Chapter 79 - Fierce Ice Blade
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Zhan Long Chapter 79 - Fierce Ice Blade

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Chapter 79 – Fierce Ice Blade

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TL: The long awaited chapter 79!


My tongue got all twisted up, “Why are you here? It’s so warm in Dragon City, why’d you come down here…”

“Dragon City is way colder than here.”

Frost coldly glared at me and said, “Follow me.”



I followed Frost out of the small house and we went into the nearby forest.

Frost turned around, looked up and said, “Your growth in strength is indeed very frightening; Dalin was right when he said that you are a person that has potential, but…”

She looked at the “woman” that I was holding and a bit of pink showed up on her solemn face, “But can you just throw away the fake person that you’re holding?”

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I quickly disposed of it into a nearby ditch, and felt extremely embarrassed, “This…This was just a temporary tactic…”

Frost lightly hmphed, “So I look exactly that that huh?”

“No no, you’re a lot more beautiful than that Frost…”

“Is that so?”

“It is…”


She then said no more about it and instead deeply stared at me, “Dragon City’s strength has to be constantly refilled. Now that you’re already strong enough, you don’t need to follow Dalin anymore. I hereby decide that I will raise your rank to a member of Dragon City, and I’ve also arranged a new instructor for you…”

“Oh? Who is it?”

“Just follow me…”

Frost’s body flashed, and in the next instant she appeared close enough to touch me. Her beautiful face was right in front of me. She smiled, grabbed my shoulders, and raised me up. Just like that I was being hauled while facing the sky, and she quickly started rock climbing. Damn, when could I do this?


Suddenly, we passed through the Ice Spine’s peak and the freezing wind pounded mercilessly on me. Snowflakes as big as feathers floated in the air and we could see the Dragon City’s interior. But we were not going to Dragon City; rather she was heading towards the middle of the Ice Spine! There was a huge cave, and on the map, the area was blood-red. Frost was still hauling me during all this and with a bang, we dropped thousands of meters.


System Notification: You have entered the area——【Dragon Tomb】!


I was pretty surprised and when I raised my head… right in front of me was an upside down enormous bony skeleton sitting in the middle of nowhere. The ribs were at least 10 meters long, and the bones were slightly glowing. The head was lying down on the ground sinisterly, separated from the body. This was the corpse of a huge dragon and an ancient one at that. Looking at the erosion of the bones, it was at least a thousand years old…

“Frost, this is…” I said in a shocked voice.

Frost glanced at me and smiled, “You probably guessed correctly. This is a dragon’s tomb, the place where an ancient dragon clan died. Most dragons that are near death will come here, and silently wait for their end. This area is still under our jurisdiction, so whether or not the dragons can return to here depends on us.”

“Okay, what do I need to do?”

Frost smiled, “It’s simple. From now on, you are one of the guardians of this dragon tomb. You need to guard these precious dragon bones and protect them from bandits or monsters that want to cause trouble. Also…”

Frost’s smile seemingly had some ulterior motive, “After every dragon dies, they will leave behind their soul. In dragon’s tomb, we have no lack of dragons’ souls and they are dream-like items that every warrior wants. So, you must guarantee the safety of this dragon’s tomb and guard this tomb well to allow the elder dragons to have peace. If anyone intrudes this tomb, you must immediately kill them!”

I nodded, “I understand…Also…”

Frost appeared as if she could read minds and smiled, “Follow me. I’ll show you your new instructor. He will teach new skills to you and also promote you…”

“Okay! I’ll follow you!”


A chilling wind passed through the dragon’s tomb and within the piles of dragon bones, I noticed a glow. In the skull of the huge dragon, I saw a round and dense colorful spirit. Without a doubt, that was the soul of a dragon. I wonder if you could eat it.

“What are you thinking…?”

Frost suddenly clenched her fists and glared at me.

I was faintly startled; did this woman know what I was thinking?


“Hmph, we’re here…”

In front of me, there was a house shaped like an oval and carved in rock. It seemed very cold and quiet. Next to the house, there was a martial arts practicing area. With weapons all over the place, this place emitted a strong aura. It must be a skilled person!

“Karl, we’re here. Come see your new disciple!” Frost said.


Stone doors opened, and an old geezer came out. He was sitting on a wheelchair since both of his legs had been cut off. A longsword was held behind the wheelchair——

【Guardian of the Dragon Tomb – Karl】

Level: ???

Description: Karl. An extremely talented swordmaster that has traveled throughout the continent defeating enemies but in one large battle he lost both his legs. Losing his movement, he could only research deeper into swords and after becoming dragon’s tomb’s guardian, his strength has increased significantly.


“Ah Frost, long time no see…”

The wrinkles on Karl’s face looked like they could fold a person to death…He smiled, “I never would have thought that after all these years, Dragon City would still remember a half-person like me.”

