Chapter 68 - A Huge Deal
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Zhan Long Chapter 68 - A Huge Deal

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Chapter 68 – A Huge Deal

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This pair of wrist guards added agility by 20, making it a somewhat god-level equipment for agility-based classes. Furthermore, it added 30 attack which made it a dream equip for those in the assassin, gunner and archer class. After all, agility-based classes aimed to boost their attack speed and critical strike chance, thus most of them chose to pump their stats into agility. On top of that, their damage growths from boosting the strength stat was rather low, making it unwise to waste their points on the strength stat. Although adding agility would also boost their damage, their class’ damage tended to be on the lower end. This increase in 30 attack was at least equivalent to 42 stat points, thus making the total stat boost from this wrist guard come up to a staggering 90.


From the gamers I knew, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and Lin Wan Er were assassins, making the equip ideal for them. Although I had a good relationship with Yue Qing Qian, she was a member of Prague. Furthermore, Lin Wan Er was the one whom I spent my days going to class with, leaving class with and having meals with. To add to it, she was my employer. If I were to give this pair of wrist guards to Yue Qing Qian, and if Lin Wan Er found out afterwards, I would probably get killed?

However, if I were to give this directly to Lin Wan Er, wouldn’t that be too shallow? Given my relationship with her, if I were to just simply give her a gold-rank equip, people would suspect that I had feelings for her. After much deliberation, I decided that the best method for me was to sell this pair of wrist guards to Lin Wan Er, thus getting rid of it easily and sparing her from owing me one.

As to whether I should bring the wrist guards to sell at the Ba Huang market, currently I wouldn’t consider this option. The only ones who had the means to purchase these wrist guards would only be those from Prague, Wrath of the Heroes or Vanguard; none of which I considered as my friend. As for the General Family, given how poor they were, I doubt they had enough to buy it. Selling this wrist guard in the market would probably just lead to the bolstering of my rival’s forces. This absolutely must not happen as my current strength did not allow me the confidence that I could defeat them even after I strengthened their forces.


After making up my mind, I placed the wrist guards into my inventory, picked up the 1 gold coin on the ground and grabbed the tail of the boar prince. Lets bring you back with me to the Dragon City to make some smoked pork!


However, due to my excessive force, the tail of the boar snapped apart. I had sinned, I had sinned…

After thinking for awhile, I turned around, headed towards the fence and pulled out several long strands of vines. Based on my past experience in the wild, these vines should be exceptionally flexible; learning how to braid vines was indeed a smart move. Furthermore, here in the game, my strength was much stronger than in reality, making it an easy feat to tie the vines into 2 long ropes. Tying both of the ropes firmly to the front canines of the boar, I started tugging on them, using all of my strength.

Using great strength to pull, OH YEAH! Bring on the music!

Little miss sitting at the front of the ship while I walk along the shore.

Loving tenderly, both of us connected together by a string while walking leisurely.

(纤夫的爱 < -Song name)


A mysterious sight appeared in the forests at the frontier of Ba Huang City. A little swordsman was using all of his efforts to pull along a gigantic wild boar, step by step he went forward but his speed was unbelievably slow. The size of the wild boar behind him was seriously beyond huge. Fortunately, my 350+ strength wasn’t just for show, at least I could inch forward.

After dragging the boar prince for an excruciating long period of time, I had only just covered 60% of the distance. At this moment, in the party chat, Lin Wan Er’s sweet and refreshing voice sounded, “Hi, Li Xiao Yao, where’s your pet? Dong Cheng and I have reached Ba Huang City!”

I groaned, “Wan Er, I won’t be heading back to town yet. I accepted a quest and now I am currently dragging back my quest item. I’ll require… around 30 minutes. Wait for me for a moment!”

Lin Wan Er replied with a tinge of displeasure in her voice, “Hmph, you idiot. You knew that we were coming and yet you went ahead to accept a quest. Are you purposely putting us both up on display in Ba Huang City for others to see?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. To be honest, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue could be considered gorgeous even among beauties. The appearance of them both at Ba Huang City would surely cause a big uproar. In fact, it was highly probable that the 2 girls were being surrounded and stared at by countless players at this point, especially at Lin Wan Er. A beautiful assassin in leather design did especially well to ignite the passion within the hearts of men, and the slender thighs and slim waist together with her well-filled 34D, who knew how many people had fallen under her feet…

Thinking about this, I began to put in more effort to pull the boar prince. Damn it, I could not allow my beautiful employer to be ogled at by those bastards in Ba Huang City.

In order to soothe the 2 lonely and bored girls, I took a screenshot of the wrist guard’s stats, converted it into a picture and sent it to them via the party chat, saying, “Wan Er, what do you think about these wrist guards?”

Lin Wan Er stayed silent for a moment and then said excitedly, “Wow, its stats are really exceptional, wonderful! Li Xiao Yao, from which boss did you hunt this equipment from? Going solo, you killed a gold-rank boss? Unbelievable…”

I couldn’t find the words to reply for a moment, “Of course I can’t defeat a gold-rank boss, this was dropped from an elite monster…”

“What kind of luck is that…” Lin Wan Er was speechless.

Dong Cheng Yue chuckled, “Li Xiao Yao, hurry up and return, don’t make us wait too long. Judging from your actions, you probably intend to gift this wrist guards to Lin Wan Er hm?”

I quickly replied, “No, I don’t have that kind of intention…”

Lin Wan Er laughed, yet her laugh seemed to have a profound meaning to it, “So… you intend to sell it to me?”

