Chapter 71 - The Prince of Dark Dwarves
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Zhan Long Chapter 71 - The Prince of Dark Dwarves

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Chapter 71 – The Prince of Dark Dwarves

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Three golden hexagons appeared on my Jade City Sword, allowing me to confirm that the combo this time would consist of three attacks – the number of hexagonal stars appearing indicated the number of attacks the combo would do, a rule which I had understood with practice.






The damage efficiency was still not too bad; with just a combo, I had already removed almost a thousand of his health points. The level 40 Dark Dwarf, originally possessing over 2000 health points plummeted after getting violently stung by Baby Bobo who was dancing at his sides. Then, with a direct stab from my sword, the job was done!

Hmm, the effectiveness of a surprise attack was quite good, the level 40 Dark Dwarf didn’t even get a chance to retaliate and was wiped out in just a few seconds.

By ending the battle fast, my health potion and mana potion consumption was reduced. Bringing Baby Bobo along, I rushed towards the Dark Dwarf that was sharpening the edges of the war axe. Unfortunately, at the moment when I closed the distance between him and me, the other two Dark Dwarves immediately got aggro-ed by my actions. 1V3, I guess I would have to go all out, otherwise I didn’t a chance completing this quest!


As usual, the [Combo] had a short cooldown time of 6 seconds. I sent a second [Combo] attack towards the second dwarf as soon as the cooldown came off. At the same moment, I lowered my body and my iron fist crashed into the ground. Pah, 【Binding Chains】 was immediately evoked and rose from the ground, chaining the feet of the third dwarf. At the same time, Baby Bobo went on the offense. I tried to finish him off but I was slightly late, the Dark Dwarf had already begun his attack. His battle axe floated with crimson red flames, its the level 40 close-range skill – 【Flame Blade】



There was a loud ringing sound on the Dawn Breastplate and I felt a surge of pain. The o

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