Chapter 74 - Duels in the Dueling Ring
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Zhan Long Chapter 74 - Duels in the Dueling Ring

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Chapter 74 – Duels in the Dueling Ring

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I knew that Feng Han was determined to buy this shield because anyone knew that whoever had the shield could create a top-class tank and have a much easier time against a level 50+ Gold-tier boss. In a boss fight, strong monks and knights were irreplaceable. So whoever could create a strong meat shield would have a greater chance at getting the Guild Creation Tablet!

To be able to create the first guild, the guild wouldn’t possibly be weak. With a wave and a shout, the top-class players of Ba Huang City would rush to join them. Feng Han knew this very clearly in his heart.


“Xiao Yao Zi Zai, wait a few minutes for me.” Feng Han shot a smile at me, “I’m going to go and collect the gold coins. As you know 1000 gold isn’t a small number. Wait a few minutes for me please…”

I nodded, “Mm, no problem.”

Before long, a total of 7 players came and traded with Feng Han. After finishing the trades, Feng Han turned around and sent me a trade request. I accepted and opened the trading window. He put in 1000 gold coins, and I put the Shield of the Broken Army in. Both of us confirmed the trade and it was a done deal!


A heavy bag of coins landed in my hand, 1000 gold coins!

I couldn’t help but be excited and I immediately put the 1000 gold coins in the online trading center. With a ratio of 1:10, I could earn a good 10 thousand Yuan (~$1600). I would just sell all the gold in one go. Currently most guilds were collecting high-level potions, equipment, skill books, etc. and the amount of money they spent on those things was unaccountable. So it was not rare for players to buy 1000 gold in one go.

“Okay, thanks…”

After receiving the shield, Feng Han smiled at me and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are a pretty interesting person. Would you like to join [Vanguard]?”

I shook my head, “Thanks for the offer, but I prefer going solo.”

We are, find us on google.

“That’s alright; I’ll see you soon then!”

Feng Han spun around and gave the shield to the monk called “Fushen Thousand Blade”. He couldn’t contain his excitement as he equipped the shield and said, “Thank you boss!”

“We’re family! Just keep on grinding while we prepare to attack a level 50+ boss. You can repay me with hard work!”

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