Chapter 73 - Shield of the Broken Army
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Zhan Long Chapter 73 - Shield of the Broken Army

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Chapter 73 – Shield of the Broken Army

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I held the necklace in my hand; its end was shaped like a battle axe. The necklace had a blood-red glow and its killing intent saturated the air. At the same time, scorching energy seeped into my palm. Mm, this necklace wasn’t a bad item or else it wouldn’t have such a dense feeling!

I waved my hand and the stats of the necklace appeared in front of me. Indeed they didn’t disappoint——

【Necklace of the Broken Army】(Gold-Tier Equipment)

Strength: +27

Endurance: +25

Additional: Increases defense by 70 points

Level Requirement: 38


Holding this Necklace of the Broken Army I stared at it blankly for 10 seconds. Finally, I remembered to breathe. 27 strength and 25 endurance, these were all stats that a swordsman needed! Those 70 points of defense were also very valuable. It could raise my defense to a whole new level! More importantly, 70 points of defense would take at least 60 points in toughness (defense) to reach that. So the real value in this necklace was much more than the 27 strength and 25 endurance!

With a pop, the necklace appeared on my neck and replaced the original Necklace of Bravery. The equipment that the General Family “gifted” me had reached its end…

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 (Scavenger of Dragon City)

Level: 38

Attack: 639-852

Defense: 675

Health: 1356

Mana: 470

Charm: 29


The original necklace increased maximum HP by 50 points, but the new Necklace of the Broken Army added 25 endurance, which meant that my maximum Health increased by 200 points, so obviously it was way superior. In addition to those 70 points of defense, my tenacity had increased significantly! With my 675 points of defense I could match the average monks and knights.

Why? First of all my defense equipment was fairly good. My Elite Steel

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