 1-10, so many beauties….”

Wan Er sipped a bit of coffee and smiled, “Of course, Qing Qian has completely fallen for you…Just a beauty saving a bear…”

I glared at her, “Who said that? My relationship with Qing Qian isn’t what you think it is!”

“To explain it is to cover it!”


Cheng Yue leaned on the table, tilted her head and looked at me, “Xiao Yao, what are you planning to do next? You and the Generals won’t have an easy time in Ba Huang City after irritating Feng Han and [Vanguard]. I know that you’re not scared of Feng Han, but think clearly. With a small flick of his finger, he can call over 1000 people to go after you to stop you from leveling. He can constantly keep your level below 40. He can even kill you till you reach level 1 if he wants. He can basically do whatever he wishes to you. How about you come to Fan Shu City and join us at [Hero’s Mound]. To be completely honest, Q-sword isn’t a bad person. He and Feng Han are said to both be the top-class players, but his character is way better than Feng Han’s…”

I looked at her with conflicting thoughts, “I have never thought of joining other people’s guilds. I had originally thought of creating my own guild or for you two to create one and we would be fighting against the world or something, but now if I join in other people’s guild, that would just be me relying on others…”

Wan Er’s delicate shoulders trembled, as she sat there blankly and said nothing.

Cheng Yue, on the other hand, seemed to be in deep thought. After a while, she said, “I also want that, but our influence isn’t high enough. Also, Wan Er and I have never created a guild before and our friend lists aren’t too full either. If we create a guild, then I’m afraid that it’ll only be us three. Getting the Guild Creation Tablet by itself is a huge task. We need dozens of top-class healers; where would we get any?”

I nodded, “I know this is very difficult, but I won’t give up.”

Wan Er lowered her head, daydreamingly staring at the desk. After a few seconds, she raised her head, looked at me and said, “You really want to create your own guild?”

I clenched my fist, “Mm, when I get the chance, I will reconstruct the Zhan Long team. After gathering my former members, I will create my own guild. Wan Er, will you and Cheng Yue join it?”

“What are the benefits?” Wan Er asked with a smile.

“Benefits…” I paused for a moment, “What if I gave you my heart?”

“You wish…”

Cheng Yue laughed on the side, “I think Wan Er and I would join, but only if your guild is strong enough, right?”

Wan Er went with the flow and nodded and with seriousness in her voice, said, “Li Xiao Yao, I support you in creating a guild. If…Mm, if your guild is on the top 10 in China, then me and Cheng Yue will join it instantly, how about it?”

I clenched my fist and said, “Mm, I understand. I will work hard…”

Wan Er laughed lightly, “Mm, you should try to survive in Ba Huang City first… Say, how did you anger so many people? At first, it was Tyrant of Western Chu/Liu Ying chasing you, but now the entire [Vanguard] guild is after you. I don’t even know what to say…”

“……” I stayed silent.

Dong Cheng pursed her lips, “It’s very simple; Xiao Yao is probably the strongest healer, he can both heal and deal damage. His battle strength and recovery power are already enough to challenge Jian Feng Han, a top-class player. I’m guessing that Feng Han doesn’t want him in the running for the top seat, so this is jealousy, I think?”

I smiled, “I doubt it. I’m not that powerful yet. I think it’s just that I have bad luck. The first Purple-Rank Boss dropped a Purple-rank sword when it died. Feng Han may not be that selfish, but he couldn’t resist the temptation of a Purple-rank sword. In this case, I can probably understand why he did it…”

“That’s fine. What are your next plans then?” Wan Er smiled.

“Actually, I don’t have any big plans but my class instructor is in the Freezing Wastelands. The monsters over there have really high levels and the environment is hard to traverse in as well. The distance from there to Ba Huang City is about an hour by foot; most players aren’t willing to venture that far, so leveling around Dragon City is safe. I do plan to help the Generals kill a boss and get the first Guild Creation Tablet. Of course, my priority right now is to reach level 41 and level my main battle skills, [Combo], [Fierce Ice Blade] and [Wind Blade], to level 5 With that, my strength will increase quite a bit…”

“Mm, good luck!”



