Chapter 69 - A Meter of Sunshine
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Zhan Long Chapter 69 - A Meter of Sunshine

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Chapter 69 – A Meter of Sunshine

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A golden hexagon started to glow, shining radiantly on Lin Wan Er’s snow-white face. She anxiously stood looking at the emerging Tigerman within the hexagram. Slowly, the Tigerman stood up, he had tough leather armor, bulging muscles and a ferocious face. As soon as he was summoned, he knelt down on one knee next to Lin Wan Er.

The players around us all gave shocked glances at the Tigerman because none of them had ever seen half-beast half-human pets. Even though the intelligence of this Tigerman wasn’t too high, his strength was incredible, his tenacity was decent and his defense was high, a perfectly balanced pet.

Lin Wan Er happily stood next to her new pet. As the wind blew, her cloak started to drift in the wind, revealing a pair of long and slender legs. Stepping in a pair of leather boots, her beauty attracted the stares that were meant for her pet.

I turned around and quickly gave the 81% excellency Tigerman to Dong Cheng Yue. Little did I know that Cheng Yue would immediately call out her pet too and the result was that there were two of the same pet standing there, creating a huge disturbance!


“You guys should leave Ba Huang City, before more people notice you guys…” I leaned on the City Wall and reminded them.

Lin Wan Er nodded. “Yue Er, lets go back and get the levels of our Tigermen up to par. How are you going to add your stat points?”

“My pet’s excellence is quite low and I need a defensive pet so I’ll add 4 points to Strength and 6 points to Endurance. That way, my pet’s defense won’t be too different from yours. Right?”

Lin Wan Er lightly smiled, “Then I’ll go 6 Strength and 4 Endurance, keeping a high defense and not sacrificing too much attack.”

“Okay, the owners of 100% Excellence pets are really shameful…”

“You! Let’s go!”


The two beauties turned around and smiled at me, “Li Xiao Yao, it’s getting late so me and Yue Er are going back to Fan Shu City and level our Tigermen to level 15. So in about an hour can you come to our dorm since we need to go out?”

“Go where?”

“We want to go the Mall to buy some things, like clothes…”

“Wan Er, isn’t your card locked so you can’t spend any money?”

“That’s because I can’t use it to buy in game gold, I can use it to buy clothes…”

“Ohh…Okay. I’ll be waiting for you under your dorm. Are we going to eat dinner first?”

“We’ll eat dinner in the mall!”



According to my employment contract, I needed to follow Lin Wan Er wherever she went. So, I was definitely not going to get the chance level tonight. All I could do was accompany the two to the mall, but it wasn’t too bad, staying in the game all the time was taking a toll on me.

The Xihu District’s Mall was near Wen Yi Xi street and I had been there before but Wan Er obviously was more familiar with the place than me; her Audi TT quickly flashed through the city. Dong Cheng Yue was sitting in the back, “The Tigerman’s growth is really good. My level 15 Tigerman already has about 400 defense, if I get him to level 40 he’ll have about 1000 defense…”

I turned around, “Take it slowly. Don’t add so many points into defense, you might not be able break the defense of heavy-armor players or monsters if you keep adding points into defense.”

“Yeahhh, I’ll be careful. Wait, Xiao Yao, why aren’t you driving and making your employer drive?”

I stiffened.

Lin Wan Er, focused on the road, smiled, “His IQ is too low to drive…”

I curled my hands, “From now on, I’ll be the one to drive…”


30 minutes later, at the cafeteria in third floor of the mall.

A bowl of spicy Kabobs sat in front of me. With my chopsticks, I held up a Needle Mushroom and asked, “This meal is being paid for by Wan Er, right?”


“Owner, we want another 10 Beef Kabobs!”


Spicy Kabobs with sweet yogurt; a god-like pairing, it healed souls!

After finishing the meal, Wan Er and Cheng Yue bought some clothes. Afterwards, we went to the fourth floor. Cheng Yue clamored about watching a movie but there weren’t many new films and the girls had already watched Transformers 5 so in the end we randomly picked a movie called <Love me Again>.

Since it was a love themed movie, in the theater, there were many couples already there. Dong Cheng Yue and Wan Er both got a huge bucket of popcorn and sat next to me. Dong Cheng Yue was quite familiar with me and easily started to talk with me, she even started leaning on me! Lin Wan Er was a bit more reserved. Twirling her hair, she said, “Li Xiao Yao, where are you training your level, where you got the gold-tiered wrist guard?”

I thought about it for a moment, “Professional Quest!”

“Oh? Who’s your profession’s instructor?”

“Sorry, I can’t tell you. I might get killed by those bounty hunters…”


Lin Wan Er stomped her foot in anger. She was quite cute when she got angry and the guys next to us, waiting to enter the theater, started looking at their own girlfriends. In comparison, Wan Er was a lot better than the lot of them combined and as a result, I attracted a lot of aggro.

