Chapter 85 - Mind Reading
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Zhan Long Chapter 85 - Mind Reading

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Chapter 85 – Mind Reading

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In the Valley of the Everlasting Wing, a chilling wind swept through everything.

Under a huge tree, the General of Everlasting Wind’s corpse still hadn’t refreshed yet but the [Vanguard] players had already left. On the equipment ranking, a new weapon took the top spot, it was the sole Purple-Tier weapon – Heavenly Plan Sword. Its overall stats were about 4 times the stats of the next best weapon. Most infuriating, the owner of Heavenly Plan Sword had put his name next to the equipment, it was Jian Feng Han.


I revived and with my Jade City Sword, I appeared next to the General of Everlasting Wind’s corpse. Li Mu, Wang Jian and the other four also revived. There shouldn’t be any danger here anymore; Jian Feng Han was someone who tried to keep up a good appearance so he wouldn’t camp or try to kill us. He was a joker, even when I killed him, he had an innocent appearance and it was this innocent appearance that made those [Vanguard] players turn on us.


Sitting on a huge rock, I said: “Let’s discuss what we’re going to do from now on…”

Li Mu sat in front of me and said: “Xiao Yao, you should probably know this. Me, Wang Jian and Bai Qi were high school and college classmates. We just graduated two years ago so we still keep in contact. Lian Po is a friend that I know and he has been involved in virtual reality games for a long time so he decided to join the General Family…”

I smiled: “I’m envious of you guys!”

Li Mu continued: “Since we’ve decided to play this game, we might as well do it with a bang. We want to realize a dream, a dream of being respected by everyone. It might seem a little silly but we want to create a guild, even if it isn’t the best guild in the game, it should at least be one of the top guilds. For our four helmets, we saved money for three entire months, our studio’s rents are backed up pretty far too….”

Wang Jian: “Boss, stop…”

Li Mu smiled: “It’s fine, Xiao Yao is one of us.”


Li Mu: “T

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