Chapter 72 - Killing His Highness
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Zhan Long Chapter 72 - Killing His Highness

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Chapter 72 – Killing His Highness

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With a flash of the Jade City Sword, the ropes binding the two ladies were severed and fell to the ground. In the game, my perception of distance was pretty accurate.

The two ladies immediately went into action, each of them grabbing their staffs. When one of the ladies grabbed her staff, the tip of her staff morphed into a shape of a medicine pot. Indeed, she was a healer, there was finally hope!



The curtains of the tent were forcefully pulled apart. A man with a black skin tone, carrying a war axe, walked in. Jie jie, without even looking, he laughed and said, “And here I was wondering who it was that dared to enter my tent, and it turns out to be nothing more than a timid little mouse! You two beauties over there; your boss has finally returned. Now we can finally get started…”

I looked at the two beautiful NPCs, the clothes on their body were torn apart and their skin was bruised. Then I counted with my fingers. I had been grinding here for ten hours, and in ten hours, he was actually unable to dominate two women, what kind of efficiency was this!?

Holding my sword in front of my chest, while Baby Bobo dances around my shoulders, I take a closer look. The burly dwarf leader who just walked in is indeed different from the rest. He is fully dressed in shining golden armor and his long beard, perhaps afraid that it might shed, is held in place by gold band. In short, the dwarf in front of me must be some kind of royalty within the Dark Dwarves tribe. Looking at his name, it is indeed as I expected —

【Prince of Dark Dwarves – Ming Jie】(Gold-rank Boss)





Abilities:【Heavy Strike】【Flame Blade】【Night Dance of the Axes】

Description: Ming Jie, a prince of the Dark Dwarves in the Far East, is the absolute king of the Dark Dwarves. Ming Jie is brutal with a lustful nature and has a special interest towards female humans and night elves. According to legend, in the mountain caves of Prince Ming Jie, there are more than 100 beautiful moon elves hidden…


Looking at the description, I shouted with indignation, “You beast!”

Ming Jie also started roaring. Holding war axes in both of his hands, he shouted, “Gah! Damn brat, where did you pop up from? To actually dare to steal away my women, prepare to go to hell!”

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