Chapter 84 - Honesty
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Zhan Long Chapter 84 - Honesty

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Chapter 84 – Honesty

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A large damage number appeared as the sword glanced off of Jian Feng Han’s shoulder. I dashed forward and used my shoulder to ram straight into Jian Feng Han’s chest.

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He retreated swiftly as my Jade City Sword flashed and 3 golden hexagrams appeared on it, unleashing a Level 4 Combo with a bang!

Behind Jian Feng Han, General Li Mu growled as an aura surged from under his feet. This was the custom combo he was proud of — [Absolute Authority]!

“Bang bang bang… …”

With a concentrated stream of attacks, [[Absolute Authority]’s first 4 strikes took out 600+ HP from Jian Feng Han. Then, Li Mu lowered his body and thrust suddenly. There would be a high probability of hitting Jian Feng Han so hard that he gets knocked off his feet, so that the final revolving strike could deal the most damage. What a pity, Jian Feng Han was too agile and just as [[Absolute Authority]’s fourth strike ended, he quickly moved between some nearby rocks. Lowering his body, he rolled onto the grass behind him and succeeded in escaping from the last 2 strokes of [[Absolute Authority] as well as my combo.



Rolling into the open several meters away, Jian Feng Han readied his sword in front of his chest as the healers around him healed him and exclaimed: “You guys…… what are you trying to do!? We are friends, not enemies!”

I raised my sword and pointed at Jian Feng Han: “A friend would not steal equipment. Jian Feng Han, you are our enemy from today and forever more. You must die today!”

Jian Feng Han gazed coldly at me: “With more than 100 [Vanguard] players here, do you guys think you can kill me?”


General Wang Jian suddenly attacked from the rear, piercing Jian Feng Han’s chest with the tip of his sword as he fumed: “It doesn’t matter what people think, Jian Feng Han, you’re not fit to be our friend!”


General Lian Po’s arrow landed on Jian Feng Han’s arm. As his white beard floated in the wind, he said: “May the gods be our witness, the Heavenly Plan Sword belongs to Xiao Yao Zi Zai, and everyone knows this to be true! Die! Even if I have to sacrifice myself to get rid of you Jian Feng Han, I will make sure you die and drop the Heavenly Plan Sword so that it can be returned to its rightful owner!”

I was greatly moved and while holding the Jade City Sword, I yelled: “Even if I lose the Heavenly Plan Sword today, I, Li Xiao Yao will have no regrets. To exchange one sword for 4 friends, it’s worth it!”

Nearby, the beauty Simple shivered and had a complicated look in her eyes: “You…you guys please stop this…”

Jian Feng Han drew his sword and shouted: “All [Vanguard] members listen to my command, kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai and the 4 members of the General family. Kill them right this instant!”

[Ice Cones], [Rock Spikes], arrows, musket rounds and other attacks flew through the air at us. Our time to live was numbered with the dozens of long range attacks flying at us. How could we resist when we were pure attack classes? Since death was inevitable, we better take some of them down with us….

“Go, fight!”

General Bai Qi yelled, raising his axe, and rushed into the crowd of [Vanguard] members. Swinging his large axe, he killed several mages in an instant. But multiple Rock Spikes appeared underneath his feet. In the blink of an eye, he knelt in a pool of blood and died. The [Vanguard]’s mages were all elite class. Their attack damage was inconceivable!

General Li Mu looked around and quickly added me to his party. In his party channel, he shouted: “Xiao Yao, Wang Jian and I will cut off his retreat. You focus on killing Jian Feng Han. Don’t worry about us, we will fight to our last breath!”


I quickly nodded as Li Mu and Wang Jian parted ways and fought through the crowd. General Lian Po continued to fire arrows from afar, but he couldn’t match the firepower of the [Vanguard]’s musketeers. The general slowly fell to the grass and died.


Wang Jian used his [Combo]. But Jian Feng Han moved slightly to the right and by kicking a rock he avoided the blade and a large “MISS” appeared. At the same time, he retaliated by swinging his blade to cut down Li Mu!

“Keng keng keng….”

A chain of sparks appeared on Li Mu’s armor. It was Jian Feng Han’s Twelve Hammer Combo [1]! Li Mu fell to the ground from the shock of the attack.


I rushed forward while summoning Baby Bobo to kill Jian Feng Han’s Hell Hound. With my Jade City Sword raised, I slashed down on Jian Feng Han’s back.

“You’re dreaming!”

As if Jian Feng Han could see in 360 degrees, he predicted my attack. With a turn of his blade, his sword clashed with the Jade City Sword. However, behind Jian Feng Han, Li Mu let out a huge roar and used [Flame Blade] to pierce through Jian Feng Han’s arm!


At the same time, I activated [Fierce Ice Blade] and stabbed at Jian Feng Han’s neck!


Unfortunately, [Heal]s and [Homeostasis]s fell from the sky and Jian Feng Han’s health stayed above 50%. This was not good. Li Mu saw this, clenched his teeth and said, “We must kill Jian Feng Han with one hit or we will die instead!”

