Chapter 81 - Challenging a Purple Rank
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Zhan Long Chapter 81 - Challenging a Purple Rank

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Chapter 81 – Challenging a Purple Rank

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Our group of 200 passed through forests, and after about an hour, we finally reached a blood-red area on the map. But what made me light up was that I had been to this area before. This was to the east of Dragon City, an extremely vast area with high-level monsters — Fire Stone Canyon!

According to official sources, the Fire Stone Canyon had monsters from Level 39 to Level 90, and the deeper you ventured, the higher the monsters’ levels were. This would be the number one leveling area for players from Ba Huang City in 2 to 3 months. This vast area could accommodate 100,000 players leveling since the monsters had a fast respawn rate at about 20 minutes per respawn, so the players wouldn’t run out of monsters to kill.


Standing at the edge of the Fire Stone Canyon, I mused to myself.

Beside me, Jian Feng Han carried his blade and smiled: “Hey, Xiao Yao does this area feel familiar?”

I nodded: “Of course, I was PK-ed by you here before.”

Jian Feng Han: “I got killed by you too……”

General Li Mu holding onto his longsword said: “Both of you can stop the reminiscing, let us know where the Boss is, I’m sure you can tell us now?”

Jian Feng Han: “Yeah, the Boss’s location was found by our assassin. The Level 55 Purple Rank Boss is just up ahead after we pass over a small hill. It’s in a place called “Valley of the Everlasting Wind”, and the Boss is called “General of the Everlasting Wind”. It’s said to be the spirit of an ancient general. As long as we can kill him, our chances of getting the Guild Creation Tablet are at least 25%!”

General Li Mu trembled and with confusion in his eyes: “Jian Feng Han, when you told me that we’re going to kill a Boss, I thought it was a Gold Rank one, you… you actually chose to fight against a Purple Rank Boss. Are you trying to lead 200 people to their death?”

Jian Feng Han chuckled with a domineering look in his eyes: “[Hero’s Mound]’s Q

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