Chapter 68 - A Huge Deal
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Zhan Long Chapter 68 - A Huge Deal

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Chapter 68 – A Huge Deal

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TL: Trans Change: Ling Wan Er -> Lin Wan Er. Sorry! 4/3 ?

This pair of wrist guards added agility by 20, making it a somewhat god-level equipment for agility-based classes. Furthermore, it added 30 attack which made it a dream equip for those in the assassin, gunner and archer class. After all, agility-based classes aimed to boost their attack speed and critical strike chance, thus most of them chose to pump their stats into agility. On top of that, their damage growths from boosting the strength stat was rather low, making it unwise to waste their points on the strength stat. Although adding agility would also boost their damage, their class’ damage tended to be on the lower end. This increase in 30 attack was at least equivalent to 42 stat points, thus making the total stat boost from this wrist guard come up to a staggering 90.


From the gamers I knew, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and Lin Wan Er were assassins, making the equip ideal for them. Although I had a good relationship with Yue Qing Qian, she was a member of Prague. Furthermore, Lin Wan Er was the one whom I spent my days going to class with, leaving class with and having meals with. To add to it, she was my employer. If I were to give this pair of wrist guards to Yue Qing Qian, and if Lin Wan Er found out afterwards, I would probably get killed?

However, if I were to give this directly to Lin Wan Er, wouldn’t that be too shallow? Given my relationship with her, if I were to just simply give her a gold-rank equip, people would suspect that I had feelings for her. After much deliberation, I decided that the best method for me was to sell this pair of wrist guards to Lin Wan Er, thus getting rid of it easily and sparing her from owing me one.

As to whether I should bring the wrist guards to sell at the Ba Huang market, currently I wouldn’t consider this option. The only ones who had the means to purchase these wrist guards would only be those from Prague, Wrath of the Heroes

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