Chapter 69 - A Meter of Sunshine
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Zhan Long Chapter 69 - A Meter of Sunshine

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Chapter 69 – A Meter of Sunshine

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A golden hexagon started to glow, shining radiantly on Lin Wan Er’s snow-white face. She anxiously stood looking at the emerging Tigerman within the hexagram. Slowly, the Tigerman stood up, he had tough leather armor, bulging muscles and a ferocious face. As soon as he was summoned, he knelt down on one knee next to Lin Wan Er.

The players around us all gave shocked glances at the Tigerman because none of them had ever seen half-beast half-human pets. Even though the intelligence of this Tigerman wasn’t too high, his strength was incredible, his tenacity was decent and his defense was high, a perfectly balanced pet.

Lin Wan Er happily stood next to her new pet. As the wind blew, her cloak started to drift in the wind, revealing a pair of long and slender legs. Stepping in a pair of leather boots, her beauty attracted the stares that were meant for her pet.

I turned around and quickly gave the 81% excellency Tigerman to Dong Cheng Yue. Little did I know that Cheng Yue would immediately call out her pet too and the result was that there were two of the same pet standing there, creating a huge disturbance!


“You guys should leave Ba Huang City, before more people notice you guys…” I leaned on the City Wall and reminded them.

Lin Wan Er nodded. “Yue Er, lets go back and get the levels of our Tigermen up to par. How are you going to add your stat points?”

“My pet’s excellence is quite low and I need a defensive pet so I’ll add 4 points to Strength and 6 points to Endurance. That way, my pet’s defense won’t be too different from yours. Right?”

Lin Wan Er lightly smiled, “Then I’ll go 6 Strength and 4 Endurance, keeping a high defense and not sacrificing too much attack.”

“Okay, the owners of 100% Excellence pets are really shameful…”

“You! Let’s go!”


The two beauties turned around and smiled at me

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