Chapter 83 - The Proclaimed Fairness
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Zhan Long Chapter 83 - The Proclaimed Fairness

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Chapter 83 – The Proclaimed Fairness

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The long blade struck my Dawn Chestplate, leaving behind a dent and forcing me to fall back a few meters. My Silver Locked Battle Boots fiercely slid to a stop against the grassy plain. Using both of my legs to send force towards my sword-hand, I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men] and attacked the General of the Everlasting Wind’s forehead.

“Keng! Keng! Keng!”

A string of damage numbers flew out.

Behind me, Simple led the group of archers and musketeers to attack the boss using long range attacks. The Boss’ health dropped quickly; a meager 17% remained after 10 minutes of battle, even though the durability of my items was falling down at an astonishing rate; my Dawn Chestplate had already lost 74% of its durability. But, I would’ve already paid the Grim Reaper a visit if not for the 9 healers continuously healing me.


Jian Feng Han stood behind the fight as steady as a mountain, the corner of his mouth slightly raised and with his hand firmly grasping his sword, he smiled: “As expected, it was a good call for Xiao Yao Zi Zai to be the tank, over 97% of the Boss’s aggro has been on him. He has surprisingly high defense even though he belongs to the swordsman class, so his equipment is not bad at all; he can even hold his own against a Level 55 Purple Rank Boss’s attacks.”

Fushen Moren stood beside Feng Han while carrying the Broken Army Shield, his eyebrows tensed up: “Apparently, I, [Vanguard]’s number 1 tank am not of any use right now. Guild Master, if the Boss drops gold equipment, will you actually give it to Xiao Yao Zi Zai, even though our [Vanguard] provided the potions and healers? The equipment should be rolled to a more deserving person ……”

Jian Feng Han smiled slightly: “No, look at it in the long term, 1 or 2 pieces of equipment aren’t anything. If [Vanguard] wishes to sit at the top of Ba Huang City, then we must recruit many talented players. This is the first cooperation between Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the General Family, and us. After this, we should be somewhat familiar with each other, and then we can possibly recruit them to join [Vanguard]. Ahh, these fellows have talent but each and every one of them is not easy to deal with. It requires patience to subdue them……”

Fushen Moren nodded: “Ahh, hopefully this Boss will drop a Guild Creation Tablet. Hehe, once we get the Guild Creation Tablet, we’d be a huge step closer to becoming Ba Huang City’s number 1 Guild…”

Simple waved her staff while shouting loudly: “Xiao Yao, pay attention to your mana, without your [Heal] you won’t be able to control aggro…..”

I took a quick look at my mana and immediately took out a Chilling Wind Pill to refill it: “Relax, my mana is sufficient, I’m using Level 1 [Wind Blades] and [Fierce Ice Blades], so they only need to consume a little mana, my main mana consumption is [Heal].”

“Ahh, hehe, smart guy!”



Countless Ice Cones went straight at the Boss’ chest, creating different explosions. General of the Everlasting Wind’s health was dropping steadily and he howled and brandished his blade randomly. But against me, he had no chance.

General Li Mu rubbed his hands together and said excitedly: “Hehe, the first Purple Rank Boss will soon be overthrown, and I’m here to witness the historic moment. What will it drop?”

Wang Jian replied: “I don’t know but I hope it is a golden axe. Bai Qi has been wielding a bronze axe for a long time and it’s embarrassing for us.”

“If a chestplate drops, does Xiao Yao Zi Zai get it?” General Bai Qi asked.

I used [Wind Blade] and took the time to reply: “No, if a chestplate drops, we will roll for it. If a sword drops, it’s mine.”

“Alright, such a nice person…..” Ba Qi said with chuckle.


Suddenly, the General of the Everlasting Wind let out a huge roar. He knelt to the ground and pounded the ground with his left land, angrily shouting: “Spirits from hell, heed my cry, come to me! Let us destroy these enemies in front of us! Let us show them that the General of the Everlasting Wind is indestructible!”

The earth trembled as many dark shadows rose. They flew around the general as he absorbed them into his body; it looked just like black magic.

“Finish him, the boss is evolving!?” Jian Feng Han gripped his sword and shouted: ”Xiao Yao, be careful! Do not get killed!”

I clenched my teeth and said: “Don’t worry, I will not die so easily!”



System Notification: Please note that the [General of the Everlasting Wind] has successfully absorbed nearby souls. The General is now a Level 60 Purple Boss, his attack power increases by 10% and his HP recovers by 15%!

Damn, his health had recovered!

I raised my head and saw the Boss’ blade coming down on me!


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That really hurt! It felt like I almost died!

I swung my Jade City Sword and stabbed the Boss’ body with [Fierce Ice Blade]. A huge damage number of 1344 appeared. In addition, Darling Duck quickly used her [Heal] and I recovered another 870 HP and I was almost at full health!

