Chapter 77 - Promotion Preparation
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Zhan Long Chapter 77 - Promotion Preparation

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Chapter 77 – Promotion Preparation

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We were eating congee late at night outside of the school on a snack street.

Stirring the congee with her spoon, it seemed like Wan Er didn’t have much of an appetite. She raised her head, looked at me, and asked, “Have you really decided to join [Vanguard]?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “This is the fourth time I’m saying this. I’m not joining them, but rather I’m being employed and helping [Vanguard] to kill a boss. Feng Han is quite greedy, so I think he wants to get the Guild Creation Tablet as soon as possible.”

On the side, Cheng Yue pursed her lips and said, “To get the tablet you need to kill a boss that’s over level 50 and over gold-ranked, moreover the drop rate isn’t high, and it’s not something you can do quickly. I think Feng Han is thinking too wishfully, and if Xiao Yao helps [Vanguard] like this, it’s not too appropriate…”


Wan Er squinted her eyes and said, “Because Cheng Yue and I have decided to join [Hero’s Mound]. The guild master of [Hero’s Mound] Q-sword has been said to be the #1 fighter, clashing with Feng Han, so those two don’t get along too well. I just hope that we don’t need to clash swords, that wouldn’t be too fun…”

I pursed my lips and said, “Don’t worry. I’m only helping [Vanguard] to kill this boss; anything else has nothing to do with me.”

“Mm, that’s good. Oh yeah, you accepted the employment of [Vanguard], what’s the salary?”

“Killing one boss will get me 1000 Yuan (~$160), transferred directly into my bank account. Also, if it drops any equipment that can be used by heavy armored classes, then I take priority on it. Those are my conditions.”

“Those conditions are very attractive, what do they see in you…”


Cheng Yue smiled on the side, “Don’t tease him any more Wan Er…That’s right. Xiao Yao, your class right now is Scavenger of Dragon City, and it seems like it’s a swordsman-based hidden class right? You can equip heavy armor and you can also heal. That’s the reason why they employed you right?”

I nodded, “Mm. Outside of Ba Huang City, Fierce Tiger from [Flying Dragons] had a dueling ring arranged, and he said whoever can beat him gets 100 gold, so I took the duel. I used my [Combo] to kill him, and coincidentally Feng Han saw it, so that was the start of this mess.”


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