“That’s right…” Wan Er suddenly paused and looked at me, “There’s still an hour till the dinner at 6, how about we go to a more interesting place, mm?”

“Huh? Interesting place?” I was stunned.

“The Swordplay department…”

“Swordplay department?” I was even more stunned.

Dong Cheng smiled, “I know the Swordplay department. It combines both foreign sword styles and Chinese sword styles together. According to rumors, it’s being controlled by a violent force…”

I pursed my lips, “Wan Er, what are we going to the Swordplay department for?”

Wan Er’s dimples indented slightly, “I know a senior at the Swordplay department. Wang Ran, do you know her?”

“Fifth in Liu Hua University’s top 10 beauties…” I smiled, “Of course I know her!”

“She invited me to go check out the Swordplay department but I’ve been putting it off for a long time. Now that I have time, why don’t we and take a look? We’ll go online and continue to grind our levels after dinner. How about that?”

“That’s fine. Cheng Yue, you’re coming too?”


In the brightly colored autumn day, we left the cafe. Stepping on the fallen leaves, we went towards the eastern-section of the school. Around here, there were gyms, piano rooms, public rooms and other recreational rooms. The basketball court was filled with passion with countless boys’ bare arms dribbling while they sweated like it was raining. Of course, there were groups of girls on the side checking out the boys’ bodies. Their eyes were drawn towards them; they may even be having dirty thoughts… That rang a bell: If you want to pick up girls, then play a sport. It has to be basketball though, soccer won’t do…

In the fencing department, I could hear the clashing of swords from far away. After entering, there were indeed dozens of people facing each other and attacking with bamboo swords. They were all practicing Japanese sword styles. Among the people, a woman wearing white sportswear was holding a bamboo sword. Looking at her, without a doubt she was the legendary Wang Ran.

“Senior~~” Wan Er yelled from afar.

Wang Ran quickly spun around and instantly her face was filled with smiles, “Oh, our guest is here! Wan Er, you finally came to visit my department…”

Wan Er smiled, “Mm, but I brought two friends too. Is that okay?”

“It’s fine…”

Wang Ran smiled politely. At the same time, she looked at the male students behind her and yelled, “Stop staring at the beauties and continue practicing! Get your act together!”

With bangs and clangs, the group of males started fighting with even more effort as they saw the legendary #1 beauty of Liu Hua University. Wan Er came in wearing the latest fashion and although she was lacking a bit of fighting spirit compared to Wang Ran, she made up for it with her charm. Wan Er’s looks also won by a chunk, so she, of course, grabbed quite a bit of attention.


I stood next to Wan Er and said nothing as I looked at the male students putting effort into their training.


The bamboo sword struck and it sliced through the air in an arc. I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Kasaya strike…”

Kasaya strike, one of the 9 battle strikes in Japanese Kendo.

Wang Ran said surprisingly, “This student, you also know swordplay?”

I was caught off guard, “Uh…I know a bit…”

Cheng Yue looked at me, “I think that Xiao Yao is quite good with a sword…”

Instantly, a male student behind Wang Ran spoke up. He picked up his bamboo sword, walked towards me and arrogantly said, “What are you called?”

“Li Xiao Yao, what do you want…”

That student proudly raised his bamboo sword and said, “I’m called Zhao Mu, Mu with 3 dots. I am the vice leader of the Swordplay department and my style is the North Star Style, how about we spar a bit?!”

I held my cup of tea and said, “I’ve only heard of Zhao Mu, with “herd” as the Mu…”

TL: In Chinese, there can be different words of the same pronunciation. The Mu in Zhao Mu means to cleanse but Mu can also mean to graze or herd and a lot of other meanings.

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