Chapter 75 - Battle of the Gold Coins
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Zhan Long Chapter 75 - Battle of the Gold Coins

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Chapter 75 – Battle of the Gold Coins

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Inside the dueling ring were core players from [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragons]. Although it was said to be just a sparring match, tensions from the two guilds could still be felt by the audience.

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An ice spear stabbed directly into Fushen Thousand Blade’s shoulders, dealing 448 damage. Although the defense of those in the monk class was exceptional, their resistance against magic was slightly lacking. Fortunately, Fushen Thousand Blade added 5 stat points into endurance every level, causing his health points to reach a staggering 2500, making it impossible for him to be killed in an instant.


Looking at the powerful attacks from the Ice Rat, Fushen Thousand Blade began to feel anxious and charged forward with his staff. Raising his staff up high, with a pah, he smashed his staff onto the head of the Ice Rat, dealing 229 damage. That wasn’t all, with a flick of his hand, a Killer Bee flew out with incredible speed. At the same time, a golden hexagram appeared on its stinger and with a 4 hit combo, it stung the Ice Rat!


The Ice Rat cried in pain and slumped to the ground, dying just like that. The Ice Rat had high magic growth, enabling it to dish out high damage, but in exchange for that, its defense and health were way below average!

Fierce Tiger looked at the carnage of his pet for a moment, then grabbing his battle axe, he made use of the opportunity to launch an attack. Traversing along the movement of the blade were crimson red flames. [Flame Axe], his level 40, second promotion skill!



It was a fatal blow and the Killer Bee was seemingly cut into two halves. Despite being a level 38 pet, it was unable to take a single hit from Fierce Tiger. It wasn’t too surprising though, as berserkers had the title of possessing the greatest brute strength and damage amongst the 9 main classes!


Fushen Thousand Bladepanicked. Losing his pet, he could only attack with his staff now. What made things worse was that with each smash of his staff, he could only deal 100+ damage on his opponents.


Fierce Tiger seemed to have gone into a frenzy and bashed his axe consecutively on Fushen Thousand Blade’s Shield of the Broken Army. Damage numbers were popping up left and right–




Fierce Tiger looked in shock and couldn’t help but mumble under his breath, “Damn it, just how much defense does he have? I have an attack of 872, and yet I’m unable to break his defense?”

Fushen Thousand Blade retreated a few steps and propping up his Shield of the Broken Army, he smiled, “1045 defense. I’m very sorry but I am a monk who adds 5 defense each level, with that mere 872 attack of yours, you can just go and take a break!”

Fierce Tiger clenched his teeth and continued his flurry of attacks with his battle axe. Once the 6 seconds cooldown time was over, he immediately roared and activated his other level 40 skill, [Burning Axe]!



As expected, with [Burning Axe]’s greater offensive ability, he was able to break Fushen Thousand Blade’s defense.

“Sha sha sha…”

Fushen Thousand Blade took a couple of steps back, and his face flashed with confusion, “Damn it, are the second advancement skills really that much more powerful?!”

Following right after, he continued to attack Fierce Tiger with his staff. When the health points of Fierce Tiger dropped to around 400 points, he drank a health potion and his health immediately recovered by 400 points. Once again, his axe began to flash with crimson flames.



Fushen Thousand Blade’s health bar immediately dropped to near bottom and he unconsciously retreated, “Damn it, the monk class really has no offensive abilities, how am I supposed to fight like this…”

“Hah, then just obediently die here!”

Fierce Tiger was merciless; he raised his axe and cut down on the head of the monk!



