Chapter 74 - Duels in the Dueling Ring
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Zhan Long Chapter 74 - Duels in the Dueling Ring

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Chapter 74 – Duels in the Dueling Ring

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I knew that Feng Han was determined to buy this shield because anyone knew that whoever had the shield could create a top-class tank and have a much easier time against a level 50+ Gold-tier boss. In a boss fight, strong monks and knights were irreplaceable. So whoever could create a strong meat shield would have a greater chance at getting the Guild Creation Tablet!

To be able to create the first guild, the guild wouldn’t possibly be weak. With a wave and a shout, the top-class players of Ba Huang City would rush to join them. Feng Han knew this very clearly in his heart.


“Xiao Yao Zi Zai, wait a few minutes for me.” Feng Han shot a smile at me, “I’m going to go and collect the gold coins. As you know 1000 gold isn’t a small number. Wait a few minutes for me please…”

I nodded, “Mm, no problem.”

Before long, a total of 7 players came and traded with Feng Han. After finishing the trades, Feng Han turned around and sent me a trade request. I accepted and opened the trading window. He put in 1000 gold coins, and I put the Shield of the Broken Army in. Both of us confirmed the trade and it was a done deal!


A heavy bag of coins landed in my hand, 1000 gold coins!

I couldn’t help but be excited and I immediately put the 1000 gold coins in the online trading center. With a ratio of 1:10, I could earn a good 10 thousand Yuan (~$1600). I would just sell all the gold in one go. Currently most guilds were collecting high-level potions, equipment, skill books, etc. and the amount of money they spent on those things was unaccountable. So it was not rare for players to buy 1000 gold in one go.

“Okay, thanks…”

After receiving the shield, Feng Han smiled at me and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are a pretty interesting person. Would you like to join [Vanguard]?”

I shook my head, “Thanks for the offer, but I prefer going solo.”

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“That’s alright; I’ll see you soon then!”

Feng Han spun around and gave the shield to the monk called “Fushen Thousand Blade”. He couldn’t contain his excitement as he equipped the shield and said, “Thank you boss!”

“We’re family! Just keep on grinding while we prepare to attack a level 50+ boss. You can repay me with hard work!”




A message came from Qing Qian, “Xiao Yao, you sold off the Shield of the Broken Army?”

“Mm, Feng Han bought it. Your information network is quite effective…”

“We have scouts reporting in.” Qing Qing opened up a call and laughed, “Yan Zhao saw that the shield was sold to [Vanguard] and he’s hitting his leg in anger. He says that you should have contacted [Prague] first and given priority to [Prague].”

I pursed my lips and asked, “He really said that? He kicked you out of [Prague] because of me, and then later on he killed me. Doing all those things, does he really think I would give priority to [Prague]? Qing Qian, you can tell Yan Zhao clearly, that I swear, sooner or later, I will defeat him personally!”

“Eh, Xiao Yao, are you sure about that?”

“Mm, yep.”

“That’s fine, but why?”

“Because Yan Zhao caused trouble for you and you’re my friend. So I gotta return the favor.”

“But I really don’t want you and Yan Zhao to fight…”

“Don’t worry, I only want to win in a fight and not to eliminate [Prague]…And I only have myself, it would be impossible for me to go against a huge guild like [Prague].”

“Okay, then Xiao Yao, keep on level grinding, I…”

In the chat box Qing Qian’s face suddenly went red, “I will…wait for you…”

I smiled, “Wait for me for what?”

Qing Qian bit down on her lips and seemingly made a huge decision and said, “I’ll wait until you get stronger and take me away from [Prague]…”

I went silent for a few seconds and smiled, “Mm, I’ll try my best!”


I sold a few other items and got rid of the Bronze and Green equipment and earned a few more gold coins. I suddenly felt like a skilled player because of the high-leveled equipment I was selling? Of course, it was related to my 30+ charm; the higher the charm, the better my luck was.

I kept the stall going until 10 o’clock at night and didn’t hear anything from Wan Er. Since I had nothing more to do, I opened my friend’s list and saw Cang Tong’s face. I clicked on it and I found out she was already level 41, so I sent a message, “Wan Er, have you gone insane with level grinding? Don’t you want to have dinner?”

Wan Er replied after a few seconds, “I’m killing a boss with Cheng Yue. Talk to me in 10 minutes!”



After selling all my items, I took my sword and wandered around the plaza. While wandering, I saw a huge crowd rush towards an entrance. It seemed they were not leaving to level grind, but rather there was something interesting there. So I followed the crowd as well.

