Chapter 84 - Honesty
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Zhan Long Chapter 84 - Honesty

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Chapter 84 – Honesty

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A large damage number appeared as the sword glanced off of Jian Feng Han’s shoulder. I dashed forward and used my shoulder to ram straight into Jian Feng Han’s chest.


He retreated swiftly as my Jade City Sword flashed and 3 golden hexagrams appeared on it, unleashing a Level 4 Combo with a bang!

Behind Jian Feng Han, General Li Mu growled as an aura surged from under his feet. This was the custom combo he was proud of — [Absolute Authority]!

“Bang bang bang… …”

With a concentrated stream of attacks, [[Absolute Authority]’s first 4 strikes took out 600+ HP from Jian Feng Han. Then, Li Mu lowered his body and thrust suddenly. There would be a high probability of hitting Jian Feng Han so hard that he gets knocked off his feet, so that the final revolving strike could deal the most damage. What a pity, Jian Feng Han was too agile and just as [[Absolute Authority]’s fourth strike ended, he quickly moved between some nearby rocks. Lowering his body, he rolled onto the grass behind him and succeeded in escaping from the last 2 strokes of [[Absolute Authority] as well as my combo.



Rolling into the open several meters away, Jian Feng Han readied his sword in front of his chest as the healers around him healed him and exclaimed: “You guys…… what are you trying to do!? We are friends, not enemies!”

I raised my sword and pointed at Jian Feng Han: “A friend would not steal equipment. Jian Feng Han, you are our enemy from today and forever more. You must die today!”

Jian Feng Han gazed coldly at me: “With more than 100 [Vanguard] players here, do you guys think you can kill me?”


General Wang Jian suddenly attacked from the rear, piercing Jian Feng Han’s chest with the tip of his sword as he fumed: “It doesn’t matter what people think, Jian Feng Han, you’re not fit to be our friend!”


General Lian Po’s arrow la

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