One is fine but two? Who was this guy!

Even though I knew that this would happen, I couldn’t do anything about it. This was probably the Legendary Lying Gun where the two girls beside me were actually just my friends. If not for the air conditioned bed, I wouldn’t even be here right now…


After a short while, the movie started playing. The start of the movie was about a couple meeting and after another 100 minutes, the ending of the movie finally came. The male MC was sitting in a cave by himself, waiting to die. At that point, he saw a meter of sunshine coming from the cave’s entrance and was entranced by it. Because of it, he walked out of his cave and suicided by jumping off a cliff. And then… then the movie explained the origin of the meter of sunshine…

Beside me, Dong Cheng Yue started to wipe away tears…

When the lights finally came back on in the theater, I saw Lin Wan Er’s eyes were also red but she quickly put on her sunglasses. She asked, “Li Xiao Yao, what do you think of the movie?”

I paused, “I don’t have any thoughts!”

“Do you believe in the meter of sunshine love? For each other, they were willing to give up their lives! Do you want to have a girlfriend like that?”

“Hmph, life in the modern age is very tough, everyone is busy trying to make money. Who has the time to talk about love? There’s still evil and the flag of justice hasn’t been lifted! I don’t have time to think about love!”

“Is it because there aren’t any girls that like you?”

I clenched my teeth, how did she know?

Dong Cheng Yue was giggling, “It’s already past 10, lets go back, before the school closes.”



This time, I drove the car. When we reached the school, the school gates were just about to close. With my foot on the gas, we did a 100 meter sprint and narrowly entered the school. The guards that were in charge of closing the gate looked at our car with hate.

After sending the two girls back to their dorm, while walking on the paths in the school, I dialed Shen Bing’s number –

“Hello, Li Xiao Yao!”

“Yup, sister Shen Bing, are there any special situations, especially about Lightning Hands?”

“Nope, how are you? Yesterday, nothing happened right?”

“Uhh…” I thought for a moment before continuing, “Last night, I went to No Returns Bar and broke the arms of Wen Tai. Looks like Wen Tai kept the thing down low and hasn’t said anything about it yet.”

“Oh, it’s probably like that. He probably wouldn’t intentional destroy his reputation by saying that someone defeated him. Oh, are you alright?”

“At that kind of level, its impossible for him to hurt me. Oh right, Shen Bing, our custom line needs to have some more security or else someone might eavesdrop.”

“Mm, I got it. I already secured the line before calling you for the first time. Don’t worry!”

“Good, is there anything else? Leader Wang hasn’t contacted me recently.”

“There’s nothing, just relax and guard Lin Wan Er! Oh right, Lin Wan Er…is she as beautiful as they say she is?”

“Umm, I don’t know…”

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“Looks like she’s pretty; to be able to make Li Xiao Yao stutter, she isn’t simple. Alright, I won’t tease you but you should be careful. We’re quite close to Lin Tian Nan so that Wan Er is safe.”

“Got it…”


Ending the call, I realized that I had already been on the job for an entire week. But during the entire time, there hadn’t been anything big but I still felt some danger; the real danger hadn’t come yet but when it did come, I needed to be ready.

Back in my room, I sat in front of my desk. Randomly looking through the recent material from class, I felt like I could die from boredom. What Four Treasures, Old Saying, I couldn’t understand any of it. So, I opened <Destiny>’s official website and looked at Ba Huang City. At the top was a red post —

[Sticky] Vanguard vs. Prague, Ba Huang City’s King’s fight is near?


The general content within the post was that for the past few days, Vanguard and Prague players had been fighting a lot, to the point where there were two 100 player parties battling. The two guilds were both top 10 in the entire Chinese sever and because there was only 1 first place in Ba Huang, sooner or later they would have a huge fight.

I sipped on my cup of tea, smiling. If they wanted to fight, then fight! It didn’t matter to me but hopefully Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang weren’t involved in the fights. All I cared about within the two guilds were those two girls.

There were also a lot of random events in Ba Huang City. For example, someone found a level 50 Boss but when a couple hundred players went to kill it, they got annihilated. Someone also found level 7 herbs but within the entire city, there weren’t any players that had reached level 7 in herb picking so they could only look at the herbs. The most ridiculous event was probably the new Ba Huang City’s top ten beauties list. When I looked at it, I didn’t know any of them! I thought that within Ba Huang City, Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang were the prettiest, even if they were a bit young…


While thinking about it, on the other bed, Tang Gu suddenly sat up, “Li, why aren’t you sleeping? There are classes tomorrow morning…”


Crawling onto my own bed and pulling up the blankets, I quickly closed my eyes. There were going to be a lot of things that I needed to do tomorrow. Rushing to level 35 wasn’t much, I needed to rush to level 40! According to rumors, every class’ second promotion was very essential where players got their second power spike.

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