Without any hesitation, I grabbed Jian Feng Han’s throat, leaned forward and thrust my Silver Locked Battle Boots into his stomach. At the same time, I felt a burning yet freezing sensation on my back; it was the effect of [Pillar of Fire and Ice]. Finally, Simple decided to help her brother.


Eating a punch to the face, Jian Feng Han’s head flung back. He, then looked back at me with eyes full of anger, saying: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Do you understand what you are doing?!”

“I’m killing you!”

I slid forward. Under my feet, a faint glowing aura appeared. I launched my S-Level [Combo], [Strength of a Thousand Men]!




Stamping on to the ground, I rammed my shoulder into Jian Feng Han’s chest, causing him to lose his balance! Light gathered at my blade for 0.2 seconds as I prepared to launch [Wind Blade]!


The Jade City sword almost completely sliced open Jian Feng Han’s chestplate. A large number appeared——


Instantly, Jian Feng Han’s health fell very low. At the same time, my Combo came off its 6-second cooldown!

With a hint of desperation in his eyes, Jian Feng Han shouted, “Darling Duck,[Revive] me immediately after I die!”

Not too far away, Darling Duck stood carrying some health potions and her staff. She looked at us with her beautiful eyes and said: “Why did this happen? Why did Guild leader and Xiao Yao have to become enemies?”

“Keng Keng Keng…”

Sparks flew as I continued my fast attacks. I didn’t give Jian Feng Han any time to heal as I hacked away at the rest of his health. Meanwhile, Wang Jian knelt over with his chestplate full of arrows, musket fire, and smoke.

The corners of Wang Jian’s mouth turned up. As he died, he smiled and said: “Xiao Yao is amazing. He really got rid of that trash….”

I glanced and saw that as Jian Feng Han died, a few equipment dropped. In them was a glowing sword, Heavenly Plan Sword!


I reached out and grabbed Heavenly Plan Sword. To my side, Li Mu laughed: “Great, you got it!?”

But, at that moment, Darling Duck used revive and Jian Feng Han’s corpse jumped up with 50% of his health and mana. Flames flicker on his sword and [Flame Blade] along with a [Combo] landed on my chest. With dense arrows and spells flying at me, my [Heal] wouldn’t be enough!

A violent pain erupted from my chest, I had died!

The instant that I fell, I glanced at Li Mu. He had a helpless expression watching his final 10% of health be destroyed by a barbarian who, using an axe, split Li Mu’s shoulder apart.



I appeared in the nearby graveyard. In my soul state, I still clutched my Jade City Sword but because I killed Jian Feng Han, I had a red name and lost two levels. In addition, the glowing ring on my hand also dropped. Finally, my inventory was empty; the just acquired Heavenly Plan Sword also dropped.

General Li Mu looked at me: “Are you okay?”

“Sorry, Heavenly Plan Sword dropped…”

“That’s expected…” General Li Mu nodded: “It’s part of <Destiny>’s rules. Newly acquired equipment has a high chance of dropping. But, to be able to kill Jian Feng Han in the middle of over a hundred [Vanguard] players, that’s enough.”

On side, Wang Jian furiously clenched his fist: “It can’t end like this. Jian Feng Han is trash, complete trash.”

General Lian Po smiled and meaningfully said: “You can’t say that Jian Feng Han is trash, it’s just that Purple-tier swords are too expensive. Heavenly Plan Sword is a priceless treasure right now. If it were any other weapon, Jian Feng Han might have given it to us, but he also is dreaming for an upgrade on his old sword and Heavenly Plan Sword is perfect. So Jian Feng Han could only sacrifice us.”

Bai Qi held his axe: “Damn, he’s shameless!”

Li Mu paused: “We lost quite a few levels this time, Xiao Yao, what are your plans?”

I thought about it before saying: “I would like to thank you guys for your support today. I, Li Xiao Yao, will remember this day for the rest of my life. But to attack [Vanguard] right now is kind of dumb. We’re only 5 players and can at most kill 20 players. Our opponent is [Vanguard], 20 players is nothing to them, and they have thousands of players. We can’t fight that.”

Bai Qi nodded: “Yup, you are right, we can’t go and fight them now.”

Wang Jian asked: “Then… Then what should we do now?”

Liao Pao asked: “Xiao Yao, do you really want the Heavenly Plan Sword?”

I firmly shook my head: “Of course not. To make you guys lose another level over a single weapon, I’m not that kind of person. But thankfully, [Vanguard] didn’t get a Guild Creation Tablet this time, so let’s try to get one ourselves. How’s that?”

Liao Pao smiled: “Great! I was also thinking that. With Xiao Yao’s DPS and survivability, all we need to do is get some good healers and we’ll be able to defeat level 50+ gold-tier bosses. If we could get a Guild Creation Tablet before [Vanguard], that’d be the greatest blow to them!”

Li Mu also smiled: “I feel that the most important thing right now is to get the video for the battle just now and our conversations with Jian Feng Han. Jian Feng Han would want to keep his “honorable” appearance and if we don’t have any solid evidence, he would definitely say that we’re lying!”

I nodded: “Yup, I have the videos for the past 24 hours.”



TL: Arc End!

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