Chapter 78 - Exactly the Same
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Zhan Long Chapter 78 - Exactly the Same

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Chapter 78 – Exactly the Same

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My heart dropped. What did this old guy want? Usually he would tell me to go hunt, drag poop around, find people, but today, today he wanted to have a drink with me? Perhaps he also knew that I was nearing level 40 and going for a promotion soon, so “Scavenger” was no longer the appropriate job for me?


“Experience +7000”

Immediately after I put down the two porcupines, a ray of light appeared, and I gained a decent amount of experience. I also took out the peppers from my bag, threw them in the sky, and unsheathed my sword. With a flash of the sword, the peppers got shattered, and the smell of the spicy peppers flooded the air as they fell with other spices onto Dalin’s barbecued pig. The flavor got absorbed, and without a doubt, the pig must be very tasty.


“Experience +5000”

Another ray of light and my experience rose by another chunk. Hehe, leveling up like this, it was really a method that was to be liked!

I gave a porcupine to the army officer, and I got another thousand of experience points in return. I dragged the other one to a nearby river to skin and discard the dissolving fur. After that, I found some green onions and stuck them through the porcupine and returned to the camp. I started another campfire and before long, the juices from the porcupine started seeping out. They cracked as they fell into the fire and a pleasant aroma started to spread as well.

I sat across Dalin, and respectfully grasped my sword.

“Come boy…”

Dalin threw something at me and a water bag made out of a wild goat’s stomach landed on me. Good wine was filled inside it but inside the game, drinking wine didn’t add any stats, and it was just for taste. Just some virtual stuff.

I opened the cap, and raised my head to take a drink. The sweet taste of the wine spread around in my mouth. It was indeed good.

“How’s the taste?” Dalin laughed.

I nodded, “Mm, very strong taste, good wine…”

Dalin stroked his beard, and smiled, “That’s natural, this is the fine wine brewed by the palace wine masters, and not a lot of people in the world can even drink it. Hmph, if I didn’t have to rush last time, I would have grabbed more from Fire Cloud City’s palace!”

I was shocked, “You stole this?”

“Cough cough, just borrowing!”

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