Frost gave him a huge smile, “Karl, how could Dragon City forget you? Look, we found a talented young person to be your disciple and also join you as a guardian.”

I walked up, and cupped my fists, “Good evening instructor…”

Karl stared at me for a while then said, “This little guy doesn’t look like anyone special. Frost, you randomly gave me some trash bronze, and want me to turn him into some gold?”

Frost covered her mouth while laughing, “Not at all, you just haven’t seen what he can do. How about this…You! Show us some moves!”

I nodded, unsheathed my sword, and performed a few moves. It was a style where you attack while defending, and you could go forward or retreat. As long as my sword was unsheathed I would be invincible. This was a nameless style that I made myself, and under the stare of Karl I felt that my skills were shameful compared to his….


Karl thought for a while and said, “Looks like…It’s not bad. You aren’t too bad. Boy, from now on you are my disciple…”

I proudly said, “I would like to experience your skill, or else how can I call you my master?”


Karl smiled, raised his hand and unsheathed his sword behind him. With a bang it penetrated a huge rock! Damn, using qi to drive the sword, this old guy…That was a stage that I could never reach; also, even about the qi, I had never seen anyone in reality that could use qi with a sword. That was really incredible.

I stepped up, put one knee on the ground with my sword, and said, “Instructor…”

Karl put his dried up old fingers on my shoulder and smiled, “Okay, hand over 100 gold coins, then you’ll become my disciple. Also, in the future you will be a silver-rank warrior!”


I confirmed and handed over 100 gold coins to him, and immediately after, I heard a ring——


System Notification: Congratulations! You’ve been successfully promoted to the next rank and receive the title of “Tomb Guardian of Dragon City”. All skills can go beyond the previous maximum level 4 and now the highest they can go up to is level 7. Hidden resistance +10%, hidden attack damage +5%, new skill 【Fencing Specialization】!


Very nice, I got the second promotion. It was pretty easy, but that promotion fee of 100 gold coins was too high! What a ripoff!

“Okay, my mission is complete now; I’ll be taking my leave.”

Frost lightly laughed and disappeared elegantly out of the Dragon’s Tomb. Karl looked at Frost’s shadow and snt a cold glare, muttering, “Luo Lin’s dog, hmph…”

I was shocked but I still walked up and asked, “Instructor, do you have any new skills you can teach me?”

All coldness in Karl’s eyes disappeared and he smiled, “Of course, but it’ll be a bit expensive…”


With a whoosh, a window appeared, and 3 skills were available for me to learn——

【Fierce Ice Blade LV-1】(A-rank): Condenses ice on the sword to attack the target, causing large damage and also slows the target down. Level 1 raises attack damage by 2%, ignores target’s defense by 1%, and slows for 1 second. Consumes 30 MP. To learn this you must pay 300 gold coins and 3 points of charm. Cannot be learned together with [Ice Blade].

【Flame Blade LV-1】(B-rank):Condenses fire on the sword to attack the target. Level 1 raises attack by 3%. To learn this you must pay 10 gold coins. Cannot be learned together with [Ice Blade] or [Fierce Ice Blade].

【Ice Blade】(B-rank): Condenses ice on the sword to attack the target. Level 1 raises attack damage by 2%, and slows the target for a short amount of time. To learn this you must pay 10 gold coins. Cannot be learned together with [Flame Blade].


I thought for a while. Even though there seemed to be a chance that I could learn two of the skills, in reality I could only learn one out of these three skills. [Flame Blade] and [Ice Blade] were both normal skills, you needed to pay 10 gold if you wanted to learn them, but this [Fierce Ice Blade] should be an original by Karl, and the attack effects were quite a bit stronger than [Ice Blade]’s because of the defense ignoration. It was indeed good…but just a bit expensive!

I looked in my bag; I still had 400+ gold coins. It was enough, so I would learn it. With good skills you could win anything!


After spending 300 gold coins and 3 charm, [Fierce Ice Blade] appeared in my skill window. It even consumed charm… Which meant that whoever didn’t have charm wouldn’t be able to learn this skill.

My sword trembled, and I silently cast [Fierce Ice Blade]. Instantly, ice started gushing out of my sword, and I stabbed out. A simple attack but it had plenty of killing power. A level 10 [Fierce Ice Blade] would raise my attack damage by 20%, and ignore 10% defense, so it shouldn’t be too far from the level 10 [Wind Blade] which increased damage by 30%. With this, I had two attacking skills, nice!


I wanted to chat a bit more with Karl, but he said no more and went back into his small house on his wheelchair. Damn, this instructor was so cold!

Whatever, I would find some monsters, and raise [Fierce Ice Blade] to level 4 first!

Outside of Ba Huang City, Vampire Bats fell one after another under my attack, it seemed like with [Fierce Ice Blade], I could instantly kill them…The skill bar slowly filled, because it had a 6 second cooldown. I had plenty of patience, and I would slowly grind….

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