Chapter 80 - Putting Away Differences
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Zhan Long Chapter 80 - Putting Away Differences

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Chapter 80 – Putting Away Differences

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I stayed up until 7am in the morning, and with a ringing sound, [Fierce Ice Blade] reached level 3. The attack damage buff for [Fierce Ice Blade] increased to an 6%. The defense ignored increased to 3% and the Freeze debuff, which slowed the enemy down, reached 3 seconds. This was such a divine skill!


When the task was completed, I looked over at the time and decided that I should head out now.

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In the sunny campus morning, my body ached with each step as a result of staying up so late. After I called the two girls, I walked to their dorm where we proceeded to go eat porridge together.

“Beep ……”

While eating, my phone started ringing. It was an unknown number. After connecting, a very deep voice appeared on the other end—-

“Is this Xiao Yao Zi Zai?”

“Ah, yes and you are?”

“My name is Liu Ren, part of the [Vanguard] Guild, my gamer ID is Fushen Thousand Blade, you should know me.”

“Oh …… it’s [Vanguard]’s number one monk……”

Fushen Thousand Blade chuckled: “Yes, that’s me, we tried everything to find your phone number.”

“What’s the emergency?”

“Well, it’s like this. Both Fan Shu City and Jiu Lu City are currently very chaotic, so our leader, Jian Feng Han, decided that we should try to fight the Boss today. Being that you are our primary tank, you are required to participate. This phone call is to inform you that we will be meeting at 12 o’clock [noon] today. The boss fight will start at 1 o’clock exactly, so you should start preparing…..”

I frowned: “Didn’t we agree that the Boss fight would be tomorrow? I’m sorry. I am busy today, so I can’t come.”


Fushen Thousand Blade said in a cold voice: “ What do you mean? Are you going back on your word? We pay you 1000 RMB for every fight you join. Other people would try desperately to find these kinds of opportunities. We at [Vanguard] are extending you such a courtesy, do you think what you are doing is right?”

I shook my head: “This schedule doesn’t really work for me. I’m not trying to be discourteous or anything, but I actually have something to do today….”


Just then, Lin Wan Er’s phone rang. She listened to the call, blinked a bit, and whispered in my ear: “Li Xiao Yao, today’s plans on going to XiXi Wetland have been canceled.”

I nodded. Then on the phone, I said: “Never mind, the meeting time is 12 o’clock noon right? I’ll be sure to be there on time.”

”Humm, alright then, ha ha…..”

Foshen Thousand Blade said with a sigh of relief: “We will prepare potions for you. Also, how are you progressing with the skills you learned from your second promotion?”

I said after a bit of thought: “Attack Specialization is a passive skill, so I don’t need to level that. But I already trained my active skill to level three, so it should help quite a bit.”

“Alright, then we will see you at noon!”



Hanging up the phone, I saw Lin Wan Er. She smiled at me apologetically and said: “That was …. [Hero’s Mound] suddenly decided to assault a level 55 gold tiered boss, so we have to cancel our trip to XiXi Wetland and change it to tomorrow.”

I answered with a nod: “Okay, I understand.”

Dong Cheng Yue, a little disappointed, said: “Originally, I had thought we could relax at XiXi Wetland. I didn’t think that our guild events would cause us to cancel it. We are both DPS classes; we shouldn’t even have to be there. What type of boss can’t [Hero’s Mound] kill when they should have about 2000 players online daily?”

Lin Wan Er nodded: “Maybe they are afraid that their losses will be too big, so they are asking the elite players to come? On the phone, he said to gather all the players with a second promotion and try fighting the level 55 boss with 20 people first….”

Dong Cheng Ye looked at me: “Xiao Yao, at noon you’ll also be fighting a boss right?”

I smiled: “Presumably, Jian Feng Han found out that Q Sword is planning on killing a boss, so he moved the Boss fight up. Also, Q Sword must have heard that [Vanguard] will also be moving out. It looks like the fight between [Hero’s Mound] and [Vanguard] is about to get interesting. Let us see who acquires the guild tablet first.”

As Lin Wan Er’s pair of beautiful eyes swept across me, she chuckled: “I am confident that with your bad luck, [Vanguard] won’t be able to get a Guild Creation Tablet.”

“Wait and see…..”



After breakfast, the two beauties ran back to the dorms to prepare. Since Jian Feng Han would have prepared everything for me and I didn’t have anything else to do, I decided to take a nap. I set up my phone alarm for 11 o’clock, and proceeded to fall into a deep slumber.

At 11 o’clock, I immediately woke up.

After I put on my clothes, I ran outside of the school gates, to where a dining truck was parked. I pulled out 10 RMB. After looking at the menu, I decided: “Tofu with Cabbage, Seaweed Stipes, Garlic along with Beef Ribs. Three vegetables and one meat, 10 yuan (2 USD)!”

The boss packaged my food, smiled and said: “Young man, there’s free hot water over there. Help yourself to some.”

