Chapter 72 - Killing His Highness
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Zhan Long Chapter 72 - Killing His Highness

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Chapter 72 – Killing His Highness

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With a flash of the Jade City Sword, the ropes binding the two ladies were severed and fell to the ground. In the game, my perception of distance was pretty accurate.

The two ladies immediately went into action, each of them grabbing their staffs. When one of the ladies grabbed her staff, the tip of her staff morphed into a shape of a medicine pot. Indeed, she was a healer, there was finally hope!



The curtains of the tent were forcefully pulled apart. A man with a black skin tone, carrying a war axe, walked in. Jie jie, without even looking, he laughed and said, “And here I was wondering who it was that dared to enter my tent, and it turns out to be nothing more than a timid little mouse! You two beauties over there; your boss has finally returned. Now we can finally get started…”

I looked at the two beautiful NPCs, the clothes on their body were torn apart and their skin was bruised. Then I counted with my fingers. I had been grinding here for ten hours, and in ten hours, he was actually unable to dominate two women, what kind of efficiency was this!?

Holding my sword in front of my chest, while Baby Bobo dances around my shoulders, I take a closer look. The burly dwarf leader who just walked in is indeed different from the rest. He is fully dressed in shining golden armor and his long beard, perhaps afraid that it might shed, is held in place by gold band. In short, the dwarf in front of me must be some kind of royalty within the Dark Dwarves tribe. Looking at his name, it is indeed as I expected —

【Prince of Dark Dwarves – Ming Jie】(Gold-rank Boss)





Abilities:【Heavy Strike】【Flame Blade】【Night Dance of the Axes】

Description: Ming Jie, a prince of the Dark Dwarves in the Far East, is the absolute king of the Dark Dwarves. Ming Jie is brutal with a lustful nature and has a special interest towards female humans and night elves. According to legend, in the mountain caves of Prince Ming Jie, there are more than 100 beautiful moon elves hidden…


Looking at the description, I shouted with indignation, “You beast!”

Ming Jie also started roaring. Holding war axes in both of his hands, he shouted, “Gah! Damn brat, where did you pop up from? To actually dare to steal away my women, prepare to go to hell!”

With a flick of my arms, the Jade City Sword carved out a flower in the air and at the same time, the golden signet on my arm emitted a faint light, and on my shoulders, a line of clear words could be seen — 10th Rank in Ba Huang City!

Behind me, the beautiful healer NPC lookrf at my back and said, “Youngster, you can put your heart at ease and focus on the fight, I will use recovery magic to soothe your wounded body…”

From the looks of it, I would be able to get healed by the NPC. Good, now my odds of beating him were much higher!


Stepping out, I made a preemptive strike. With a flash of my blade, the mark of a flower appeared at the boss’s neck with fresh blood gushing out from the wound. The attack reduced the boss of 247 of his health points; the defense of this boss was really pretty impressive. Just a little less offensive power and I wouldn’t be able to break his defense to deal significant damage. In the next instant, I got into the position of a sword stance and three rays of hexagram light appeared on my blade. Pah pah pah, light emitted from my sword as I did a combo slash on the boss.




My attacks completely enraged the prince of the Dark Dwarves. He roared and brandished his war axes, cutting downwards. Crimson red flames appeared after his axes, indicating the usage of his level 40 skill – 【Flame Blade】!

I hastily retreated and tried to dodge by moving out of the axe’s trajectory. But, due to my agility being much lower than the boss’, there was an intense pain on the back of my shoulders and with the downward cut of the axe, I was almost beheaded–


Looking at those damage numbers, my soul went into a frenzy, I could feel my heart breaking apart. If the boss attacked me once more, I would most certainly be KO-ed. Waving my arms around, the light of recovery appeared on my sword and with a glow of light on me, I recovered 600 health points. At the same time, I punched the ground.


A long metal chain emerged from the ground and entangled around the feet of Ming Jie. A LV-4 Binding Chain lasted for only 2.1 seconds against Ming Jie due to the natural resistance of boss-tier monsters, otherwise it would last for at least 3 seconds.

Baby Bobo began an attacking frenzy and continuously stung the boss. At the same time, I swiftly moved to the right side of the boss. A white aura emanated from beneath from my feet, and I activated【Strength of a Thousand Men】. A flurry of a five combo hit slashed at the boss in a time-frame of 1.2 seconds. However, the fourth hit didn’t manage to break the boss’s defense. As for the final strike, 【Wind Blade】, it only dealt 409 damage. But it couldn’t be considered too bad, because no matter what, the monster in front of me was a gold-tier boss.

After 2.1 seconds passed, Prince Ming Jie roared and once again, lifted his war axe and did a 【Heavy Strike】 against Baby Bobo!


Baby Bobo trembled. Fortunately, Baby Bobo was already at level 38 and his health had risen considerably. Otherwise, it would probably be a one hit KO!

I started to panic and immediately moved Baby Bobo backwards while I moved myself up to take its place. Pah pah, with a stab and a slash from the Jade City Sword, I removed 400 health points from the boss, angering the Dark Dwarf once again. Holding the war axe, he did a horizontal sweep, causing my health to drop rapidly. Fortunately, the beautiful healer behind me was continuously waving her staff and casting one 【Heal】 after another, recovering my health points by 750 each time.

