Chapter 82 - Reasonable Tactics
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Zhan Long Chapter 82 - Reasonable Tactics

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Chapter 82 – Reasonable Tactics

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In the glow of the three continuous [Heals], the monk’s HP was pulled back up. With tears, he raised his steel rod and aimed for the boss, but it barely did anything with an attack damage of under 100.

Lime colored air swirled around General of the Everlasting Wind and suddenly his sword trembled with 4 golden hexagrams sweeping across his sword. Damn, it was a [Combo] LV-6! 4 strikes!





Luckily, the monk’s total HP was at least 2000, and with a close heal, he withstood it. He held his shield, slowly backed away, and yelled loudly, “Quickly, use [Hemostasis] and [Heal], get my health back to full!”


The battle continued ferociously while the Generals and I watched from a distance. I clenched my fists and frowned, “This isn’t too good. The boss’ attack is too high. Even if the monk has enough defense, he can’t dish out enough damage. Once he receives a large amount of damage, he can’t guarantee that the aggro will be on him.The aggro might switch to the higher priority healers.”

Li Mu nodded and muttered, “Yeah, this isn’t going too well…”



Under the ray of healing, his health returned to full once again. But at the same time, the General gave up on attacking the monk. He raised his sword, spread his arms, and bellowed, “Die!”

With a whoosh, he used [Biting Cold Blade], and the leaf-like skill landed in the middle of the 4 healers! It was an AOE attack!

The healers let out multiple large cries as a chain of damage numbers flew up. The 4 healers received over a thousand points of damage. They fell one after another and became the boss’ first victims.

I looked at the battle and quietly said, “The General’s [Combo] is a Level 6 skill so it can strike 3-4 times. The healing has to be very tight, or else I won’t able to tank through it. Also, his [Biting Cold Blade] is an AOE attack, so if there are over 2 players s

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