Chapter 76 - An Invitation from Vanguard
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Zhan Long Chapter 76 - An Invitation from Vanguard

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Chapter 76 – An Invitation from Vanguard

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Looking at Fierce Tiger’s stunned expression, I sheathed my sword and said lightly, “I am the man who is going to take away 100 gold coins from you!”

Stretching out my hand, I stared at him, “You said it yourself, the man who defeats you would get 100 gold coins as reward from you. Don’t tell me that you intend to go back on your words, hurry up and give me the money…”

Fierce Tiger’s face went dark. He probably never expected that the person who was able to defeat him would fuss so much over the 100 gold coins.


Around 5 seconds later, Fierce Tiger stretched his hands into his inventory and took out 100 gold coins, and threw them in my direction.


Once I felt the heavy weight of the money reaching my hands, I was satisfied and turned around to leave.

Yet, at this moment, a man carrying a long sword stepped forth from the crowd and stretched his arms to block my way. With a smile on his face, he said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I have something I would like to discuss with you!”

I looked at him. It wasn’t anyone else, but the leader of [Vanguard] — Jian Feng Han. Fushen Thousand Blade was beside him. Looked like after he lost, he went to find his leader so that they could regain back Vanguard’s reputation, yet unexpectedly, I beat him to it and defeated Fierce Tiger.

Licking my lips which were dry due to the intense heat from the [Burning Axe], I laughed, “For Guild Leader Jian Feng Han to find me, what do you want to discuss with me?”

Jian Feng Han, crossing his arm in front of his chest, said, “This isn’t a place for us to talk, come along with me…”


In the Ba Huang City, there was not a single place which I dared not enter. Following Jian Feng Han, a crowd of stunned and speechless Ba Huang City gamers were left behind standing there. The fight they had just seen was exceedingly exciting, with the victor being decided in a spli

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