Chapter 67 - Transparent Wrist Guards
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Zhan Long Chapter 67 - Transparent Wrist Guards

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Chapter 67 – Transparent Wrist Guards

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“Li Xiao Yao, how did you get this level 1 Tigerman? 100% excellence, you aren’t deceiving us are you?” Wan Er didn’t seem to believe that I had such a high-class pet.

Cheng Yue also said, “Yeah, this pet is definitely god-tier…What are those two skills all about?”

I said, “[Violent Sweep], it’s similar to [Heavy Strike], but it is a lot stronger. [Mountain Sink], it adds defense: raises level * 10 defense, which means, a level 40 Tigerman get an extra 400 points in defense. I just got this pet and I also have another 81% Tigerman. You two, do you want them?”

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The two beauties went silent for half a minute.

Finally, Wan Er said, “Since you got the pets, I’ll grab some money and buy it…”

“It’s going to be very expensive, and Miss, didn’t you say you could only take 50 thousand Yuan from your bank card every month? This 100% superiority Tigerman, it’s worth at least 1000 gold coins, you know that right…”

Wan Er paused and said, “Actually, I have another bank card and there’s a few million on that…”

“Then that’s a done deal!” I clapped my hands, the time to make money had arrived!

Cheng Yue tried to help her friend, “Wan Er, don’t be so rash. This Tigerman’s attack and defense are 4.5 stars, and it might not be as good as you think. How about..we let Xiao Yao give a discount or something in the name of our friendship…”

Wan Er laughed lightly, “What do you say Li Xiao Yao?”

I thought for a while, and said, “Actually, me and the Miss have always been in a employer- employee relationship. Look, Miss doesn’t let me say her name and with Miss here and Miss there, I feel goosebumps every time I say Miss…”

Wan Er giggled, “That’s fine, just call me like Cheng Yue…”

“Okay, Wan Er…”

“Wait, I still feel that this doesn’t feel right!”

“So you two don’t want these Tigermen?”

“We want them, of course we want them. I’m good now. We’re heading towards Ba Huang City right now!”


Cheng Yue continued, “How about this, sell the 100% superiority Tigerman to Wan Er, and sell the 81% superiority Tigerman to me. Also, throw in a discount for us, how about it?”

“That’s fine, 40% off then. The 100% excellence will be sold for 600 gold coins, and the 81% will be sold for 300 gold coins.”

“Expensive!” Cheng Yue expressed her discontent, “What’s so good about these Tigermen…”

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Cheng Yue you don’t understand. The value of the Tigerman isn’t in its aid in level grinding, its value is prominent in player killing. The current pets of most players all have explosive attacks, every level when the pets gain 10 points, the points are all put into strength, and that guarantees a good leveling speed. Some also put 5 in strength and 5 in defense, to guarantee a good attack and a good survivability. But this Tigerman, if you put 5 in strength and 5 in defense every level, then when it gets to level 40, its defense will have 500 points, and with [Mountain Sink], that’s 900 points of defense. With level 40 players and pets, how many can break through 900 points of defense?”

Cheng Yue was stunned, “So…So that’s how it is! Fine, I’ll spend a bit of money to buy some gold coins. Li Xiao Yao, we’ll get to Ba Huang City in around 90 minutes or so, so you wait a bit!”

“Mm, that’s fine, I’ll wait for you two!”



After discussing the prices, I didn’t have anything to worry about now since I didn’t need this 100% excellence Tigerman. The reason was very simple, what I needed was explosive damage, and not survivability. Under my [Heal], Baby Bobo’s HP wasn’t any problem unless I met people like Jian Feng Han, who could instantly kill Bobo. Putting all of his stat points into strength, I could also maintain a good leveling speed, so why would I go for extra survivability when what I really needed was a good leveling speed.

Sigh, in this wilderness, I wondered how many people still wanted to kill me.. If I didn’t have Bobo to help me level grind, I’m afraid that I might still be under level 30 wandering around and who knew how long it might take to rush to level 40 and get promoted the second time? I didn’t want to be [Scavenger of Dragon City] for a lifetime, because then all my future held would be “Master Scavenger”, and it didn’t sound good…

Whatever, the two beauties still had a while until they reached Ba Huang City, no need to rush, I would grind a bit more first!

I took my sword, and walked in front of Beast Tamer Dalin, and with a burning gaze he appraised me and laughed, “Boy, you are strong enough now, and I’ve already given you the mission of collecting food for passing winter in Dragon City. The long winter lasts for 5 months, and if we don’t have enough rations, we won’t be able to pass through it. But not long ago, I’ve received news. In the fertile lands at the south-west of Dragon City, there’s a farm called “Ma Lin’s Farm”. Ma Lin is an experienced hunter, but an extremely strong wild boar invaded the farm. Boy, go to Ma Lin’s farm immediately and kill off that wild boar and drag the corpse back, then Dragon City will have 3 more days of food!”


System Notification: Do you accept the B-rank mission 【Wild Boar Hunt】?