Light rose from the spot where Fushen Thousand Blade respawned. Even though he was weakly kneeling on the floor, his health points were back to full. He had indeed lost in that sparring match. Looking at the Shield of the Broken Army in his hands, he was unable to understand what just happened and mumbled, “Ha, so I really just lost like that…”

Fierce Tiger, holding his battle axe, stood arrogantly in the center of the battlefield. Hehe, he laughed, “Looks like the top monk in [Vanguard] has a pretty good defense, but he isn’t able to fight over a long period of time. I heard that your shield was bought not long ago by Jian Feng Han at an exorbitant price of 1000 gold coins. I wonder if this golden equipment is being wasted…”

In an instant, Fushen Thousand Blade’s face turned purple, but as his abilities were beneath Fierce Tiger’s, he could only clench his teeth and remain quiet.

Fierce Tiger raised his eyebrows and continued to laugh, “My friends from Ba Huang City, is there still anyone who wants to pit their abilities against mine?”

The crowd fell silent. Everyone had seen the abilities of this Berserker who had been promoted, and who would be willing to lose their dignity in front of such a crowd? Probably even Fushen Thousand Blade regretted his actions, challenging Fierce Tiger by himself and losing, causing the reputation of [Vanguard] to take a blow.


Right at this moment, a man carrying a sword stood out from the crowd and walked leisurely in front of Fierce Tiger, smiling, “Then, let me try sparring with you…”

Fierce Tiger shot a chilling look, “You… you are… Xiao Yao Zi Zai?!”

Of course, under this kind of situation, if I didn’t fight him then who else would still be willing to fight him…

Looking at Fierce Tiger’s battle axe, I smiled faintly, “Yup, that’s me. See, isn’t this proof?”

Pointing to my head, there was a line of small golden words below my name, showing the words “10th Rank in Ba Huang City”, identical to the golden mark above of Fierce Tiger.

Fierce Tiger grinned and said, “Fine. Actually I would also like to understand the prowess of the legendary number 1 close combat healer. Oh, I see you have changed your job. Hmph, that’s also fine, at least strangers won’t say that I am bullying others now. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I didn’t challenge you, it’s you who challenged me of your own accord. If you are to lose, don’t say that I am taking advantage of my strength to bully others.”

I was stunned, “What do you mean by bullying others? I am only here to claim the 100 gold coins for myself. Do you think I would feel any accomplishment from beating you? You’re wrong; in fact, I don’t even know you…”

“Screw you!”

Fierce Tiger clenched his fist and bubbled with unquenchable anger.

I secretly laughed. Getting taunted so easily, he indeed lived up to his title as the [Flying Dragons]’ most fierce and most simple-minded player!

I slowly removed my Jade City Sword from its sheath, and the crisp sound of the sword caught the attention of the crowd. At the same time, Turmoil Sword activated, boosting my attack damage by 10%. Going by my current attacking damage standards, my actual current upper limit of my attacking damage should be 1007!

“I heard that you have an extremely powerful pet, having 5 stars in its attack growth and an excellence rating of 97%?” Fierce Tiger looked arrogantly at me, his face filled with disdain.

I calmly laughed, “Fine, then let’s not use our pets and do a 1v1 battle between players!”

“Just what I wanted!” Fierce Tiger smirked delightedly.

I then asked, “So, how should we fight? Should we do a Technique Fight or a Brute Fight?”

“What is a Technique Fight, and what is a Brute Fight?” Fierce Tiger asked with widened eyes.

I slowly explained, “Technique Fight is a fight in which within the time of one skill’s cooldown, you can attack me with three blows and I won’t retaliate. If I were to die, then I would admit defeat. After that, I would deal you three blows and if you die, then you will have to admit defeat. As for Brute Fight, it would be just like an ordinary fight; whoever stands in the end is the winner.”

Fierce Tiger took a deep breath and said, “Fine, then let’s do a Technique Fight. But, who will go first?”

I smiled and extended my arms, gesturing him to go first, “You can go on the offensive first. I will give you the opportunity to attack me three times. I can dodge and defend and we’ll see whether you are able to cut me down.”


Fierce Tiger shook his head proudly and carrying his war axe, laughed, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, here I come!”

“Feel free!”


Holding my sword vertically in front of my chest, I held my ground. I slowly swung the Jade City Sword down to my side. Just my standing posture alone exuded power.

