Chapter 83 - The Proclaimed Fairness
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Zhan Long Chapter 83 - The Proclaimed Fairness

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Chapter 83 – The Proclaimed Fairness

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The long blade struck my Dawn Chestplate, leaving behind a dent and forcing me to fall back a few meters. My Silver Locked Battle Boots fiercely slid to a stop against the grassy plain. Using both of my legs to send force towards my sword-hand, I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men] and attacked the General of the Everlasting Wind’s forehead.

“Keng! Keng! Keng!”

A string of damage numbers flew out.

Behind me, Simple led the group of archers and musketeers to attack the boss using long range attacks. The Boss’ health dropped quickly; a meager 17% remained after 10 minutes of battle, even though the durability of my items was falling down at an astonishing rate; my Dawn Chestplate had already lost 74% of its durability. But, I would’ve already paid the Grim Reaper a visit if not for the 9 healers continuously healing me.


Jian Feng Han stood behind the fight as steady as a mountain, the corner of his mouth slightly raised and with his hand firmly grasping his sword, he smiled: “As expected, it was a good call for Xiao Yao Zi Zai to be the tank, over 97% of the Boss’s aggro has been on him. He has surprisingly high defense even though he belongs to the swordsman class, so his equipment is not bad at all; he can even hold his own against a Level 55 Purple Rank Boss’s attacks.”

Fushen Moren stood beside Feng Han while carrying the Broken Army Shield, his eyebrows tensed up: “Apparently, I, [Vanguard]’s number 1 tank am not of any use right now. Guild Master, if the Boss drops gold equipment, will you actually give it to Xiao Yao Zi Zai, even though our [Vanguard] provided the potions and healers? The equipment should be rolled to a more deserving person ……”

Jian Feng Han smiled slightly: “No, look at it in the long term, 1 or 2 pieces of equipment aren’t anything. If [Vanguard] wishes to sit at the top of Ba Huang City, then we mu

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