However, the boss’s attacks continued furiously, and in the blink of an eye, I was still unable to hold my ground.


The light on the war axe shone brightly and in an instant, the small tent broke apart. The moonlight scattered on all of our bodies.

“Go to hell!”

Prince Ming Jie, stomping on the rock, continued his flurry of attacks!



With his blows, he knocked back my Jade City Sword and at the same time, dealt out high damage. I also noticed that whenever the boss did a horizontal sweep, his war axe always glowed with a crimson red aura, it seemed like his main method of attacking was a horizontal sweep. Maybe that was the reason why he kept dealing out horizontal sweeps, causing my health to barely upkeep with his damage output.

What was worse is that I had been paying attention to the mana bar of the healer and the longest she could sustain the healing was around 5 minutes or so. If this went on, once her mana bar dropped to zero, I would surely be killed.

As for the mage, she had been consistently casting 【Icicle Spell】s to control Ming Jie’s attacking speed and movement speed; otherwise I would probably have been dead long ago.



After self-healing myself for 600 health points, I looked around at my surroundings and while holding my sword, I retreated quickly. Behind me was a narrow pass between the mountains which was about a meter wide. Baiting him there, I decided that it was there that I shall exterminate this level 43 gold-tier boss!

“Darn brat, I shall break all your tendons and skin you alive, and you will feel what hell on earth means!”

Prince Ming Jie, carrying his war axe, rushed into the corridor and carried on with his usual horizontal sweeping attack pattern. However, the one meter long war axe immediately clashed into the mountains at both sides causing sparks to fly everywhere. Due to the lack of space, the war axe was unable to showcase its true prowess, causing his offensive power to take a huge dip, dishing out damage less than 200 with each strike. His methods of attacking with the war axe were either a vertically downwards cut or a horizontal sweep whereas with my Jade City Sword, my greatest expertise lied in stabbing, which also happened to deal the most damage. With the tides turning, my healing gradually started keeping up with the rate I was losing my health points. To add on, Baby Bobo was flying around and from time to time dealt an excruciating blow to Ming Jie!

Very soon, I began to see hope in killing this level 43 boss. Behind the corridor, the two NPC ladies also caught up and the pretty healer began to heal me using 【Therapy】. It was the situation I wanted to see, her being able to control her mana output.

“Damn it. Go to hell, all of you!”

When Ming Jie’s life had only around 10% of his health left, he suddenly lowered his body posture, and his body began to be surrounded by a dense and dark smoke. He was about to use his final technique – 【Night Dance of the Axes】

“Peng peng peng…”

The edge of his axe broke apart the mountain rocks at the side. Prince Ming Jie looked like a black rock rolling towards me.

I didn’t dare to let down my guard and immediately placed the long sword horizontally in front my chest, entering a defensive state!

“Keng keng keng…”

As the edge of the axe clashed with the blade, it sparked off a series of sparks. It was a way of fighting that placed one’s life on the line. The damage numbers continuously appeared, giving me no chance to heal myself —






In an instant, my health reached rock bottom and in the next moment, I appeared in a nearby grave as a wandering soul. Damn it, I was actually killed like that?!

But within the second that I was killed, a system notice appeared in front of my eyes —

Battle Notice: Healer Katarina used 【Revive】, would you like to revive now?


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Revive?! A level 40 healer skill!

I immediately chose to revive and in a flash of light, I appeared at the spot where I died with 50% health and mana. Raising my hands, I used 【Heal】 and at the next moment, I was at full health once again. At the same, a white aura emanated from beneath my feet and I immediately activated 【Strength of a Thousand Men】 and did a combo hit on the back of the boss!

With only 10% health remaining, the boss had already entered a dying state, its roar gradually getting softer and softer. At the same time, being stuck in this corridor, he was unable to use his full power. On top of that, the 【Night Dance of the Axes】 had a cooldown time of at least 5 minutes and 5 minutes was sufficient time for me to remove that remaining 10% health from him!

The boss’s life bar gradually got shorter and shorter, my heart was about to leap out of my throat. Looking at my arm, the “10th Rank in Ba Huang City” signet on my arm had already disappeared. Damn it, losing one level had caused me to go out of the ranking.

With one slash after another, a sense of satisfaction built up within my heart. A 43 gold-tier boss, I wondered what treasures this Dark Dwarf Prince would drop for me.

The mystery was unraveled in two minutes. Along with a fierce blow from my 【Wind Blade】, Prince Ming Jie cried in agony. Keng, the war axes in his hands broke into two parts and he knelt on the floor, his eyes filling with indignation, “Brat, if you kill me, my father will definitely lead his great army to seek revenge for me. Just wait and see…”

“Hua la la…”

At the moment the boss died, a few pieces of equipment dropped. At the same time, I leveled back up to level 38 and the “10th Rank in Ba Huang City” signet reappeared on my shoulders. How magnificent!

Silently moving forward to see the items that Ming Jie dropped, I saw a crimson red necklace which resembled the movements of a burning flame and a shield that seemed to be molded by cold metal. He also dropped 10+ gold coins together with a mysterious gemstone. The gemstone was clear without any flaws and shone brightly. Although I had no idea what type of item it was, an item dropped by a gold-tier boss couldn’t possibly be anything bad!

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