Holding the fast food, I sat down on a bench. I put my disposable cup of water aside, proceeded to rip my chopsticks apart, and started to have a feast. Sometimes fast food really tasted better than five-star restaurants’ food, especially when one was hungry.

Finishing the food, I looked at the time and saw it was 11:30 AM. Time to get back online!

The dorm was filled with the smell of food. Looking again, Tang Gu sat at the desk with a dish of pickled fish, and two other dishes, he was also holding a bottle of beer. Seeing me come in, he laughed: “Brat, where did you go? I wanted to drink with you!”

“It’s not too late now…”

I sat next to him, clicked off the cap of a beer bottle, grabbed the chopsticks and started eating with him. The 10 yuan lunchbox from before was far from enough and it was still quite a bit before the 12 PM gathering time. Even if I went online, I wouldn’t have anything to do.

Tang Gu was self-employed, his life was pretty well off. Whereas someone like me, earning money from the game, would not earn enough to spend. The reorganization of the studio was going to cost quite a bit and I couldn’t expect the others to find the money, so I could only rely on myself.


Quickly, the time approached 12 PM and I put down my chopsticks and told Tang Gu that I was going online.


As soon as I appeared in Ba Huang City, a system message popped up: Please pay attention, Player “Jian Feng Han” has requested to be your friend!

After saying yes, Jian Feng Han appeared in my friend’s list.


Jian Feng Han quickly sant a message: “Brother Xiao Yao, come to the place (12282, 98773) outside of the North Gate. We’re all gathered here, come quickly!”


Carrying the Ancient Tablet and my Jade City Sword, I ran with Baby Bobo to his position. The coordinates that he gave me led me towards the Pear Blossom Forest. When I got there, I saw a lot of players. Looked like [Vanguard] was going all out today.

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s coming!”

Simple held her staff and smiled: “Then we’re all set. All we need to do is just distribute some potions and other things. Oh… someone give Xiao Yao Zi Zai his share of potions.”

“Yes, Vice-guild leader.”

A twenty year old beauty walked up to me and requested to trade. Quickly, the trade window included 100 Indigo Sea Pills and 50 level 5 health potions, which recovered 600 health instantly. These potions were selling for 1 gold each in Ba Huang City! For this boss, [Vanguard] was paying a huge price.

After taking the potions, I looked at everyone and smiled: “How many players are going? Where do we find the boss?”

Jian Feng Han sneakily smiled: “200 players. We can’t let the killing of a boss affect the leveling speed of others. These 200 players are our elite and the lowest leveled player here is level 38. As for the boss’ location, you’ll know when you get there. Oh right, sister, why aren’t the people from the General Family here yet?”

Simple smiled: “15 seconds!”

With the rustling of a nearby bush, four players suddenly appeared within the Li Hua Forest. It was General Li Mu, General Wang Jian, General Lian Po and General Bai Qi! They were all people on Ba Huang City’s leaderboard. What were they doing at a [Vanguard] event?



I raised my hand and pulled out Jade City Sword. Baby Bobo also stuck out his stinger and went into attack mode.

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

General Wang Jian instinctively jumped back half a step and pulled out his sword: “What do you want?!”

General Li Mu furrowed his brow: “It’s a small world…”

Jian Feng Han quickly walked up and stood between me and the four from the General Family, saying: “Since we’re all here to kill the boss, we’re all friends right now. Let’s put away our differences temporarily. Think of it as a favor for me. After we kill the boss and a Guild Creation Tablet drops, you guys can go back to killing each other and I won’t stop you guys.”

Since Jian Feng Han said it so clearly, the General Family could not argue.

I stuck the Jade City Sword into the ground and lightly smiled: “Actually, killing me twice is a thing in the past. All I want to do right now is to emphasize that even if a Guild Creation Tablet doesn’t drop with this boss, I’ll be taking any strength adding armor or sword type weapons. As for the other equipments, I won’t be needing them. If you don’t agree, then I’ll be leaving right now!”

Jian Feng Han nodded: “Sure, no problem!”

The General Family’s faces turned sullen at the mention of my arrangement. Li Mu said: “This… that’s not too fair. After all, our General Family is also helping out with this, so why do swords go to Xiao Yao? If we die and a sword drops, we would have died for nothing?”

Feng Hans smiled and said: “Brother Li Mu, I don’t think that you understand. I am only paying Xiao Yao 1000 yuan (160 USD) whereas for the General Family, each one of you requested 3000 yuan (480 USD) for your services. Therefore, equipment goes to Xiao Yao first…”

Li Mu paused: “What? Only 1000 yuan?”

I nodded: “Mm, was that stupid?”

“Pretty stupid…”

“Screw you!”



And thus, we noisily started on our journey. There were a total of 200 players, grouping up into twenty 10-player groups. All that was left was to see if we could defeat the legendary high-level boss.

My goal wasn’t the Guild Creation Tablet , whether or not it dropped didn’t matter to me. But if a Warrior class equipment or skill books dropped, it would be great! I couldn’t work for free!

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