“Yeah, that is possible!”

“I am not buying!” Lin Wan Er firmly rejected my offer.

Whoosh, in an instant my heart plummeted, “Wan Er, you’re not buying? These wrist guards add so many stats and yet… you really don’t want it, not even a single bit?”

Lin Wan Er, after seeing me panicking, started to smile brightly. After a long pause, she sent the picture of another equipment into the party chat. Opening it, I almost fainted —

【Dawn Breastplate】(Gold-rank Equipment)

Type:Heavy Armor




Others:Increases defense by 40 points

Level requirement:35


Heavy armor hmm, armor-type equipment. Damn it, 125 defense points, must be really sturdy. On top of adding 25 endurance, it added a bonus 40 defense, it was the kind of equipment that I really needed. This Dawn Breastplate was totally a cheat code.

“Um…” I muttered to myself, not knowing what to say. I ended up standing at the same spot staring blankly.

Lin Wan Er, with an accomplished look on her face, chuckled, “So, how is it, you darned Li Xiao Yao, I’ll trade this Dawn Breastplate of mine for your Transparent Wrist Guards, it should be a fair trade right? Gold-tiered equipment for another gold-tiered equipment, you aren’t losing out…”

I swiftly went to check the ranking of the equip on the equipment ranking board, locating the ranking of Dawn Breastplate amongst other gold-rank equipment… In the multipurpose equipment rank board, it was ranked in the 9th place whereas the Transparent Wrist Guards was ranked 24. Truthfully speaking, if the trading were to occur, the one that benefited from the trade would be me… However, was I the type of person to try to profit off beautiful ladies? Of course not!

Thus, I said, “The Dawn Breastplate’s ranking is much higher than that of my Transparent Wrist Guards. How about this, lets trade equipments but on top of that, I’ll pay you an additional 100 gold coin. So, for your Tigerman, you only have to pay me 500 gold coins…”

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, “Well, that isn’t too bad, Wan Er gets to save some money…”

Lin Wan Er said, “Alright then, I shall fully respect your decision!”

“Hmm, Wan Er, where did you find this Dawn Breastplate?”

“It is a long story, Yue Er and I went joined a party with a few other healers and archers to fight a level 40 boss. After killing the boss, I happened to roll it…”

“Why not party with a berserker or a monk?”

“Stupid, if I formed a party with them, would I still have the right to roll this breastplate for you?!”

“Yup, m’lady is the wisest and the strongest!”



After a long time, I finally arrived at the Dragon City. Standing in front of Beast Tamer Dalin, I was ready to collapse. I refusec all quests he had for me and said, “Teacher, I have already completed your request and brought back the boar prince’s corpse to you. May I request that when you make smoked meat or bacon, a portion of it could be given to me…”

Dalin roared with laughter and said, “No problem, lad. You really don’t disappoint me. Come, this is the reward for your hard work!”


System Notice: You have completed 【Wild Boar Hunt】, you have received 14000 experience point, 10 gold coins and your reputation in Dragon City has improved!


Shrouded in golden light, I leveled up to level 35. Good, now I could equip the Dawn Breastplate. Taking out the return scroll, I crushed it and smiling at Dalin, I said, “Teacher, see you later!”

Dalin waved his hands towards the spot where I just disappeared.

Immediately after arriving at the teleportation circle, I could see 2 small orange circle indicating the location of my party members, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue.

Swiftly making my way towards them, I spotted the two charmers leaning against the city walls carrying a bored expression. All of the players that walked past them, whether intentionally or not, carefully slipped secret glances towards them, afraid that they would be despised if the two goddess realized their furtive glances.

Walking straight to them, I raised my hands and waved to them, “Hi, guess I made both of you wait…”

Dong Cheng Yue looked up with a startled expression and then laughed, “Xiao Yao, your new style looks not bad. Dressed in a whole body of metal armor, you have converted to the heavy armor class right? Hehe, actually Xiao Yao really looks handsome dressed in war armor. Wan Er, what do you think? Doesn’t he really look like a handsome wandering swordsman?”

Lin Wan Er glanced at me then avoided looking at me. Lowering her eyes to the stone ground, the edges of her mouth moved up to form a smile. Then, she raised her face with a solemn poker face and said, “Hmph, let’s start the deal. Trade me!”

I opened the trade menu and started to trade with Lin Wan Er. Then, I placed into the trade window the Tigerman with 100% Excellence and the Transparent Wrist Guards into the trade menu, while Lin Wan Er moved her Dawn Breastplate together with 500 gold coins into the trade. Pata, the trade was successful!


Afterwards, I immediately placed the 500 gold coins into the Treasure House to sell. The real money value of the gold coin had been falling steadily recently. The sooner that I sold these gold coins of mine, the less profit I would lose. At the same time, I took out the Dawn Breastplate from my inventory and put it on. Hua, and in an instant, the dull-looking Armor of the Earth turned into the Dawn Breastplate which emitted a light golden glow. I instantly felt refreshed and a sense of security enveloped me, this must be the feeling of a surge in my defense stats–

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】(Scavenger of Dragon City)








My defense had finally reached 600 points.Whether I was fighting other players or monsters, my ability to resist their offense attacks should have been raised by quite a fair bit. Furthermore, what stood out the most was my health, which had reached 1100+, the result of the 25 endurance from the Dawn Breastplate. Together with the swordsman class’ 0.8 endurance growth per level, I had a total of a 200 point boost to my health. With more health, I had better tanking ability such that I wouldn’t be defeated a few seconds into the battle!

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