Chapter 67 - Transparent Wrist Guards
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Zhan Long Chapter 67 - Transparent Wrist Guards

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Chapter 67 – Transparent Wrist Guards

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“Li Xiao Yao, how did you get this level 1 Tigerman? 100% excellence, you aren’t deceiving us are you?” Wan Er didn’t seem to believe that I had such a high-class pet.

Cheng Yue also said, “Yeah, this pet is definitely god-tier…What are those two skills all about?”

I said, “[Violent Sweep], it’s similar to [Heavy Strike], but it is a lot stronger. [Mountain Sink], it adds defense: raises level * 10 defense, which means, a level 40 Tigerman get an extra 400 points in defense. I just got this pet and I also have another 81% Tigerman. You two, do you want them?”

The two beauties went silent for half a minute.

Finally, Wan Er said, “Since you got the pets, I’ll grab some money and buy it…”

“It’s going to be very expensive, and Miss, didn’t you say you could only take 50 thousand Yuan from your bank card every month? This 100% superiority Tigerman, it’s worth at least 1000 gold coins, you know that right…”

Wan Er paused and said, “Actually, I have another bank card and there’s a few million on that…”

“Then that’s a done deal!” I clapped my hands, the time to make money had arrived!

Cheng Yue tried to help her friend, “Wan Er, don’t be so rash. This Tigerman’s attack and defense are 4.5 stars, and it might not be as good as you think. How about..we let Xiao Yao give a discount or something in the name of our friendship…”

Wan Er laughed lightly, “What do you say Li Xiao Yao?”

I thought for a while, and said, “Actually, me and the Miss have always been in a employer- employee relationship. Look, Miss doesn’t let me say her name and with Miss here and Miss there, I feel goosebumps every time I say Miss…”

Wan Er giggled, “That’s fine, just call me like Cheng Yue…”

“Okay, Wan Er…”

“Wait, I still feel that this doesn’t feel right!”

“So you two don’t want these Tigermen?”

“We want them, of course we want them. I’m good now. We’re heading towards Ba Huang City right now!”


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