Fierce Tiger, holding his battle axe, rushed straight towards me. He suddenly twisted his arms and did a sweeping attack with his battle axe. Rationally speaking, this attack was much harder to dodge as the range of attack was in the shape of a fan.


With my left palm gently resting on the blade of the sword, I raised the Jade City Sword vertically on my right and used all the strength in my body to block my opponent’s attack. To make things worse, this blow of Fierce Tiger’s was a [Fire Axe]!


Sparks flew and a large damage number appeared–


This guy, his attacking abilities were really extraordinary!

A look of consternation appeared briefly in Fierce Tiger’s eyes, “What strong defensive capabilities!”

Stepping hard on the grass, he leapt to my right and did an uppercut with his axe; it was a [Penetration] attack!

However, I was looking at everything clearly and I slid my leg backwards!


The Swordsman class had a high agility growth rate and this advantage was very apparent, shown by how easily I dodged his attack. However, the defense ignoring effect was still applied and with his next attack, he would be able to ignore 20% of my defense, making the next blow an extremely painful one!

Coming right after the second strike was the third strike, [Burning Axe], the most powerful killing technique after the 2nd job advancement!
I wasn’t so presumptuous as to think that I would live through that easily, I raised my hands and using [Heal], I got myself to full health while at the same time, tried to avoid his attack. But the enemy’s battle axe, as though creating an invisible force field, suddenly made my movements very slow. This was a game restraint due to my level and techniques; I was unable to dodge the next attack!


My shoulders felt a pain that seemed to dig into my heart. A large damage number appeared–


I stared in shock, [Penetration]+[Burning Axe]. It was indeed an ultimate chain combo killing technique of the Berserkers. That fatal blow almost one hit KO-ed me. Fortunately, I had obtained some equipment before and my total Health jumped to 1558, or else I might really have ended up kneeling there dead!

“Sha sha sha…”

My Silver Boots glided along the grass. I was knocked back almost a full 5 meters by the last [Burning Axe]. Looking embarrassed, Fierce Tiger opened his eyes widely, flabbergasted, “Damn it, you still won’t die with this. I’ll slaughter you!”

It’s over, this guy was enraged, so he decided to ignore the rules and just kill me first…



Although it was a normal attack, the axe moved with great speed.

Slightly tilting my body, I dodged his attack. With another twist of my body, I managed to move behind him. Using the opportunity when he was dazed for a moment, I activated my combo!





In an instant, the Berserker who was at full force was dealt a heavy damage. Fierce Tiger’s face turned black, “Damn! What kind of attack power is that, the individual hits of [Combo] are dealing above 300?!”

Quickly gulping down a health potion, Fierce Tiger did a backwards sweep towards me.

Following his attack angle, I slid to his back once again and laughed beneath my breath. At the same time, a surge of white aura came from beneath my feet!

Looking at the animation of my attack, the crowd surrounding us was surprised; some of the pretty ladies even covered their small mouth and widened their round eyes, “God, is that… Isn’t that the starting animation for custom combo attacks? Xiao Yao Zi Zai possesses his own combo attack!”

[Strength of a Thousand Men]!

Pah pah pah, I began on a series of attacks, each landing on Fierce Tiger’s shoulders!




Lowering my body posture, I rammed into Fierce Tiger, knocking him back. Although his health points had already reached zero, his body was still there. Before dying, he still had to eat my final [Wind Blade]!

“Ka cha…”

The sword’s edge tore apart his armor, and a large damage number burst out–


The attack wasn’t a fatal one so it was lower compared to attacks from Fierce Tiger. Fierce Tiger slumped to the floor, blood flowing non-stop from his body. He had lost the sparring match.


Reappearing outside the dueling ring, Fierce Tiger lowered his battle axe and his original arrogant attitude disappeared. Staring dumbfoundedly at me, he lowered his voice and murmured, “You… Just who are you?!”

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