The pressure on the healers and me was huge. All of the attacks of the Boss were biting into me. I would rather die than keep fighting this Boss. Now I truly understood the pains of a Main Tank. A good Main Tanks resisted violent strikes and felt the pains of weapons cutting into his flesh, and I was starting to walk down that path….


“Full power! No mercy!” Jian Feng Han pulled out his sword. With a burning passion in his eyes, he shouted: “As long as we kill it within the next 3 minutes, we will be the first players to have killed a Purple Rank Boss. No more going in as groups! All together now! Full power! Everyone join in!”


My heart leapt in surprise. I quickly shouted: “Jian Feng Han, calm down. Think rationally, don’t be impulsive…”

Jian Feng Han replied: “Don’t worry!”

As a result, berserkers, swordsmen, assassins flooded over to the boss. Soon, I was fighting side by side with them and we were producing an amazing amount of damage!

“Go to hell!”

The General of Everlasting Wind raised his sword and swung it down into the large group. I suffered huge blow and my HP dropped by 1100+. Several berserkers and assassins fell to the ground and died immediately!

I reached behind me and grabbed a health pot. I quickly shouted into my party channel: “Darling Duck, focus on healing me and don’t pay attention to the others!”

Darling Duck nodded: ”Ah, Chief ordered everyone to fight together? This is chaos!”

Standing not far in the distance, General Li Mu frowned, “F*ck… it looks like a frenzy trying to get the drops of the boss…”

General Wang Jian clutched his sword: “Be careful guys.”

Strike by strike, the General of Everlasting Wind killed over a 100 players, but our damage output was too strong and his health had reached 1%!

I counted 5 seconds and then put my strength into my arms, this was my chance!


Without stopping for a second, I used [Strength of a Thousand Men].

With my custom combo, the Boss’ health continued dropping. When the Level 4 [Wind Blade] hit, all of his health disappeared!

“Ow, ow……”

With a ringing noise and the death of the Boss, I was bathed in two columns of light. I received a lot of experience and reached level 42. I finally entered into the ranks of the top 5 in Ba Huang City leaderboard!


As the General of Everlasting Wind knelt forward, a large bounty burst forth. I looked and saw at least 100 gold coins laying in the grass. But I didn’t pick them up because they were promised to the [Vanguard] Guild. Three other items dropped: a golden leather helm, a golden necklace and a double edged blade with a faint purple glow.

A Purple-tiered sword!!!!

At that moment, everyone’s heart stopped. Right now, golden equipment was still very rare. For a boss to drop a purple item, this was a super rare drop!

(AU: The tier system: Black —> Green —> Bronze —> Silver —> Gold —> Purple —> Emperor —> Valkyrie —> Saint —> Divine —> God —> Epic )…

Nobody made a sound. A silence fell over the entire area. Floating above the purple tiered sword were enticing purple glowing words—— [Heavenly Plan Sword] (Purple Tier) !!!!!

Really, a Purple-tiered weapon!

I quickly sheathed my sword and reached out for the purple sword.


All I see is a shadow sped past me. Before I knew it, a man reached the purple sword and looked at me as he picked it up. It was Jian Feng Han! Who else could it be, others didn’t have that kind of sprinting speed.

“Unfortunately, the boss did not drop the Guild Creation Tablet.” Jian Feng Han chuckled, as he held the Heavenly Plan Sword. “But still, this purple blade that dropped isn’t bad. A god-like sword, a purple tier…”

I clutched my Jade City Sword and turning to face him, I whispered, “Jian Feng Han, we already agreed beforehand that all sword type weapons would belong to me. I only had this one requirement. This Heavenly Plan Sword is mine!”

Jian Feng Han looked at me and smiled, “Xiao Yao, I think you’ve misunderstood. I told you before that if it was a gold sword or lower, I’d have no problem just giving it to you, but this is a purple sword. We, [Vanguard], had 100+ brothers sacrifice 1 level in exchange to acquire it. How could I just give it to you? How about this? I’ll pay you… I’ll pay you 1,000 gold. Okay?”



My mind goes blank. I had been duped! This time, I really got cheated!

Trembling, I raised my head and stared bloody-eyed at Jian Feng Han. I whispered, “Is this how one of China’s top ten guilds gets its edge? Jian Feng Han, in front of your hundred plus guild members here, you plan to openly steal my loot? How do you hope to face the hundreds of thousands of players in Ba Huang City?”

Jian Feng Han pursed his lips: “Xiao Yao, don’t get too excited. You are my friend… I couldn’t possible steal what belongs to you, but following our previous agreement, this purple sword definitely cannot go to you. How about this? Let’s have all the players here roll for it. That way, it’s fair.”

“Fair my ass!” General Li Mu cried, as he drew his sword and backstabbed Jian Feng Han.


Likewise, I pierced at Jian Feng Han’s neck with my Jade City Sword.

This would be a bloodbath. Even if Feng Han had hundreds of guild members around him, even if I died and lost all my equipment, I would kill him! I would show them that I was not afraid when I said —

From now on, I am your enemy!

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