Chapter 70 - Dark Dwarves
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Zhan Long Chapter 70 - Dark Dwarves

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Chapter 70 – Dark Dwarves

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In the morning at the General Studies of Chinese Characters class.

The professor held an extremely thick book in his hands, reciting the contents from the book with modulated cadence.

“Sha sha sha…”

Beside me, the sound of continuous scribbling of pencils drifted over and outside the window, the birds chirped joyously. Leaning by the window sill, my head gradually nodded off into a nap. After a while, someone shook me and I almost knocked my head on the table. Turning around, I saw Lin Wan Er staring angrily at me, “Yesterday, what did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything. Didn’t I go with you guys to the movies?”


Glancing around her table, I saw Lin Wan Er’s scribbling on her workbook, drawing a portrait resembling her Pet. It was the Tigerman in game, drawn vividly with its domineering look. Tsk tsk, the beautiful m’lady really did have a wide range of talents!


“It really does look like the real one!” I tilted my head and laughed.

Lin Wan Er gently smiled, “Its okay, I’m just doodling…”

Dong Cheng Yue was by Wan Er’s side, toying with her phone. After fiddling with it for a moment, she said, “Guys, big news! Just ten minutes ago, the first level 40 player appeared.”

Lin Wan Er and I said with a mysterious harmony, “Who?”

“Not telling you two…”


“Fine, its Q Sword of Fan Shu City, and our future guild leader.” Dong Cheng Yue chuckled, “I really didn’t expect Q Sword, a swordsman, to level at a faster pace than me, a mage.”

I asked, “Yue Er, what level are you at?”

“Level 38.”

“What about Wan Er?” I asked once more.

Wan Er opened her pair of charming eyes widely and stared at me. After a long time, Wan Er realized that I was referring to her. She, while looking a little uncomfortable with how I addressed her, said, “I’m currently level 39, with my experience bar at 17%. There are no classes this afternoon, so I should be able to hit level 40. But we are stude

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