Chapter 75 - Battle of the Gold Coins
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Zhan Long Chapter 75 - Battle of the Gold Coins

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Chapter 75 – Battle of the Gold Coins

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Inside the dueling ring were core players from [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragons]. Although it was said to be just a sparring match, tensions from the two guilds could still be felt by the audience.


An ice spear stabbed directly into Fushen Thousand Blade’s shoulders, dealing 448 damage. Although the defense of those in the monk class was exceptional, their resistance against magic was slightly lacking. Fortunately, Fushen Thousand Blade added 5 stat points into endurance every level, causing his health points to reach a staggering 2500, making it impossible for him to be killed in an instant.


Looking at the powerful attacks from the Ice Rat, Fushen Thousand Blade began to feel anxious and charged forward with his staff. Raising his staff up high, with a pah, he smashed his staff onto the head of the Ice Rat, dealing 229 damage. That wasn’t all, with a flick of his hand, a Killer Bee flew out with incredible speed. At the same time, a golden hexagram appeared on its stinger and with a 4 hit combo, it stung the Ice Rat!


The Ice Rat cried in pain and slumped to the ground, dying just like that. The Ice Rat had high magic growth, enabling it to dish out high damage, but in exchange for that, its defense and health were way below average!

Fierce Tiger looked at the carnage of his pet for a moment, then grabbing his battle axe, he made use of the opportunity to launch an attack. Traversing along the movement of the blade were crimson red flames. [Flame Axe], his level 40, second promotion skill!



It was a fatal blow and the Killer Bee was seemingly cut into two halves. Despite being a level 38 pet, it was unable to take a single hit from Fierce Tiger. It wasn’t too surprising though, as berserkers had the title of possessing the greatest brute strength and damage amongst the 9 main classes!


Fushen Thousand Bladepanicked. Losing his pet, he could on

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