Outside of the Ba Huang City’s entrance in the forest plains, there were players crowded. Even the Vampire Bats were annihilated and in the middle of the plains a player was standing there in full chain-mail armor holding a battle axe. He seemed like he was around 27 years or so and his face was full of killing intent. On his shoulder there was an emblem that said “Ba Huang City’s #7 player” and hovering over his head was a line of words——

ID: Fierce Tiger LV-40 Silver Berserker


Damn it was a berserker that had been promoted two times!

Fierce Tiger stood in the middle of the crowd and put his battle axe on his shoulder laughing, “My friends in Ba Huang City. I am Fierce Tiger, a core member of the [Flying Dragons] guild. Today I set up a small dueling ring here, so we can have a friendly duel and form friendships. Anyone can try this out and you are all welcome to join [Flying Dragons]. I will give 100 gold coins to whoever can defeat me. That’s all, anyone who wants to try this out just speak up!”

Instantly, the crowd burst like a frying pan——

“Ah, this is the Fierce Tiger of the leaderboard. Damn, setting up a dueling ring here. Isn’t it a bit crazy?”

“Obviously this is for recruiting new members in [Flying Dragon]!”

“If he loses then that’s 100 gold coins right there!”

“Gods…100 gold coins is 1000 Yuan! That’s a week’s worth of wages! Even if you lose there’s no need to be ashamed since the opponent is a player on the leaderboard!”


Before long, a mage walked up while holding a staff. It was a level 37 mage and he said, “Then I’ll give it a try. If I win you will really give me 100 gold coins right?”

Fierce Tiger thumped his chest and said, “Don’t worry, a man keeps his promises!”


The battle started. The mage started waving his staff and he started moving back while casting [Icicle]. Tiger raised his axe and he plowed through the icicles. The mage had good control. He cast [Chilling Wind] and [Rock Spikes]. Before half a minute, Tiger’s HP was near empty and he quickly drank a health potion.

When everyone thought that Tiger was going to die, he raised his axe and used [Fire Axe] and with a whoosh he swept over the mage’s body! He sacrificed nearly his entire Health for a chance to attack!


Everyone stared at it blankly, an instant kill!


The mage revived with full Health without any losses and looked a bit ashamed, “The leaderboard players really are different, very strong very strong…”

Fierce Tiger raised his battle axe and laughed, “Anyone else?”

Within the crowd, a level 36 swordsman held his longsword and walked out smiling, “Let me try!”

Berserker VS Swordsman, a battle between two heavy armored classes!



With the sharp sound of casting [Combo], sparks appeared on Tiger’s chest. LV 4 [Combo], showing off his ability——




Sadly, the attack of this level 36 swordsman was way too low and he couldn’t break through Tiger’s defense!

“Hehe, my turn!”

Tiger bellowed and used LV 4 [Rage] which increased attack by 8%. At the same time he raised his arms and violently struck the chest of the little swordsman. Then he used another ability, LV 4 [Penetration]: the next strike would ignore 20% of the target’s defense!


Flames flew and it was [Flame Axe], the skill you get from the second promotion of a Berserker!


The axe swept by and the swordsman’s armor broke along with a huge damage number——


Quickly afterwards Tiger kept up his momentum and used another [Fire Axe], dealing 400 damage and killing the little swordsman!


After two continuous rounds, Tiger held his axe and stood there smiling, “Who else?”

Everyone was shocked and no one else volunteered.

At that time a clear voice rang, “A full-strength berserker is indeed strong and the weapon you’re holding is the level 32 gold-tier axe right? I’ll play with you…”

In the crowd, a player walked out and it was none other then the monk holding the Shield of the Broken Army——Fushen Thousand Blade!

I was confused. Although monks had high Health and defense, they didn’t have a lot of attack damage. How could he go against a full-strength berserker? Wasn’t he at a disadvantage?


Fierce Tiger squinted his eyes, looked at Fushen, and laughed, “Oh, it’s the chief monk of [Vanguard]! Good good, I’ll duel with you!”

Fushen raises his hands along with his staff smiling, “Then, excuse me…”

Tiger rapidly rushed towards him while raising his axe.

The corner of Fushen’s mouth rose and he rapidly backed away. At the same time, he raised his arms and cast level 4 [Taunt]!

Instantly, Tiger’s attack damage was lowered by 8%. At the moment before his axe fell on the monk’s head, Fushen cast other buffs like [Regen], [Golden Defense]. The effect of [Golden Defense] was to raise defense by 12%! It was not something that you could overlook!


The battle axe fell on his helmet and the clang between gold and stone could be heard. A damage number of 117 appeared. [Fire Axe] only did that much damage!

“Impossible!” Tiger seemed shocked and with a wave of his hand he called out his pet. In the hexagram, an Ice Rat appeared next to him. Mmm, smart, magic-based pets could ignore heavy armor defense. It was the arch nemesis of heavy armor classes!

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