Chapter 80 - Putting Away Differences
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Zhan Long Chapter 80 - Putting Away Differences

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Chapter 80 – Putting Away Differences

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I stayed up until 7am in the morning, and with a ringing sound, [Fierce Ice Blade] reached level 3. The attack damage buff for [Fierce Ice Blade] increased to an 6%. The defense ignored increased to 3% and the Freeze debuff, which slowed the enemy down, reached 3 seconds. This was such a divine skill!


When the task was completed, I looked over at the time and decided that I should head out now.

In the sunny campus morning, my body ached with each step as a result of staying up so late. After I called the two girls, I walked to their dorm where we proceeded to go eat porridge together.

“Beep ……”

While eating, my phone started ringing. It was an unknown number. After connecting, a very deep voice appeared on the other end—-

“Is this Xiao Yao Zi Zai?”

“Ah, yes and you are?”

“My name is Liu Ren, part of the [Vanguard] Guild, my gamer ID is Fushen Thousand Blade, you should know me.”

“Oh …… it’s [Vanguard]’s number one monk……”

Fushen Thousand Blade chuckled: “Yes, that’s me, we tried everything to find your phone number.”

“What’s the emergency?”

“Well, it’s like this. Both Fan Shu City and Jiu Lu City are currently very chaotic, so our leader, Jian Feng Han, decided that we should try to fight the Boss today. Being that you are our primary tank, you are required to participate. This phone call is to inform you that we will be meeting at 12 o’clock [noon] today. The boss fight will start at 1 o’clock exactly, so you should start preparing…..”

I frowned: “Didn’t we agree that the Boss fight would be tomorrow? I’m sorry. I am busy today, so I can’t come.”


Fushen Thousand Blade said in a cold voice: “ What do you mean? Are you going back on your word? We pay you 1000 RMB for every fight you join. Other people would try desperately to find

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