I quickly accepted it. Now that I had the mission, it was very simple. I would find Ma Lin’s farm, kill that wild boar, and bring back the meat.

I opened up the minimap, and the location of Ma Lin’s farm was already jotted down. It was a trip of around 20 minutes.

I left immediately and after a 20 minute walk through a forest, I reached a land of wilderness, and within that wilderness, a wisp of smoke rose. There was a small wooden house there and in front of the wooden house there were fences surrounded by a few chunks of farmland, but sadly the vegetables such as lettuce in the farmland had already been trampled over. A huge monster was huffing over there!

Looking at the monster, a pang of panic started in my heart. What kind of wild boar was this?! This was like the king of all boars!


The ground shook and a wild boar of at least 5 tons was trampling all the crops. The fences laced with thorns were being thrown left and right, and the boar’s body was full of spikes now. Surrounding that boar was a layer of fat and I guessed that my sword would have a bit of trouble piercing through that. The boar was at least 2 meters tall, it was basically a living tank!

I inched forward, with my sword in my right hand and looked from a close distance. The huge boar’s stats appeared in front of me——

【Prideful Boar Prince – Qiu Fu】 (Elite-rank Monster)

Level: 40

Attack: 420-550

Defense: 700

Health: 10000

Skills: [Earthquake] [Brutal Combo]

Description: Qiu Fu is an extremely violent boar. He is the leader of a nearby tribe of boars and has committed countless evils by destroying farmlands. He is one of the wanted targets of Ba Huang City.


Hehe, an elite-rank monster, this was a mess. His 550 attack wasn’t too bad but his 700 defense was pretty hard to deal with. With my armor, I only had 500 or so defense while this guy already had 700. I didn’t even know if my sword could pierce through that. Whatever, I would deal with it when it came!

With a whistle, I summoned Bobo. My sword trembled and I used my level 2 [Defense] which increased 2% defense, and level 3 [Haste] which increased 6% attack speed and 3% movement speed. Time to go!


I leaped over the fallen fences in one jump and from a distance, I flicked my wrist making a golden hexagram appear on my sword. I started with [Combo] and with bangbangbang, I attacked the boar prince’s rock-hard butt. It even created sparks! I had no words…




Indeed, it didn’t even come close to breaking his defense. My 800 attack couldn’t break past his 700 defense. Unless my attack was 20% higher than my opponent’s defense, my attacks couldn’t reach their full potential!

Huff huff…

The boar turned around, and with its sharp ivory horns, it suddenly stabbed towards me. It was the [Brutal Combo]!

I raised my sword, but I wasn’t able to block it. My 505 defense couldn’t go against its 550 attack. With a level difference of 6 levels, this pressure was too high!

Bang bang bang…

A wave of pain entered my chest and after being stabbed by his horns, it really hurt. A chain of damage numbers flew up——




What a brutal attack!

I got Bobo to attack it and I cast [Heal] on myself with a wave of my hand. Luckily I had 966 HP or else I would have been killed by the first attack. A B-rank mission? No way!

I kept slashing with my sword and struck countless times at the boar, but the max damage I did was only 200 points of damage. How long would it take to kill off this 10000 HP boar?

Wait, that wasn’t right. The system wouldn’t be that biased, the monster had to have a weak point, such as the eyes, and attacking at that point, I should be able to ignore a certain amount of defense!


The boar continued to rush towards me, but this time I was prepared. The instant before it reached me, I dashed right, and slashed at the eyes of the boar!


Indeed, I guessed correctly. I could ignore a large portion of defense by attacking vital spots!

Now that I had something to rely upon, my sword started to dance. I cast [Heal] on Baby Bobo and then circled around the boar, stabbing at him with my sword. The boar’s body was very strong and durable but his speed was too low, so his turning speed was also very slow. Even if I didn’t have Bobo to divert aggro, I could keep on circling around this elite-rank monster and kill him off.

I raised my head, hm? A short tail fluttered around, and under it was some pink tender skin…this spot…it counted as a weak spot right?

Thinking that, I got excited, and I prepared my sword. With a whoosh, the bottom of my feet started to glow. At the next instant, I used [Strength of a Thousand Men] and kept on striking straight at the prince’s weak spot!


This guy cried out, and at the same time 5 damage number flew up——







That last hit was really fierce. Nice!

In the end, after a few combos, the boar’s Health reached its end. Following a desperate cry, my experience bar rose by a huge chunk. Damn, that was nearly 40% of my total experience bar, elite monsters were the real deal!


The boar fell and also dropped an equipment. It was a shining equipment and even had a trace of a faint gold glow. I immediately rushed forward and picked it up. As I saw the stats, I couldn’t help but laugh, was this because of my 29 charm? This was quite the drop——

【Transparent Wrist Guards】(Gold-rank Equipment)

Type: Leather Armor

Defense: 45

Agility: +25

Endurance: +23

Others: Increases attack damage by 30 points

Level Requirement: 35


Holding the wrist guard, my heart shook from the excitement.

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