Chapter 79 - Fierce Ice Blade
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Zhan Long Chapter 79 - Fierce Ice Blade

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Chapter 79 – Fierce Ice Blade

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TL: The long awaited chapter 79!


My tongue got all twisted up, “Why are you here? It’s so warm in Dragon City, why’d you come down here…”

“Dragon City is way colder than here.”

Frost coldly glared at me and said, “Follow me.”



I followed Frost out of the small house and we went into the nearby forest.

Frost turned around, looked up and said, “Your growth in strength is indeed very frightening; Dalin was right when he said that you are a person that has potential, but…”

She looked at the “woman” that I was holding and a bit of pink showed up on her solemn face, “But can you just throw away the fake person that you’re holding?”

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

I quickly disposed of it into a nearby ditch, and felt extremely embarrassed, “This…This was just a temporary tactic…”

Frost lightly hmphed, “So I look exactly that that huh?”

“No no, you’re a lot more beautiful than that Frost…”

“Is that so?”

“It is…”


She then said no more about it and instead deeply stared at me, “Dragon City’s strength has to be constantly refilled. Now that you’re already strong enough, you don’t need to follow Dalin anymore. I hereby decide that I will raise your rank to a member of Dragon City, and I’ve also arranged a new instructor for you…”

“Oh? Who is it?”

“Just follow me…”

Frost’s body flashed, and in the next instant she appeared close enough to touch me. Her beautiful face was right in front of me. She smiled, grabbed my shoulders, and raised me up. Just like that I was being hauled while facing the sky, and she quickly started rock climbing. Damn, when could I do this?


Suddenly, we passed through the Ice Spine’s peak and the freezing wind pounded mercilessly on me. Snowflakes as big as feathers floated in the air and we could see the Dragon City’s interior. But we were not going to Dragon City; rather she was heading towards the middle of the Ice Spine! There was a huge cave, and on the map, the area was blood-red. Frost was still hauling me during all this and with a bang, we dropped thousands of meters.


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